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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (04/08/2021)


April 8, 2021, Nashville, TN

Commentators: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

Tenille Dashwood, Alisha Edwards & Nevaeh vs. Rosemary, Jordynne Grace & Havok

Alisha and Jordynne start the evening off as Alisha takes several slams from Jordynne and a jackhammer gets a two count. Rosemary gets ragged but gets drop toe held. She hits a fallaway slam and Alisha tags in Tenille. She goes for a powder but Tenille finds herself on a table. Kaleb removes her from the table and Jordynne dives on top of him. Tenille catches her with a neck breaker getting back in the ring. Nevaeh gets tagged and stomps a mudhole in Grace. Tag back to Tenille and she continues to corner Jordynne. She boots down Tenille and Rosemary makes the tag. She takes it to Alisha with a capture suplex. Rosemary tangles her in the ropes before the count gets broken. Alisha hits Rosemary with a jawbreaker. She hits a side effect on Rosemary for a two count. Package slam by Rosemary but it’s broken up.

Nevaeh and Havok trade shots on the apron and the two former friends go careening through the table on the outside as Nevaeh hits a Russian leg sweep. Rosemary hits the Red Wedding on Alisha for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Rosemary

Gia Miller is with Matt Cardona who is confused by his friend Brian Myers. He didn’t come to IMPACT to fight his friend and he just came here to prove himself and prove his fans something. As a matter of fact, that is Jake Something tonight.

We see a preview for Taylor Wilde appearing.

A loopy Susan (she got knocked out on BTI) gets triggered by a doctor saying “her time has come.” Flares of Su occur.

Matt Cardona vs. Jake Something

Cardona and Jake go back and forth until Matt dropkicks him out of the ring. He goes for a basement dropkick through the ropes and misses, but doesn’t a second time.

Back in the ring, Jake downs Cardona with his body and begins to use some tough shots to keep Matt down. Big hammer forearm downs Matt for a two count. Cardona rotates out of a vert suplex and hits a neck breaker on Jake. Cardona catches him with lariats in the corner but Jake plows him into the opposite side. He misses a turnbuckle charge and Cardona nails him with a boot wash. Kick out at two. Massive sit-out powerbomb by Jake. Two count. Cardona spins Something out of the ring after reversing a powerbomb, but Myers runs out a sends them both in the apron. Myers tosses Something into some errant steps and his eye is driven right into the corner. Myers accepts Matt’s challenge at Rebellion.


XXXL approach Trey Miguel stating that it’s one of their opponents tonight, but Trey disagrees saying he didn’t accept the partnership of Sami Callihan. Both Larry D and Acey Romero question his testicular fortitude.

We see Violent By Design. EY says last week he lost to James Storm, but last week Deaner failed. Tonight, that’s not going to happen. Deaner will do it alone and he will not fail. Tonight, he’s going to prove himself. Tonight he’s going to show them that the world belongs to us.

XXXL vs. Sami Callihan & Trey Miguel

Trey does not come out initially, but eventually does. He keeps his back turned to Sami and the bell rings. He takes it to XXXL but Larry D hits him with a massive knee. Big enziguri to Acey. Sami Callihan makes the tag. He clears the ring and it’s him and Trey standing in the ring as we go to break.

Sami has taken control during the break, but Trey tags himself in only to get caught for a sidewalk slam by Acey. Trey later catches D with a back elbow in the corner and then hits a jumping DDT to Larry. Sami tags himself in. He slaps Trey and Sami sends him into D and it ends up being an offensive maneuver on D. Trey and Sami confront one another and Acey slams their heads together. The two foes dive on XXXL on the outside and it opens up the opportunity for Trey to later lock Larry in his Hourglass submission for the win.

WINNERS: Sami Callihan & Trey Miguel

Sami raises the arm of Trey but Trey isn’t very accepting of it and walks off.

Storm, Sabin and Chris Harris are shown doing blackjack in Swinger’s Casino.

Chris Sabin (with James Storm) vs. Deaner

Deaner indeed comes out by himself. He grins manically before stepping into the ring and the bell sounds.

Sabin gets Deaner in two pin attempts before low dropkicking Deaner and it sends him flipping. Continued offense by Chris and a mousetrap gets a two for him.

Deaner soon finds some rhythm with kneed drops. They trade punches and Deaner shotgun dropkicks him in the corner head first. Two count. He wrenches the neck of Sabin.

Sabin later hits a big fisherman’s buster for a two count. He climbs up top and catches Deaner with a crossbody but Deaner rolls through and gets a two count with a handful of tights. Another pin gets broken up when the ref notices a foot under the ropes.

Crossbody by Deaner and then he follows it up with sit-out powerbomb. Deaner goes for an Orton DDT off the ropes. Chris catches him in the fireman’s carry, but Deaner rakes the eyes and rolls Chris up (and puts his foot on the ropes). Storm points it out and that stops the count. Sabin hits his electric chair finisher for the win.

WINNER: Chris Sabin

Eric Young appears on the screen and shows a beaten up Chris Harris! Rhino goes strong out of nowhere. EY yells that Harris knew it was going to end up this way as Joe Doering pins Harris’ head on a table and grabs a chair. The screen cuts out.

Josh Alexander reveals that it’s going to be Ace Austin defending his X-Division Title against him and TJP at Rebellion. Alexander makes it clear him and TJP are not friends. Dreamer breaks up the argument. He tells them TJP and Alexander find some mystery partners because they’ll be doing some tag work at Hardcore Justice against Ace Austin and Madman.

Tommy Dreamer confronts EY after his actions. They go back and forth with some dialogue before Dreamer challenges him to a tag match at Hardcore Justice. Good segment here.

They show a video package of Jazz getting her pro wrestling start. It’s very well done and then we see Deonna Purrazzo who says she’s building a new foundation brick by brick. Gia Miller pushes back saying she sure has had some help. Deonna says she will show her otherwise by retiring Jazz at Hardcore Justice.

Tommy confronts Brian Myers next. He tells him that Jake Something wants a match. He says it’s going to be Brian Myers vs. Something in the first-ever “Blind Games” Match, which is a hardcore blindfold match.

Willie Mack, Eddie Edwards & Rich Swann vs. Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers

Ring clears and it’s Kenny going after Rich. Swan fires back but the Good Brothers pull Swann out. Eddie Edwards and Willie Mack dive on top of their adversaries and we go to break.

Back from it, Swann’s team has taken control and the threesome follow with a flurry of offense on Anderson. Eddie gets isolated by GBs and Kenny. Kenny hits a double axe handle from up top onto Eddie. He tosses Eddie’s head into the turnbuckle and tags in Doc. Eddie Edwards does chop Doc down and both men tag in their partners. Mack handles it to Anderson with some body slams and a big-time leg drop. Mack catches Karl with a Samoan and does the same to Omega. Standing moonsault. Doc capitalizes and hammers away at Mack. He covers for a two count. Final commercial break of the evening.

Back from it, Kenny Omega is in control as it’s Willie Mack who is isolated. He avoids a corner collision with Karl and almost gets to a tag, but Doc stops him. Mack gets sent into the opposing corner and Gallows drops his knees on the big man. The two behemoths trade punches but a big boot downs Mack. Kenny gets the tag. He takes it to Willie for quite a while. Sleeper hold. Willie fights to his feet to feed some elbows, but Kenny fights back. He goes for a bodyslam and can’t do it. Mack falls on top of Kenny. He double lariats him and Anderson. Rich gets tagged in and knocks out all his foes. He gives Kenny a top rope rana on top of Karl. Mack and he give a double team face buster bulldog for a two count.

Kenny however, catches Eddie with a hurricanrana in the middle of the ring. The GBs and Kenny triple team Eddie and Swann has to make the save. Kenny hits a blue impact for a near fall. All men take each other out one-by-one as Kenny ultimately V-Triggers Mack. A three man splash on top of Eddie, but Swann comes in with some offense to leave both legal men grounded. Kenny gets to his feet first and Rich gets the tag. Punches are traded but Kenny hits a snap dragon. Kenny goes for a OWA, but Swann avoids it. He then nails his 450 splash! 1-2-Don pulls Rich off. Karl charges in with a running knee after a blind tag and Anderson is frustrated. Mack and Doc clothesline one another out. Eddie and Rich down Karl and Rich hits a phoenix splash for the pinfall win.

WINNERS: Rich Swann, Willie Mack and Eddie Edwards

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