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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (07/29/2021)

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling Jay White teams with Chris Bey to battle The Good Brothers and Moose takes on Chris Sabin in a Slammiversary rematch.


July 29, 2021, Nashville, TN

Commentary: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

Gia Miller knocks on Scott D’Amore’s office. He answers and Gia notes that D’Amore reportedly has something big planned for tonight. There’s always unbelievable things going on here. He is tapped on the back by Tommy Dreamer. He says they still need a #1 contender for Kenny Omega. D’Amore puts that duty in Dreamer’s hands.

The Good Brothers vs. Chris Bey & Jay White

White and Anderson start it off as Striker ponders Bullet Club ownership. White elbows and forearms Karl in the corner. Hard chop to Machine Gun sets him up for a running back elbow and tag to Bey. Anderson fights back against Bey but Bey nails him with a crisp dropkick. 1-2-no. Karl corners Bey and tags in Doc. He delivers kidney shots in the adjacent corner to Chris. Big suplex by The Big LG. He holds Chris up for 15 seconds before dropping him for a two count.

Anderson gets the tag and makes several pin attempts for mere one counts. He has Chris down for a headlock. “Bey” chants by the crowd who fights to his feet, but a back elbow downs him. Doc corners Bey who appears to be in dire straits after a sidewalk slam. Two count. Big lariat by Doc for another two count. Bey hits a jawbreaker on Doc and leaps off the top with cross body. Both men are down and both tag their partners. Jay gets the methodical hot tag. He’s very deliberate in attacks to the GBs with some consecutive DDTs. Twisting suplex for a two count. Bey gets tagged in for a modified TKO on Karl and he gets a two count. Karl catches him with a short kick in the neutral corner. The GBs gang up on him, set him up for a Magic Killer, but Jay saves him. Doc downs White with a boot. Bey gets caught with a Gallows chokeslam. Magic Killer. 1-2-3.

WINNERS: The Good Brothers

We see Fire N Flava. Kiera says they’re going to get their titles back, but in comes Fallah Bahh. He asks Tasha to Homecoming. She accepts and Bahh hands her “fake ass” flowers.

Kaleb With A K (with Tenille Dashwood) vs. Taylor Wilde

Taylor starts off with a little offense, but Kaleb soon takes control. Tenille taunts on the outside as Kaleb continues to gloat. Taylor moves from an attack and takes some shots at him. She takes him down with a head scissors. Kaleb catches her harsh with a super kick. Very near fall. Kaleb tries hitting her with a camera bag but Wilde fends him off enough for an attack on the outside. She utilizes the ring post for a tornado DDT. Tenille briefly meddles in business.

Back in the ring. Taylor hits a very nice reverse rana followed by a German Suplex for the W.

WINNER: Taylor Wilde

Backstage, Bey owns up to his first loss in the Bullet Club. Jay White tells him to hold his horses. He’s not quite in, but he’s going to give Bey a chance to redeem himself.

Gia asks Deonna Purrazzo about handling NWA Powerrr and Deonna is insulted. She’s been training with an Invictus fighter. She’s been competing for over 20 years now. The fighter says any opponent should definitely be scared of Purrazzo. She announces that she’s going to be a part of the Homecoming tournament, but doesn’t reveal her partner.

Fin Juice, Fallah Bahh & No Way vs. Rohit Raju, Madman Fulton, Ace Austin, Shera

The good guys really take it to Madman in their corner with splashes and attacks. They all send Bahh into him for one final corner collision that topples Madman and then splash on top of the big man. Bahh picks up Madman, but Rohit kicks him in the back of the shin to turn the tide. Shera comes in and dominates Bahh before tagging in Ace. Bahh is on the defensive for awhile until he sits on Ace before tagging in Finlay. He takes out Rohit with a backbreaker for a two count. Shera boots him down. He goes for a suplex but Juice pulls Dave down. They dropkick him out of the ring. Rohit reverse suplexes Finlay but gets pop-up punched by No Way. Fulton hits him with a Samoan Drop. Fallah fights off Fulton and Ace, but Fulton nails him with a cross body up top. Ace Austin sends Bahh to the outside and he dives onto the mass of humanity.

In the ring Rohit rolls up Finlay for a two count, but Finlay hits his “Trash Panda” neckbreaker for the W.

WINNER: Fin Juice, Fallah Bahh & No Way

Gia knocks on Kenny Omega’s locker room. Enter Don Callis. He begins to introduce Kenny who comes out of the locker room. Omega mistakes her for a fan. Tommy Dreamer enters and reveals that in two weeks time, their will be a battle royal to determine Kenny’s next opponent at Emergence. Don runs down Tommy’s extreme origins before he and Kenny walk off.

After break, Fin Juice go to stake their claim for the IMPACT Tag belts, but Jay White and Bey come in to attack them. he fight is even until Switchblade and Bey down both men. Jay rolls an equipment cart into Finlay before saying it’s a new era.

Out come Kenny Omega. Don Callis talks Kenny Omega up plenty. Now Tommy Dreamer wants to work him for Emergence? Sami Callihan glitches the IMPACT Zone. He comes out and Callis tells him to go back to Dayton. Sami Callihan says he plans to win that battle royal. Don Callis welcomes him to come into the ring, but it’s Frankie Kazarian who does to help Sami clear house. Big “welcome back” chants for Kaz.

Backstage, Kaz and Sami want Tommy Dreamer to partner up with him. Dreamer says it’s not for him, but he whispers a suggestion to both. Kaz likes it and Sami doesn’t think it’s feasible.

We see Su Yung is back and Kimber Lee is all creepy like her: “Her time has come.”

Brian Myers reveals that Beulah McGillicutty will be his partner for Homecoming. Not so fast. He facetimes Francine. She thanks him for considering her, but she knows that she wasn’t her first choice. He should know that she’s the Queen of Extreme and that she manages. How did he get her number anyway? She hangs up. It looks like Brian still doesn’t have a partner.

Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs. Deaner & Rhino (w/ Eric Young & Joe Doering)

Mack and Swann send VBD to the ouside before break. Back from it, the good guys remain in control. Swann gets distracted by EY before Deaner dropkicks him in the corner. Two count. Rhino comes in and shoulder tackles Swann. Swann struggles, but Mack does get tagged in to showcase his offense. He nails a moonsault on Deaner for a near fall. EY trips up Mack and Deaner hits his spinning neckbreaker for a close call. Swann soon gets a near fall on Rhino too. He gores Swann in the corner however and sets him up top. Mack hits his stunner on Rhino and Swann leaps off with his top rope finish for the pinfall.

WINNER: Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Swinger’s Palace. In comes Cardona and Chelsea Green. They want to know the odds for The Homecoming tournament. Alisha Edwards suggests that Swinger’s Palace has a team for Homecoming. In comes Petey Williams with Jordynne Grace. He does some Steiner math. Matters get serious when W. Morrissey tells Alisha her husband better beware.

Back from break, Eddie Edwards cuts a promo back on W. Morrissey ahead of Homecoming, but Tommy Dreamer comes in and requests Eddie Edwards to partner up with Kazarian and Sami next week against The Good Brothers and Kenny. It takes a motivational speech to convince him, but Eddie Edwards agrees.

Moose vs. Chris Sabin

Chris and Moose go back and forth and Sabin dragon screws the big man down. He sunset flips him in the corner and rolls Moose up for several pin attempts. Figure four on Moose.

On the outside, Moose catches a diving Sabin in a bomb attempt, but slams Chris hard into the ring steps. Sabin makes it back in the ring at seven. Moose steps on him. Dueling “Sabin” and “Moose ” chants occur. Moose delivers a massive dropkick to Sabin’s mush. He drives a knee in Chris’ face. Big toss from Moose to Sabin. Moose throws water in the face of Sabin while he sits on the apron and chops the heck out of Sabin’s chest. Moose breaks the count. Sabin bites the fingers of Moose and delivers a flurry of punches to him. He reeipts a big chop before a punt kick from the apron before flying on top of Moose.

In the ring, Chris hits a running enziguri. Moose kicks out of a pin attempt and is fired up. Big “Sabin” chants. Sabin delivers some strikes and is also fired up. Crowd pops. Chris climbs up top and Moose meets hin, but Sabin bites him. and hits a swinging DDT for a very close fall. It’s Moose who ends up getting the win and drawing his series with Sabin even.


Post-match, Moose goes to toss Sabin, but Chris lands on the apron and crashes on top of Moose. Chris then topes on top of him as they brawl on the outside. “Let them fight” chants and both men are separated. End of show


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