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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (08/11/2022)

The show opens with a video package highlighting PCO vs. Doc Gallows in a wild street fight in last night’s main event. Now we only have 24 hours until Emergence.

Kenny King vs. Karl Anderson

King and Anderson start slow and methodical, picking each other apart with boots to the gut and uppercuts. King wraps Anderson’s arm up while on the mat. Karl fights his way up and the two trade blows. King targets the left leg but it isn’t enough to prevent Karl from hitting a rocket kick for a nearfall. Anderson reaches the bottom rope to break a leg lock. Karl nails the Gun Stun to secure the victory.

Winner: Karl Anderson

King grabs a chair and takes out Karl’s leg for good measure ahead of Friday’s 10-man tag match. King goes to do more damage but Heath sneaks in from behind and hits Wake Up Call to make the save.

A video package looks at the road to Josh Alexander vs. Alex Shelley.

Deaner vs. Kushida

Kushida wastes no time in targeting Deaner’s left arm before shifting to a headlock. Doering and Chris Sabin watch closely as Deaner picks apart Kushida outside the ring. After the break, Deaner lands a neckbreaker and pinfall attempt. Deaner goes up top but is stopped by a kick to the chest. Kushida grabs Deaner’s arm for the Hoverboard lock. Sabin levels Doering outside, which allows Deaner to headbutt Kushida off. Kushida regains himself and floats Deaner over into a cover for the three.

Winner: Kushida

Brian Myers is talking crap backstage when Gujjar interrupts to officially challenge him to a Digital Media title match. Myers eventually says he’ll see Gujjar at Emergence.

Backstage, EY cuts a promo with VBD at his side. He reiterates that this world belongs to him.

Tiffany Nieves vs. Killer Kelly

Kelly re-debuts with an ‘impact’ here by dominating Nieves with punches in the corner. Kelly kicks Tiffany and applies the Killer Clutch for the win.

Winner: Killer Kelly

Eddie Edwards hypes up Honor No More backstage.

Madison Rayne vs. Mia Yim

They start with a lockup until Mia pushes Rayne into the corner for the break. Rayne applies a headlock but Yim switches it and takes Rayne down to the mat. Mia powers out of a head scissors and brings Rayne back up with the headlock in tact. After a couple rolls ups, Madison is taken down with a few arm drags. Mia runs in circles around Rayne before dropkicking the knee. Rayne takes control with another headlock and knees to the gut. Yim wraps Rayne up with the Tarantula. Rayne dodges a missile dropkick and hits a Northern Lights Supelx for a nearfall. Rayne lands a big Crucifix Bomb for another two-count. Yim nails Eat Defeat to put away Rayne in what is likely Rayne’s last IMPACT match.

Winner: Mia Yim

Backstage, Jordynne Grace questions Mia if she’s ready for tomorrow. They get into it about Jordynne’s short title reigns before Mia walks off.

X-Division Championship: Speedball Mike Bailey (c) vs. Rocky Romero

They start off quick with quick pin attempts before standing back up for a stare down. They flip around, Romero hits a couple arm drags and then gets in a two-count after stereo dropkicks. We come back from break to see Bailey kick the ring post, which allows Romero to hit a head-scissors takedown. Back in the ring, Bailey comes back with a standing moonsault and cover. Romero takes hold of the left arm but Bailey rolls through and back up. Bailey moonsaults out of the ring. Romero isn’t able to hit Sliced Bread but does cover Bailey anyway. Bailey cuts Rocky off with a spinning kick before hitting Ultimo Weapon for the victory.

Winner: Mike Bailey (c)

Bailey will now defend the X-Division Title against Jack Evans tomorrow night.

Scott D’Amore hosts a contract signing for Josh Alexander vs. Alex Shelley. Alexander goes first and talks about what a privilege it will be to step in the ring with Alex Shelley after facing so many copycats over the years. Josh adds it’ll be an honor to beat Shelley as he signs the contract. Shelley takes the mic and highlights each other’s accomplishments. Josh brings up how Chris Sabin has won the big one. He requests that Shelley shows up and is better than he’s ever been because he hasn’t been able to get it done yet. Shelley says Sabin represents this company more than anyone and has had several torn ACLs. Alex references Josh’s surgically repaired neck. Shelley says despite the physical ailments, it’s going to be Josh’s psyche that costs him. Alex calls Josh a mark before signing the contract. He slides it over and says, “Here’s your Alex Shelley signature, Josh.”

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