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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (03/23/2021)

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling, AEW World Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega is scheduled to appear as Ace Austin defends his X-Division Championship against TJP.

IMPACT WRESTLING March 13, 2021, Nashville, TN Commentators: Matt Striker & D-Lo Brown

Deonna Purrazzo (with Susan) vs. Jazz

Jazz corners Deonna with a lock-up before feigning a right hook to intimidate Deonna. Deonna locks up again with a front chancery, but Jazz reverses it for a hammerlock. Jazz rolls her over for a couple of pin attempts.

Jazz jabs but Deonna goes for a Fujiwa armbar. Jazz slugs her hard. Deonna knocks her against the ropes and Susan gets a cheap shot in before Deonna hits a pump kick. Deonna hits Jazz hard across the chest.

Chin lock from Deonna, but Jazz does break it up with a jawbreaker. Deonna charges at her but slams hard into the ring post. This causes her to fall to the outside.

Soon she pump kicks and covers Jazz for a two count. Jazz fires back with a facebuster. Susan becomes a factor and hits Jazz with her shoe. Deonna rolls her up and gets the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Deonna Purrazzo

The Good Brothers are charming security in the locker room. Enter Eddie Edwards who says they ain’t welcome here. As they walk away, Decay is shown laughing.

A fine and accurate promo for Swinger’s Palace airs.

Rohit Raju is shown walking around backstage and sees Fallah Bahh sleeping on the floor. He states that he’s hit a rough patch and he begins to mock Bahh. Bahh shoves him and it looks like we have a match kicking.

X-Division Championship

TJP vs. Ace Austin (c) (with Madman Fulton)

TJP tries to counter a side headlock with an octopus stretch lock, but that gets contorted out of and there’s a test of strength occurring. The two exchange head scissors.

Ace soon catches TJP with a springboard attack but TJP catches him with a big dive onto the outside. He throws Ace back in the ring but Ace slides out and gives TJP a kick. Austin is up top but he counters a TJP ascension with a top rope gourdbuster! Off to break we go.

Back from break, Ace Austin has TJP in a single leg crab. TJP rolls it around and torque’s Ace’s knee. Ace, however, wings the arms behind the back of TJP. TJP powers through and turns it into an abdominal stretch before a pin attempt.

A knee strike in the corner downs Austin before giving the champ a boot watch. Big spinning kick by Austin before hitting a jumping leg drop on TJP for a near fall. Hard forearms by Ace, but TJP turns it into a big German suplex. Octopus stretch. Ace gets to the ropes which causes TJP to climb up top for his Mamba Splash. Fulton grabs TJP’s leg but leaps off. Austin gets his knees up for a near fall.

Soon enough, TJP executes the Detonation Kick and then hits his Mamba Splash. It’s almost a win, but Fulton dives in and breaks it up for the disqualification.


Post-match, Fulton, and Ace attack TJP. Out comes Josh Alexander for the save.

Gia Miller is sitting with Matt Cardona. She asks about his IMPACT tenure so far and he says the company is what he loves about pro wrestling and sees all the talent here he can’t wait to compete with. He gets asked about his social media presence and says how he always has to stay on it. He loves pro wrestling and you have to love it for the good times and the bad times. Gia then asks him about Brian Myers. He recounts their history, but he makes clear he didn’t come here to fight him, but it’s time to put up or shut up. The Major Brothers explode!

Trey Miguel is angry and in enters XXXL. Dreamer jokes about having an exploding barbed wire match. Larry D and Acey basically walk off as Dreamer asks Trey if he’s okay. Trey wants to fight Acey tonight. Tommy says go talk to Scott D’Amore but he wants to talk about Hardcore Justice. Trey doesn’t care about that and wants to break Acey’s neck. Tommy warns him not to go down that violent path.

Rohit Raju vs. Fallah Bahh

Bahh bats off Raju and flourishes it with a belly to back for a two count. Raju catches Bahh with a Steve Austin elbow before talking smack to the big man while he’s down.

Rohit hits Bahh with some punches, but that only boils Bahh’s blood. A flurry of kicks however downs Bahh for a two count.

Raju wrenches Bahh’s arm, but Bahh chops Raju down. Twisting powerslam by Bahh and he drags Raju over for a Banzai splash. Raju rolls out of the way and hits a huge double stomp. Two count.

Raju charges with his running knee but a headbutt downs Raju. Raju does then hit his knee, but a reversal by Bahh allows Bahh to drop on top of Raju with all his weight. Raju moves out of the way and crucifixes Bahh and grabs his tights for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Rohit Raju

Backstage, Gia Miller aims to interview Kenny Omega as he walks out of his dressing room with Don Callis. That ain’t happening as he and Kenny plan to address it all in the ring after break.

The Two Tonys are stanging backstage with Don Callis and Kenny Omega for a paid ad. Schiavone previews tomorrow’s Dynamite before Khan says they invited Kenny and Don to talk about the huge implications to take place tomorrow night if Matt Sydal defeats Omega in the main event tomorrow. Kenny isn’t pleased and he and Don eventually walk off as Schiavone runs down the rest of the card.

Back from break, The Good Brothers try to knock on Kenny’s door, but he’s clearly not there and they walk off.

Kenny and Don walkout. Kenny isn’t happy with the operation in the IMPACT Zone. Don says Kenny can fire whoever he wants. Don says soon this will be Kenny’s home as he wins the IMPACT World Championship. Don recounts his interaction with Rich Swann last week. He’s a great guy and very talented, but the one thing he can never get out of his head is the One-Winged Angel! Kenny relishes in that. Forever it will run in Rich’s head. Don says he can prepare all he wants, but no one has kicked out of that move. Kenny thinks he needs more gold. Don runs down a list of legendary names who Kenny is bigger than and Omega adds Ibushi. Don says he’s prepared to do something. That’s anything it takes to preserve the legacy of Omega. Callis is prepared to suck every ounce of blood out of this company for the sake of Kenny. That’s gonna start with Rich Swann. Don has put together a tribute to Kenny’s One-Winged Angel. HE plays it. Kenny likes it. He said ever since he came to IMPACT, there was this encompassing fear. There is no reason for him to be there aside from what Rich is currently holding. Unfortunately for him, Swann will be just a footnote in a history-making moment. He doesn’t recall any of Swann’s wrestling history and says his IMPACT tenure has been Rich’s career highlight, but to Kenny, it’s just Tuesday. Those fears Rich has are all going to come true at Rebellion. Until Kenny slips on a banana peel, no one is going to take the belt off him. He tells IMPACT to consider it one of their last days of grace. Kenny says this is more than any amount of wrestling, this is history. At Rebellion, Don says he and Kenny will make history!

Eric Young is with Rhino in a jail setting. He says he baptized Rhino in the holy waters of change. Rhino has frizzy hair and is wearing an army jacket as he says the world belongs to us.

Havok and Nevaeh look to be back on the same page as Fire N Flava enters. Kiera says they can step up to the plate again but it definitely won’t be for the titles again. Kaleb and Tenille enter. When is the last time they won a match by themselves. Havok makes it clear she isn’t interested. Tenille says she wasn’t talking to her but she was talking to Nevaeh. They walk off.

Acey Romero (with Larry D) vs. Trey Miguel

Trey hits two dropkicks before Acey powers him down with a uranage. Trey dives onto Acey on the outside. Back in the ring, Acey catches Trey with a sidewalk slam and we head to break.

Back from it, front chancery from Acey. Trey fights off but a rolling pin and a big splash by Acey. Two count.

Surfboard stretch by Romero. Miguel rolls through, and hits a jumping neck breaker from the turnbuckle. Acey is dazed. Hard elbows from Trey. An enziguri gets a near fall. Trey goes to springboard attack off the ropes but Acey nails him with a Pounce. 1-2-no!

Trey hits a Meteora from up top for the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Trey Miguel

Immediately XXXL gang up on Trey. The IMPACT Zone glitches and Sami Callihan saves Trey. Trey looks to kick Sami but a phone hack causes him to vanish.

Gia is backstage with Rich. A little jive talk isn’t going to get his mind flustered. They don’t really know Rich then. He’s had to battle adversity his entire life. Broken legs, early retirement, all that Rich has been through, no mind games will throw him off. That One-Winged Angel did put him down, but you take all those other competitors out of Hard To Kill it’s just him and Swann.

Gia notes that James Storm has 999 matches. That’s a lot of bumps on the bump card, Storm says. He calls out Violent By Design, specifically Eric Young. Next time they come face-to-face, he’s his huckleberry. Enter Scott D’Amore. Next week in the main event, it will be back to their roosts Eric Young vs. The Cowboy. “Eric Young, sorry about your damn luck.”

Karl Anderson (with Doc Gallows) vs. Eddie Edwards

Side headlock by Anderson. Headlock takedown by Eddie. Manhattan drop, belly-to-belly suplex, and a lariat to the outside sending Karl tumbling. Eddie dives on top of both Doc and Karl as we head to the final break of the evening.

Back from it, Eddie is in control until Gallows grabs the ropes and it allows Karl to take advantage. Ref Brian Hebner demands Doc to sit down and stay seated. Karl continues to control the match by sending Eddie hard into the far corner before stepping on his head.

Karl gives Eddie a hard shot and elbows him on the dome. Headlock on the mat by Anderson. Eddie fights to a vertical base but Karl yanks him by the braids. He grinds his boot against Eddie’s face. Big shotgun elbow by Anderson. One count.

Karl works on the arm of Eddie, but Eddie elbows back. Side kick to Eddie’s gut before Karl hits a running clothesline. Side headlock on the mat by Anderson once more.

Eddie Elbows out of it. European uppercut by Anderson buys some time, but only for Eddie to go on a flurry that he punctuates it with a gordbuster. Backpack stunner by Edwards. Cover for a two count.

Eddie hits Anderson with a harsh forearm to hit a blue thunder bomb and it’s a very close fall. They trade haymakers. Then they trade forearms. Headbutt to the shoulder downs Anderson, but Karl hits him with a push kick for a two-count.

Anderson is frustrated. Both men are on their feet. He goes for a Gun Stun but a roaring elbow downs Anderson. Eddie takes Gallows off the apron. He sits on top of Anderson for a roll-up pin attempt, but Anderson pushes him off and it sends Eddie into a chair held by Gallows. Ref doesn’t see it and it gives Karl the three count.

WINNER: Karl Anderson

Post-match on the big screen, FinJuice gloats about having the IMPACT Tag Team Titles in Japan and The Good Brothers are none too pleased.


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