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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (02/17/2022)


February 17, 2o22, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Commentary: Tom Hannifin & Matthew Rehwoldt

Moose kicks off the show and meets Scott D’Amore in the ring which has a table set up for No Surrender’s contract signing. Moose doesn’t think Morrissey will show up because what’s happened to him. Morrissey still has two days. Moose notes that Morrissey isn’t just stepping in with another guy. He’s stepping in with Moose. D’Amore sent Alexander home, why not send an injured man home? D’Amore tells him to just sign the contract. Moose does but tells Scott to be prepared to send another talent home. He signs and leaves, but Morrissey runs out and boots the champ down. Morrissey then chokeslams Moose off the stage. He then signs the contract and slams the pen down!

Gia Miller is with Bullet Club. Chris Bey says he’s going to bring gold home to BC when he becomes #1 Contender for the X-Division Title. G.O.D. has the same plans against The Good Brothers. Jay White talks about his fight against Eric Young who’s trying to create his own BC with VBD. Before that however, they have some biz to take care of said faction.

Masha Slamovich vs. Kiam Dream

Masha headbutts Kiam and hits a burning hammer. She covers, but pulls up for fisherman’s buster. 1-2-3.

WINNER: Masha Slamovich

Laredo Kid vs. Blake Christian vs. Ace Austin

Laredo starts off hot but Ace ends up controlling the offense. LK gets knocked to the outside before Blake double stomps Austin on the ropes. Blake goes tope Ace, but Madman Fulton plays the wall. LK dives onto the heel duo and it’s Blake the lone man in the ring as we head to break.

Back from it, Ace appears to be in control until it’ LK hitting a Michinoku Driver and a step up moonsault to Ace. Blake nails an inverting lung blower to LK. Blake gets a near fall with a split-legged moonsault on LK. Awesome spot by Blake who leaps over the top to the outside and catch both men for reverse DDTs.

Laredo Kid nearly gets the W after a frog splash., but Ace makes the save. Running Spanish Fly by Blake gets a real close fall on Ace. Ace ends up hitting The Fold and getting the W to join the #1 Contender match at No Surrender.

WINNER: Ace Austin

We see Decay. Rosemary calls themselves monsters and Crazzy Steve says that “scrimmage” he had with JONAH. That was studying up as Black Taurus will face JONAH at No Surrender.

IInspiration interrupt Kaleb with a K for more manipulation. They praise him for his photo skills and say they feel Influence is taking advantage of him. If he ever wants to feel respected, let them know. Kaleb notes he’s a very loyal person and the Knockout Tag Champs say that’s what they like about him best.

Lady Frost vs. Gisele Shaw

Shaw pokes Frost in the forehead and Frost fights back. LF goes for a head-scissors, but Shaw lands on her feet. Lady Frost gets a flurry of offense in and nails a handstand cannonball in the corner. Kick out at 1. Gisele hits a draping DDT for a two. Gisele hits an uppercut and gives Frost a knee. She soon gets a near fall on Frost. Shaw sizes up for a round-house, but Frost kicks her down. Big moonsault for Frost. Gisele hits a corkscrew splash for the win.

WINNER: Gisele Shaw

We see Kenny King with Honor No More and Deonna Purrazzo cuts a promo as well.

Kenny King vs. Chris Sabin

Kenny gets the upperhand early, but taunting gives Sabin the opportunity to get in the offensive game. The fight goes on and a powerslam is hit by King for a near fall. A camel clutch is locked on as Sabin makes the ropes. Ian Riccaboni is on commentary and he gets trash talked by Mike Bennett. Kenny maintains offense to wear down Sabin again with a chinlock. Double lariat by the two makes the playing field even.

Sabin hits a tornado DDT out of the corner for a near fall! A spinebuster from King gets the same result. Sabin nails a crossbody up top and then a thrust kick soon after. Rolling snap dragon and a tiger driver gets a two count for Kenny. Sabin ends up getting the solid W with a cradle pin.

WINNER: Chris Sabin

Maria gets on the mic to say Sabin is good in singles competition, but Honor No More is a cohesive unit. She notes that they didn’t take out Gresham and they seem to be missing someone. She warns them to get their team in order before No Surrender.

Back from break, we see Maclin backstage plead his case for trust with Team IMPACT. There’s apprehension, but all fists come together in unity.

Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans vs. Chelsea Green & Mickie James

Green and Steelz start it off, but Tasha tags in Evans. Standin swtich by Green, but Savannah shows her steadfast until Green takes her off her feet with a full body arm drag. Mickie gets a tag and both women slam Savannah down. Mickie makes a cover, but Evans powers out.

Soon it’s Green and Steelz. Green sweeps her off her feet for a flipping cutting. Two count. Green takes Evans off the apron and Green shoves Steelz off from up top. Evans shoves Green down to the canvas and we go to another break.

Back from it, the heels are in control. Green does get Steelz down for an extended count, but the ref turns around too late. This continues the assault for Steelz and Savannah. Hot tag to Mickie and she takes it to Savannah Evans. Evan flings herself from a sleeper and Mickie lariats Steelz down several times. Flapjack and she knocks Savannah off the apron. Mickie leaps off top, but Steelz avoids only to get a Mick Kick. Evans saves her. She hits a Mick-DT on Evans. Crucifix bomb to Mickie via Steelz and it gets the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Tasha Steelz

We see the “Final Chapter” of “How To Be A Professional Wrestler.” Myers is not pleased with last week. He’s upset about losing to Morrissey. The Learning Tree is done. He says both VSK and Dice are cut.

Violent By Design vs. Bullet Club

It’s actually Eric Young and Jay White starting it off. White gets the better of the initial exchange and back body drops EY. He forces Eric to “Too Sweet” him before tagging Tanga Loa. He and Tama Tonga double team Deaner, but then a tag is made to Joe Doering. It takes all three members of BC to take out Doering. All of VBD gets cleared from the canvas before we go to break.

Back from it, Tama Tonga is isolated. He fights back, but Doering running cross bodies Tonga down. Tonga remains cornered. It’s not until Tanga Loa gets the tag that we have a hoss fight in Doering and Loa. White and Young go at it again. G.O.D. aim to take out Doering. Magic Killer to him. Deaner gets in and G.O.D. gets him up for one, but Run stops it. Deaner gets White up for a knee drop and EY nails an elbow drop to White. 1-2-kick out.

G.O.D. hits a kill shot 3D and a double top rope 1-2-Punch massacre from G.O.D. on Deaner allows Jay White to cover: 1-2-3.

WINNER: Bullet Club


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