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Frankie Kazarian Crowned New X-Division Champion At Bound For Glory

X-Division Championship: Mike Bailey (c) vs. Frankie Kazarian

They shake hands to start. Kazarian attempts the chicken wing almost right away, but Mike reaches the ropes. Bailey lands a big dropkick, then Kaz does one of his own. Kaz is bucked off of the chicken wing again. Bailey avoids a leg drop and does a moonsault out of the ring. Back in, Bailey chops Kaz but then gets shoved out of the ring off the turnbuckle. Kaz applies a leg lock in the middle of the ring, but Bailey uses his other foot to kick free. Bailey lands a single leg dropkick. Kaz drops Bailey with Back to the Future for a nearfall. Kaz wipes Bailey out with a clothesline, both men down. They trade roll ups, Kaz power slams. Bailey does a double knee drop. Bailey lands the spin kick across the ring, followed by Ultimo Weapon, but Kaz kicks out at the last second. Kaz gets on Bailey’s back trying to lock in the chicken wing. Bailey launches both of them out of the ring to break it up. Bailey does another moonsault off the ropes. Kaz slingshot cutters Bailey into the ring, nearfall. Kaz hits Flex Capacitor from the top, nearfall again. Bailey is dumped on his face and kicks out at one. Bailey reverse rana out of the Back to the Future. Bailey goes up top and does Ultimo Weapon into a cutter. Nearfall into a chicken wing. Bailey taps!

Winner and NEW: Frankie Kazarian

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