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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (07/28/2020)

Join us as we cover the live results of IMPACT Wrestling.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne welcome fans to Impact Wrestling! We kick things off with Eddie Edwards defending his championship against Trey!

Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Trey (Impact World Championship)

Both men square up. Eddie Edwards backs Trey into the corner. They both restart the match. Edwards sends Trey back into the corner again. Trey sends Edwards down with a side headlock. Trey connects an inverted knee drop, followed by a dropkick. Edwards pushes Trey into the corner again, then chops his chest red. Edwards then smashes Trey back-first into the turnbuckle. Edwards hooks the leg on Trey. Trey kicks out at 2. Both men collide into one another before the commercial break.

Back from the break, Trey connects a beautiful bottom rope cutter on Edwards. But, that isn't enough, as Edwards kicks out of his pin. Edwards gets up and slams Trey on the mat with a Tiger Driver. Edwards goes for a pin. Trey kicks out at 2. Edwards lands one more move on Trey - the Boston Knee Party. Trey is knocked out cold. Edwards hooks the leg for a pin, and he retains his championship!

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Post-Match: Eric Young comes out and confronts Edwards.

After that hard-hitting match, Mathews and Rayne run through tonight's card.

And now, the season premiere of "Wrestle House!"

Back from the commercial break, it looks like Susie and Kylie Rae are trying to get The Deaners and XXXL to form some sort of truce. Several members of "Wrestle House" seem to be getting along at first, but after Tommy Dreamer wants to create a game show within the house where they challenge each other to matches. That kills the good mojo in the house. Outside, Acey Romero and Crazzy Steve confront one another. They agree to have a match.

Crazzy Steve vs. Acey Romero

Kylie Rae is the referee! Crazzy Steve gave it all, but it was Acey Romero who had the upper hand in the match.

Backstage: TJP and Fallah Bahh are having a conversation backstage. Rohit Raju comes into the picture and tells them about Chris Bey, and how he's the new X-Division Champion. It seems that TJP is interested in possibly challenging Bey for the title. Raju goes looking for Bey to tell him the news.

Backstage: Gia Miller interviews Ace Austin and Madman Fulton on their attack towards the Good Brothers last week. Austin says that their intentions were to properly great Gallows and Anderson to Impact, but they didn't want it. So, they had to do what needed to be done - attack the newcomers.

Following that, we see a video package showcasing all of Motor City Machine Guns' accolades over the years in TNA. Last week, they became the new Impact World Tag Team Champions.

Backstage: The North is absolutely furious that they lost their titles last week. They want a rematch for the titles soon.

Up next, the Impact Plus Moment of the Week. It's Motor City Machine Guns vs. Beer Money - 2010

After the Impact Plus Moment, Katie Forbes is showing Rob Van Dam some of the photos of her that she wants to show the Impact fans. RVD helps her pick them out.

Coming back from the break, EC3 lists all his accolades. He says that's beside the point. He's back to reclaim his original spot in the company after sitting on the sidelines in developmental for so long. He finds his failure to be personal, and he needs to face them head-on. He is ready to lay his vengeance on anyone who dares to step in his way.

Backstage: Moose doesn't care what anyone thinks; he's the champion and that's that. He thinks he's going to send out an invitation out for another competitor. He refuses to give one to EC3.

As he says this, Heath makes his way into Moose's interview. Heath says thanks for the invite, to which Moose looks at him quizzically. Heath says the "TNA committee" informed him that he was allowed to be there. Moose says there's no such thing as a "TNA Committee." Moose says if he wants a match with him next week, he'll extend an invitation to him. Scott D'Amore agrees with Moose's challenge. Next week, we'll see Heath face Moose!

We head back to the ring for some Knockouts action with the newly crowned Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purrazzo.

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Kimber Lee

Kimber Lee lays the chops down on Deonna Purrazzo right after the bell rings. Lee keeps her offense up with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. This throws Purrazzo out of the ring. Purrazzo climbs back in. Lee locks Purrazzo up in a body scissors submission. After the hold is broken off, Purrazzo stomps on top of Lee's elbow. Purrazzo is now in control with multiple stomps on Lee in the corner.

Lee gets up and embarks her defensive side with a step-up enziguri. Both women exchange forearm shots in the center of the ring. Lee misses her chance to connect a roundhouse kick. Purrazzo floats over to try and lock in a Fujiwara armbar. Lee grabs ahold of her and sends her flying with a suplex. Purrazzo gets Lee in position again for the Fujiwara armbar. She locks it in. Lee cries out in pain and taps out. Purrazzo wins via submission.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

Post-Match: Jordynne Grace's music hits. She is in a sling. Purrazzo smiles - knowing if Grace steps foot in the ring, she'll break Grace's other arm. Grace reveals that her arm isn't broken. Grace fires way with multiple shots on Purrazzo before Purrazzo rolls out of the ring.

Back from the break, we see another quick vignette from Brian Myers, who will be making his debut on Impact soon.

We head back to "Wrestle House!" Cousin Jake asks Cody Deaner to tune his snoring down. They both argue on who snores the loudest. Tommy Dreamer sneaks into Cousin Jake's bed and tells them that they should duke it out in the morning.

It is now morning. We see The Deaners collide against each other.

Cousin Jake vs. Cody Deaner (w/Alisha Edwards as referee)

Cody Deaner has the upper hand as the match begins. Deaner climbs on top of Cousin Jake in the corner and lays down multiple forearm strikes. Cousin Jake finds his defense with a "Time To GIV'ER," but that move doesn't keep Deaner down. Cousin Jake locks Deaner up in a front face lock. Deaner yells out that he does not snore. He rises to his feet and breaks out of the hold with a few right-hand jabs. Cousin Jake knocks Deaner out cold with a spear. Cousin Jake has won the match and the bedroom to himself.

Winner: Cousin Jake

Cody Deaner finds an RV parked behind the house. I guess that's where he'll be staying.

Backstage: Kaite Forbes thinks that Sami Callihan is a fan of her's and is "creeping on her." RVD confronts Callihan, who just laughs him off. RVD and Forbes head to the ring.

In the ring: Forbes is excited to reveal her sexy photos. She says that normally, she shows her goods to her online fans. But tonight, she's going to give everyone a show. She starts a countdown and her photos show up on the screen. The only thing that doesn't look right is that Callihan cropped his face over Forbes'. Forbes is furious that Callihan hacked into her account and did that.

When we come back, The Good Brothers will make their in-ring debut against Reno Scum!

In The Treehouse: Wentz and Dez get the crap scared out of them when Suicide appears. They light one up. It looks like everyone is having a good time, including Suicide.

Mathews and Rayne announce next week's card, it'll be:

Rohit Raju & Chris Bey vs. TJP & Fallah Bahh

Moose will face Heath

Jimmy Jacobs will sit down with Motor City Machine Guns

And as promised, Eddie Edwards will defend his championship.

Rich Swann Live Satellite, Provides Update

After they announce next week's card, they take a moment to check in on Rich Swann. Swann is very unhappy with Young's attack on him at Slammiversary. He says he'll address the Impact fans about his health status next week.

And now, the main event!

The Good Brothers vs. Reno Scum

Karl Anderson and Adam Thornstowe square off as the match begins. Anderson corners Thornstowe. Thornstowe knocks Anderson with an uppercut. Anderson catches Thornstowe with a powerful clothesline before tagging in Doc Gallows. Gallows lands a big elbow drop on Thornstowe. Gallows goes for a lateral press pin. Thornstowe kicks out at 2. Anderson tags himself back in.

Ace Austin heads out to the ramp and pulls out a chair. He wants to front row seat. Luster The Legend is tagged in. Luster smashes his head into Anderson's midsection. Reno Scum comes together, as Luster holds Anderson, while Thornstowe single stomps on top of him. Thornstowe goes for a cover. Anderson kicks out right away. Thornstowe puts Anderson in a side headlock. After the hold on him is broken, Anderson lands a brainbuster on Thornstowe, then tags in Gallows. The Good Brothers connect their devastating signature move, Magic Killer, on Thornstowe. They go for a cover, and The Good Brothers pick up their first win on Impact!

Winners: The Good Brothers

Post-Match: Anderson and Gallows start to brawl with Austin and Fulton. They take their fight backstage, which leads them towards the outside of the arena. Gallows slams Fulton into the cameraman, which breaks up their footage. The show concludes right after.

That concludes this week's show. Thanks for watching!

Also, don't forget to check out "IMPACT! After Shock." Join Don Callis and Jimmy Jacobs as they recap this week's episode.


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