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If AJ Styles Were To Leave WWE, Where Should He Go?

Photo Credit Indy Pro Wrestling

It has been reported by several pro-wrestling news sites that AJ Styles' contract with WWE ends in 2018. Currently the two sides are in discussion to work out a deal. It is being reported that AJ Styles would like to work a lighter schedule, while WWE wants him for a full-time schedule. If the two sides cannot work out a deal AJ Styles may need to look elsewhere. There have been reports that NJPW is interested in bringing AJ Styles back. They are willing to make a big money offer to get him to sign with them. We shall wait and see what happens.

Now let's say that AJ Styles doesn't re-sign with WWE, which promotion should he sign with?

AJ Styles Returns To IMPACT Wrestling?

One possible out come may be that AJ Styles returns back home with IMPACT Wrestling. He could come back to a massive push and help establish a lot of the younger talent who are going to be considered the future of the promotion. We could see a lot of different dream matches come true with AJ Styles returning. We can see him go against such wrestlers as Pentagon Jr, Sami Callihan, Johnny Impact, Fenix, Brian Cage, & many more. This could also help IMPACT Wrestling secure a new TV deal as the promotion can use him as the face of the company. Although the likely hood of AJ Styles returning are very slim we cannot rule out the possibility entirely.

AJ Styles Returns To NJPW?

As previously stated, NJPW is expressing interest in bringing back AJ Styles to the promotion. AJ Styles returning to New Japan can be a great thing as they have always show-cased him as a top star. AJ Styles instantly brought with him a lot of new viewers to New Japan when he arrived back in 2014. With the global expansion that NJPW is looking to build, bringing AJ Styles back would be a great start. Although with the uncertainty involving the future of the Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, & Kenny Omega with NJPW. AJ Styles can still have incredible matches and moments with some of the rising stars such as Juice Robinson, Zack Sabre Jr, Will Ospreay, Jay White, Taiji Ishimori & many more. I'm sure AJ Styles will definitely consider the offer if the money and schedule are right with him. We will just have to wait and see.

AJ Styles Returns To ROH?

Being with ROH in the very early days when it was allowed for the wrestlers to work both TNA & ROH. AJ Styles is considered to be one of the original members of the ROH roster, debuting on the promotions third show back in 2002. AJ Styles made his return to ROH in 2014 after spending 11 years with TNA. (IMPACT Wrestling) AJ Styles could return to ROH and enjoy the best of both worlds since ROH has a working relationship with NJPW. This may be the best option for him since he can still have domestic matches here in the United States and not be too far away from his family and only work the Japan shows when they have the home tours overseas. AJ Styles can help establish the new talent in ROH such as Adam Page, Dalton Castle, Flip Gordon, Jeff Cobb, & Jay Lethal. Although AJ Styles vs Jay Lethal is nothing new, Jay Lethal is in a completely new level and is in his prime and the two would definitely have a great series of matches together. Returning to ROH can really help the company grow even further.

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