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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (05/13/2021)

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling, get ready for a #1 Contender X-Division Scramble match as Ace Austin battles, TJP, El Phantasmo, Petey Williams, Rohit Raju and Acey Romero!

IMPACT Wrestling

May 13, 2021, Nashville, TN

Commentary: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

#1 Contender’s Match For Knockout’s Championship

Rosemary (with Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus) vs. Havok

The two competitors shake hands before having a slugfest. Havok hits her down and tries to go for a guillotine leg drop, but misses. Center ring, the two women scream at one another before each gives one another a boot. Havok corners her for lariats and then butt bumps her in the corner. Cover for one. Havok cranks back on a camel clutch to Rosemary.

Rosemary soon manages to head scissor Havok in the corner and she’s got Havok reeling. She attempts two exploder suplexes and second time’s a charm. She covers, 1-2-no. Spear by Rosemary for another two. Havok ultimately gets the win when hitting a tombstone piledriver. She becomes the #1 Contender.


Deonna immediately runs in to attack Havok who fights back. Purrazzo bails but bumps into Decay. Kimber Lee and Susan run in to save her but are scared off by Decay too. Deonna takes a tombstone from Havok.

Gia Miller is with The Good Brothers, Kenny Omega and Don Callis. Karl lays it on the line to David Finlay tonight and Kenny comes in being the “head coach” saying that everybody’s been struggling because he hasn’t been present. Kenny is wearing all three belts around his waist up to his chest. He tells Gia she lacks intensity.

X-Division Scramble

Petey Williams vs. Ace Austin vs. Acey Romero vs. El Phantasmo vs. TJP vs. Rohit Raju

Bell rings and everybody gangs up on Acey.It gets to Petey, Rohit and Austin in the ring. Rohit lays the two out. Romero slams Austin into the steel barricade before handling Rohit and powerbombing Petey on the apron. Dropkick by TJP on the apron. ELP and TJP go at it. ELP tight rope walks across the top to DVD Austin onto the mass of humanity on the outside. We go to break.

TJP is in full control coming back from it. He boot washes Williams before hitting that running strike. Rohit returns the favor to TJP and hits a cannonball in the corner for two. Ace kicks away at Acey and ELP before Petey gets involved. Canadian Destroyer on ELP, but it just gets broken up before Williams gets the W.

Later on TJP hits a Detonation Kick on Petey, but misses the Mamba Splash. ELP comes in for a pin attempt. Petey goes for a Destroyer on ELP, but he turns it around on him hitting a pancake driver for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: El Phantasmo

Susan shows Scott D’Amore her phone after Tenille Dashwood did her dirty. She wants a tag match between her and Kimber Lee against Tenille and Taylor Wilde. D’Amore initially books it for next week but Susan happens to get it at this Saturday’s Under Siege.

We see Violent By Design. Who created this problem for him? He says the “sickness” is embedded. It’s infected everyone and everything. He’s starting a new plan, a more righteous plan. Nothing is forever. Nothing is guaranteed. Change is what you can trust. What you can trust from here on out is a whole lot more of Violent By Design.

Back from break, we are in Swinger’s Palace and basically everyone who lost in the X-Division Scramble makes their bid for the IMPACT Tag Team Titles. The most notable one is Petey Williams aligning with TJP (and even attempts some Steiner Math).

Sam Beale vs. Willie Mack

Swinging bodyslam and splash by Mack for two. Beale corners Mack with some shoulder thrusts. Hard forearm strikes in the corner by Beale, but a open hand right sends Sam into the opposite corner. Big chest chop by Mack before he hits a back elbow on Beale.

Mack goes on a rampage with two big-time lariats. Pop-up forearm and he hits his top rope splash for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Willie Mack

Right after the bell, W. Morrissey attacks Willie and tosses Beale out. He sizes Mack up for a big boot.

Gia Miller is with David Finlay and wants to get his thoughts on Karl Anderson. He thinks the GBs are absolute cowards. He’s going to prove for the third time he’s the best damn professional wrestlers. Enter Eddie Edwards. He admits Kenny was the difference last week and he admits that, but Eddie says they have a “Kenny” of their own (it’s a kendo stick).

The second episode of “All About Me” with Tenille Dashwood begins. Kaleb is there and Taylor Wilde enters. She makes it clear that they aren’t friends and they aren’t a tag team, but she will partner up with her at Under Siege to achieve the goal of getting Knockout gold.

Karl Anderson (with The Elite) vs. David Finlay (with Juice Robinson & Eddie Edwards)

Karl and Finlay trade shots. European uppercut by David as The Elite hit him from behind. Juice ends up doing the same to Karl. Anderson does toss David out and the two groups at ringside talk trash to one another. Tension is high and explosive as Karl gives Finlay some mounted punches.

Later on Karl slows the pace down with a grounded headlock, but Finlay picks him up with a suplex. Running elbows by David and Finlay dives onto Doc and Kenny. Big backbreaker by him on Anderson for a two count. David gets an Indian Deathlock on Anderson, so Kenny comes in and hits a double axe handle to break it up and end the match.

WINNER: David Finlay

Chris Sabin feels guilty for not being with James Storm at ringside. He’s not happy with Moose’s actions. HE thinks the rules don’t apply to him, eh? Well tonight in their six-man match, maybe the rules won’t apply to him either.

Jordynne Grace lost to Tasha Steelz at BTI. Rachael Ellering understands her frustration, but she wants her to bottle it up and use it at Under Siege in their tag match.

Brian Myers vs. Crazzy Steve (with Decay)

Steve bites the fingers of Myers and has him off his game, but a savate kick to the gut levels it out. Steve twists the neck of Brian and he gets on the outside. Myers acts as if Taurus pushed him and gets sent to the back. We head to break.

During the break, Brian caught Steve with a harsh dropkick on the apron and he continues to maintain control. Crisp vertical suplex into a headlock. Brian ultimately cheats to beat Steve.

WINNER: Brian Myers

Taurus knocks Myers down and a Tarot card is laid on top of him once more.

Gia approaches Don Callis. He says IMPACT is what happens when you let the inmates run the asylum. Enter Scott D’Amore. He thinks that Don should be a little more proactive, but Don says he doesn’t interact with talent. Scott says he did that with Moose last week and should make the decision if he is aligned with Kenny or an IMPACT executive.


Moose, Sami Callihan, & Chris Bey vs. Matt Cardona, Trey Miguel & Chris Sabin

Sabin starts it off and takes it to the bad guys.Cardona tags in and takes out Sami, but not long before Bey gets a kick in and he and Cardona go back and forth. Flapjack by Cardona followed by a back body drop. Trey gets in and pins Bey for a one count. Miguel and he go back and forth. Pendulum locked in on Bey, but Trey misses the stomp. Moose soon boots Miguel on the apron as Don Callis and the Good Brothers watch on. We go to break.

Back from it, Moose is in control against Trey Miguel and taunts him, daring him to tag out. Instead, Moose throws him in his corner and tags in Sami. Running elbow drop. Moose, Sami and Bey maintain this control over Trey as Cardona and Sabin watch on. Sami locks in a sleeper on Miguel. He goes for a piledriver but Trey frees himself. The two lariat each other as both men need to make a tag. Cardona and Bey are the legal men. Sabin gets tagged in for a missile dropkick, but Moose gets in. Matt and Sabin take him outside. Trey counters a powerbomb attempt by Moose on the outside with a rana into the ring post.

All men exchange signature moves and Sami hits his package piledriver on Sabin for the 1-2-3.

WINNERS: Sami Callihan, Moose and Chris Bey

As Sami celebrates we see Don Callis watching intently backstage. That’s how the show ends.


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