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Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews Talk About Recent Contract Discussions With TNA Wrestling

Flash Morgan Webster almost signed with TNA Wrestling.

This was alongside his Subculture partner Mark Andrews. They are former TNA Tag Team Champions, as well as WWE’s United Kingdom Tag Team Champions. They won those belts from Gallus at NXT Takeover Cardiff in 2019.

Flash Morgan Webster was a guest for a live recording of the Wrestling With Johners Podcast (via Post Wrestling). Here, he spoke about Subculture’s run in TNA as the tag team champions.

He revealed the Welsh pair were offered contracts with TNA. However, they could not come to an agreement, and there may have been talks again recently.

“Uh, yeah, I do believe the last time, it was the U.K. tour (that myself & Mark Andrews wrestled for IMPACT/TNA) which was absolutely great, we had a lot of fun then. There might have been talks recently. There might have been. I can’t confirm or deny this. Nothing set in stone but, we are — or we maybe might be in talks (he laughed). I think that the door is open… When Dani (Luna) signed, it was just a matter of we had a conversation with them. We weren’t able to come to an agreement that worked for both myself and Mark. Dani is in a very different position to us, a lot younger than us.”

Flash Morgan Webster Didn’t Want To Be Restricted, Like During Their WWE Run

Continuing, the Welshman revealed that the pair did not want to be restricted by signing a contract. The pair run their own promotions and wrestling schools, so would not want to have to stop that due to a TNA deal.

“I know that me and Mark spent a lot of time — Mark longer than me — in WWE. We were signed. It was a lot of restrictions that came with that. We both kind of said to ourselves that if we were to sign somewhere else as well, we’d wanna make sure we were kind of signing for the right reasons and everything… all the T’s were crossed and the I’s were dotted and stuff like that and it makes sense for us now.”

“TNA is an absolutely great place. That locker room is one of the best in the world to be in just because of the morale and everything else. Sometimes, you’ve got to look past the wrestling and look at where you are in your life and kind of make sure the opportunities and the stuff you’re taking is right for you, right for your family. So, I think you will see us in a TNA ring but I can’t tell you when. But, when we pop back up because I’m confident we will, I think it’s something that the fans will rejoice in.”

Mark Andrews previously confirmed this in a Reddit AMA.


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