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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (03/02/2021)

IMPACT Wrestling, March 2, 2020

Commentators: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

#1 Contender’s Match for X-Division Championship

Black Taurus (with Rosemary & Crazzy Steve) vs. Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) vs. Chris Bey

Bey and Ace immediate go after Taurus and corner him with an array of foot chokes. They then deliver running dropkicks in the corner. Taurus downs Ace in the opposite corner before nailing Bey with a powerslam on top of Austin. A double team dropkick knocks Taurus to the outside and sets him up for a stereo suicida on the ramp. Standing switch by Bey to Ace but Ace snap mares him to the mat. The two strade headlocks. Bey blows a kiss at Ace and exchange head scissors. Both catch one another’s legs in the middle of the ring and Bey slugs Ace down with a right hand. Bey goes to springboard attack Ace, but Taurus drags him off. He then catches a diving Ace and slams him down. Taurus gets him back in the ring for a cover of one.

Taurus bites Ace and headbutts him. Bey gets back into the mix and goes to crossbody Taurus who catches him in a vert suplex, but Ace comes off with a springboard dropkick to knock every one to the canvas.

Ace gets leveled by Taurus with a shoulder block who then pops Bey up with a Samoan drop. He and Ace collide with one another and Bey knocks Taurus out the ring. Bey goes for The Arn of Finesse, but Fulton trips him off the springboard. This allows Ace to get the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Ace Austin

Gia Miller asks Jazz and Jordynne Grace about being number one contenders for the Knockouts Titles. Jazz is looking forward to that. but they know it was Deonna Purrazzo who took out ODB. As she continues on about that, enter Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz. Jordynne wants to make her match against Deonna Purrazzo tonight a triple threat and the champs aren’t pleased.

Brian Myers comes in all Ned Flanders friendly to a zebra-striped Cardona, and Matt knows his game. He’s gonna call the match tonight straight down the middle.

Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K) vs. Havok

No Nevaeh with Havok. She corners Tenille but some back elbows frees Tenille up in the center of the ring. Tenille goes for a Russian leg sweep. No can do as Havok hurls her around, but it’s Tenille who hits a neckbreaker on the second rope apron. We cut to break.

Back from it, Tenille gets a near fall. She has Havok down and feeds her some back elbows to the head. Two count again. She chokes Havok on the bottom rope and Kaleb tries to sneak a selfie. Sleeper on Havok but she lifts Tenille up and flings her down (eventually). Big boot in the corner by Havok. STO backbreaker. Two count.

Havok collides in the corner and Tenille rolls her up and puts her feet on the ropes for leverage, but it only gets a two count. Havok delivers some kicks and goes for a powerslam, but Kaleb hops on the apron to distract Havok. She turns back around and Tenille hits her spotlight dropkick for the W. D’Lo then references 2Pac’s “All Eyez On Me.” (Referencing Tenille).

WINNER: Tenille Dashwood

Post match, Tenille and Kaleb go to exact further pain on Havok, but Nevaeh comes out for the save.

Sami Callihan’s wacky hack camera is in Ohio. He is at Trey’s training facility and he attacks students and runs into Trey’s trainer. He attacks him as well and a student, Sam Biel, comes in to confront him. Sami stops and manipulates Biel as the two exit together.

We’re in Swinger’s Casino. TJP is playing the tables as Ace Austin enters with Madman Fulton. Chris Bey enters and calls Ace out (and calls Fulton “Angry Man Futon”). A match is booked by Swinger.

Eric Young is with Deaner who “failed” and now he has to accept the consequences. When he fails, it makes him weak and therein the disease takes place. Therefore the following happens: Joe Doering kicks his ass off screen. The lighting is very mysterious and shadowy (just adding for ambience).

We get our dose of two Tonys. Khan has his heart sunglasses back. Schiavone runs down the Dynamite card before hyping Revolution. Tony Khan then gives a business outlook. He says IMPACT is one of us, NJPW is one of us, and they are all on the same page. It’s us against them. He then hypes up the “big” debut of Paul Wight.

The Good Brothers & Fin Juice vs. XXXL & Reno Scum

Finlay and Luster start it off. Big dropkick by DF. Tag to Juice. Larry D gets tagged, but Anderson wants to get in and Juice obliges. He takes some shots at D before tagging in Doc. Gallows talks some trash to Finn Juice before Juice gets the tag. Modified Hart Attack by Finn Juice who seems to want to one-up The Good Brothers. Acey becomes legal and The Good Brothers attack him in the corner. Anderson makes a hard tag to Finlay and the two argue. Ace makes the most of it. They corner and stomp on Finlay, courtesy of Thornstowe. Finlay flips free and hits Thornstowe with a belly to back. Tag to Doc. He knocks down everyone and hits a big time shoulder block. They go for a Magic Killer, but the Brothers bicker with Fin Juice. Crimstowe briefly escapes but The Magic Killer is hit and it’s over.

WINNERS: The Good Brothers & Fin Juice

Rich Swann video package is aired to hype his match with Moose at Sacrifice.

Big argument with Good Brothers and Fin Juice backstage about the finish to their tag match. The four decide they want to settle it in the ring at IMPACT with the Tag Titles on the line at Sacrifice.

Brian Myers vs. Eddie Kingston

Special Referee: Matt Cardona

Myers thumbs Eddie in the eye and Cardona doesn’t notice. Eddie slips under Myers and nails Brian with a belly-to-belly. Brian teases a chair as Eddie leaps over Cardona onto the outside on Myers. We go to break.

Back from it, Brian suplexes Eddie for a one count. Chin lock. Eddie gets to his feet for a jawbreaker, but Myers gets the better of the matter and gloats on the outside. He chokes Eddie with his boot before snapmaring him down for another sleeper.

Eddie hits a sit down powerbomb for a two count. Brian hits a flatliner for a two count. Eddie hits a backpack stunner and almost gets the W, but Matt notices Brian’s foot is on the ropes. Brian gets to his feet and load his elbow he nails Eddie with a Roster Cut clothesline, but Matt notices and disqualifies him. Brian is upset but the bell has rung.

WINNER via DQ: Eddie Edwards

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Kiera Hogan vs. Jordynne Grace

We soon head to break after the bell rings and once we get back from break, we’re told Jordynne was in charge of the match. Deonna and Kiera seem to be working together but Grace fights back. Soon after, Deonna seeks the Fujiwara armbar on Kiera but Grace breaks it up.

Kiera boots a charging Jordynne by Jordynne spinebusters her. Deonna catches Grace in her Fujiwa too, but Jordynne makes it to the ropes. Kiera finds herself to be the only woman standing after getting some offense in. She goes to pin Deonna once, but we get a kick out. Same thing after she tries to pin Grace. Grace rolls through for a German suplex on Kiera and Deonna breaks it up. Deonna goes on the offense but an Arn spinebuster levels Deonna. Deonna hits a rolling exploder suplex on Kiera for a two count. Jordynne hits a double clothesline on her opponents and the ring is cleared. Everybody at ringside gets into a fight. Jordynne dives on them all.

It becomes down to Deonna and Grace in the ring after Tasha pulls Kiera free from a Vader Bomb attempt, but Deonna outwits Grace with a roll-up and it’s good enough for the victory.

WINNER: Deonna Purrazzo

Post-match, Grace chases down the ramp and brawls it out as Deonna celebrates in the ring, but out come ODB for revenge and the show ends.


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