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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (04/29/2021)

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling, new IMPACT World Champion Kenny Omega celebrations his title win against Rich Swann this past Sunday at Rebellion. Also, W. Morrissey makes his IMPACT debut, new X-Division Champion Josh Alexander defends his newly one belt against Ace Austin and Taylor Wilde makes her return to the ring against Kimber Lee.


April 29, 2021

Commentators: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

Scott D’Amore is with the locker room and tells them to head to the ring as he’s going to address Kenny Omega’s championship. Callis walks out and thanks him for herding the wolves. D’Amore makes it clear that Kenny must be in the building for his appearances or he’ll be stripped from the title. Callis gets on the phone.

After the intro, D’Amore congratulates Kenny Omega and thanks Rich Swann for his efforts. He makes clear there was no rematch clause. He announces that at May 15 at Under Siege, they’re going to have a six-way match to determine the number one contender, but if Kenny doesn’t make it tonight, it will be for the title. D’Amore books Jake Something and Chris Bey in the opening qualifier.

Under Siege Qualifier

Jake Something vs. Chris Bey

Both men battle it out as they show off their respective strengths. Bey is catching Something off guard with his speed and hits a running elbow in the corner. He comes off with a diving forearm up top.

Something fires back with some lariats and gives Bey a big sit-out powerbomb. Two count. Bey does rolls Something over with a sunset bomb and it gives both men an opportunity to recover. Something goes for a tombstone but Bey shakes himself free and soon finds himself once more in peril and goes for a powder on the apron.

Rohit grabs the leg of Something and it allows Bey to take advantage and get the tainted pin and win.

WINNER: Chris Bey

Callis is on the phone and tells Kenny to “take the jet.” Enter Sami Callihan. He says if Kenny shows up he’ll be coming for what’s mine.

Taylor Wilde is being interviewed by Gia Miller about her return but is interrupted by Tenille Dashwood who makes her partner pitch. Kaleb thinks it will be a match made in heaven.

Sam Beale vs. W. Morrissey

W. gets on the mic and says the world is filled with bad people and he’s one of them. He immediately attacks Beale. He boots him hart in the chest on top of the corner. Massive short-arm lariat. Massive powerbomb and that will do it.

WINNER: W. Morrissey

Kimber Lee is facing Taylor Wilde tonight and Deonna tells Kimber and Susan that they should go out as a duo while she stays back. Gia implies that Deonna is afraid of Taylor Wilde and Deonna takes exception to that notion. Havok enters and stares down Deonna.

Willie Mack isn’t the kind of guy to complain, but he plans to take care of some business with W. Morrissey who took liberties with him at Rebellion. He challenges him to a match at Under Siege.

Kimber Lee (with Susan) vs. Taylor Wilde

Kimber Lee is vicious to start off the match. She attacks her against the ropes and rakes Taylor’s face against the top, but Taylor is quick to strike back and gets in some offense. She tries to twist Lee in a submission but Lee frees herself and we cut to break.

Back from it, Lee has Wilde in a scissors hold and stays on top of Taylor with a camel clutch. Lee goes for a suplex, but Wilde reverses to down her. Lee grabs hold of the ropes and flings Taylor into the bottom rope allowing Susan to attack Taylor while the ref is distracted.

Not long after, the two women trade shots and it’s Wilde who gets the better of it. She lariats Lee down several times and hits a head scissors with a modified roll-up. Lee hits a modified jawbreaker and a spinning leg kick for a two count. Lee goes for senton but Wilde gets her knees up and longs in her modified figure four hold to make Kimber submit.

WINNER: Taylor Wilde

Post-match, Susan attacks Lee and Tenille comes out to save her. Taylor isn’t totally committed to Tenille’s assistance.

Gia Miller asks D’Amore about any updates on Kenny. He reiterates his in-ring statements previously as Moose approaches him and pitches himself for his 5-star athlete-ness. D’Amore says all he has to do is take out one measly opponent. Moose grabs hold of him and threatens him. In comes James Storm. It’s gonna be him and Moose next week. He hands Moose not one, but two packed lunches. He says see you next week.

X-Division Championship

Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) vs. Josh Alexander (c)

Ace and Alexander jock for position and Josh flips Austin down. Ace rolls himself free but Josh maintains an arm wrench. Alexander hits a Northern Lights suplex. He collides with Ace in the corner and hits a backbreaker for two.

Ace kicks Alexander several times in the back and tries for his own pin attempt. He stomps away at Josh in the corner. The two trade chops. Jackknife pin attempt by Ace but there’s a kick out. Ace feeds Alexander elbows on the canvas.

Back on their feet, the two men meet up top as Ace knocks Alexander down for a hurricanrana. He flings Josh down, but Josh Germans Ace hard.

Ace kicks away at Alexander but Josh flings him in a major airplane slam. Two count. Alexander goes for a double underhook but Ace fights back only to get caught in an ankle lock. Ace kicks away at Josh yet again and gets another very near fall.

Frustrated, Ace stomps away at Josh in the corner. The two men duke it out on the apron and it’s Josh who gives him a World’s Strongest Slam on the apron. Back in the ring, Ace fights with his knees and hits a spinning kick from the turnbuckle. He vaults himself off the top and gets a very near fall on the champ.

Austin leaps off top only to be caught by Alexander in a jarring powerbomb and turns it in the ankle lock. Austin taps.

WINNER and STILL X-Division Champion: Josh Alexander

Callis remains on the line with his airline guy. In comes Johnny Swinger admitting he owes Callis $20K. Instead of paying that, Callis needs Swinger to get someone to pick Omega up from the airport.

Gia is with the new Knockout Tag Champions Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering. Jordynne says Rachael was the missing piece. Ellering credits Jazz and as she talks the team’s chemistry, in comes Fire & Flava. They want their rematch at Under Siege.

Under Siege Qualifier

Brian Myers vs. Matt Cardona

Cardona immediately goes on the attack and sweeps Myers into the guardrail. Myers still wants to fight, the bell rings and he kicks Cardona in his bad knee. Myers continues offense after that and focuses on his knee. Cardona hits his basement dropkick but obviously favors his knee. Myers utilizes the steel stairs to drop Matt on his knee and we go to break.

Back from it, Myers is in control. He leg locks the bad knee and continues to attack that. Myers wraps Matt’s knee around the ring post several times.

Later on, Matt fires off a dropkick from up top, but not long Myers hits an Edge DDT for a two count. Matt catches Myers for a major sky high slam for a two count. He soon hits a flatliner before sizing him up for the Roster Cut. Matt catches him with his Radio Silence. 1-2-3. He qualifies.

WINNER: Matt Cardona

VBD cites disappoint as the key word for his promo. Disappoint can be futile. He talks up Rhino to carry the mantle of the faction in the Under Siege qualifier.

Big news as NJPW’s El Phantasmo will debut in IMPACT next week.

Under Siege Qualifier

Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Edwards

We have our final commercial break and after it, Sami gets control by brutalizing Eddie in the corner. Sami has Eddie in a tight sleeper and back elbows Eddie down. He then turns that into a side headlock.

Eddie finds a window by tossing Sami off the top turnbuckle. Hard chops and strikes are traded. Eddie hits a blue thunder bomb for a near fall.

Eddie aims for the Boston Knee Party but Sami pops him up for a powerbomb. Kenny Omega comes running out with the Good Brothers as they take out both competitors. They hold Sami up for a V-Trigger, but Fin Juice comes out to save him. The bad guys gain control and Callis gets on the mic to say “what a great way to celebrate.”



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