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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (09/15/2020)

To start the program off, IMPACT pays tribute to Barry Scott who passed away last week, Scott was the well known voice-over actor from Nashville who played a major part in the city’s theater scene.

We get a recap of last week when Tommy Dreamer came to the defense of Alicia Edwards which culminated in hardcore match against Dreamer. Who shows up but the injured Rich Swann looking for retribution!

Deonna Purrazzo & Kimber Lee vs. Susie & Kylie Rae

Deonna and Kylie start the match off. Deonna tries wrenching the arm and controls the body of Rae for a bit, but the two exchange rolls and meet one another in a stalemate. Deonna gloats and Kylie quickly rolls her up for a two count. Tag to Lee who Rae hits with a headscissors.

Soon enough she and Susie double-team Kimber Lee with a double team bulldog and get a near fall. Deonna evens the odd by kneeing Susie back on the apron. She’s down as Kimber wrenches the right leg of Susie. Tag to Deonna and a double suplex gets a two count. She chokes Susie in the corner, but it’s not long before Susie catches her with a sunset flip. The two spring to their feet and is met with a lariat. Tag to Lee.who surfboard stretches Susie. Kick to the spine and a tag to Deonna. Shot to the back and a forearm fires Susie up. She forearms Deonna back and then flapjacks her down to the mat. Susie makes the tag. Rae is on a roll against Lee. Kylie goes for the Kylie Special but gets caught by Kimber. She still rolls free for a dropkick and cannonballs Lee in a corner. She covers but at the count of two, Rae catches Deonna coming and lets the champ fall on her partner.

Tag to Susie. She receives a textbook German from Kimber.but she kicks out. Lee looks to be going for her swanton bomb but Susie catches her with an hurricanrana. She then hits her Panic Switch finisher for the win.

WINNERS: Kylie Rae & Susie

Post-match it looks like Susie is going to transform into her other self, but Raw settles her down to let that demon lie.

Rohit is walking backstage and Trey Miguel catches him. He makes note that the X-Division Champ is kinda dodging challengers. He wants in on the game but Rohit comes up with the excuse that there are so many people gunning for him. Trey says he’s gonna take out TJP tonight in their match and then he wants his shot.

We see groom to be John E. Bravo trying to make plans for his upcoming wedding. In comes Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz. They’re looking to be Bravo’s “best men” for his special day, but Bravo catches Fallah Bahh and anoints him as the lucky guy. Bahh is pretty amped and has a humorous exchange with the ladies before they walk off.

XXXL vs. The Deaners

Cody asks for a truce after Wrestle House but Acey ain’t biting and gives him a kick in the gut. Some senton splashes by both Acey and Larry D get Cody breathless and almost down for a two count. Hard bodyslam and splash by Deaner for another near fall.

Tag to Acey. He works on Deaner in the corner. Cody gives Acey some shots to the gut, but nothing’s going down and XXXL continue to keep on the massive offense. Larry goes for his patented punch, but Deaner ducks and tags in Cousin Jake. He takes it to Larry D and hits him with an impressive bossman slam for a close fall. THe Deaners go for their finisher team, but matters start breaking down. Jake bodyslams the still big Acey. Larry D slugs Jake with the Best Hand in the House and gets the pinfall.


Trey Miguel vs. TJP

Plenty of impressive legwork to start off the match. They go back and forth and it’s very much something special – very calculated and precise. Trey catches him with a standing moonsault for a two count.

Soon enough, TJP catches Trey with a modified sharpshooter. It turns into a leg lock and Trey makes the ropes.

Springboard senton by TJP gets a two count. TJP catches Trey mid-air with a dropkick. Trey soon goes for a 619 in the corner, but TJP avoids. He can’t avoid a crisp enziguri however. Trey topes TJP on the outside. TJP soon enough hits a superplex on Trey. TJP locks in an octopus stretch. He eventually somersaults through to lock Trey in an ankle lock. Once more Trey makes it to the ropes.

TJP begins to focus on Trey’s leg, but Miguel hits TJP with a cartwheel dropkick. Amazing Dudley Dog DDT by TJP. He goes for a Swanton, but Trey avoids and soon hits a top rope meteora for the 1-2-3- victory.

WINNER: Trey Miguel

Backstage we see The North and Ace Austin & Madman assaulting Dez and Wentz.

Back from break, MCMG hear from the doctor that The Rascalz can’t tag tonight with them. Ever the PT, Shelley asked the doctor what the CT says and doc leaves miffed. Enter the other Doc in Gallows along with Karl Anderson who offer their services as fill-ins for the eight-person tag tonight. MCMG don’t seem interested, but The Good Brothers are all about it.

We see Rich Swann come out. He has a mic in hand and asks that IMPACT EVP Scott D’Amore comes out. He obliges. Swann says he had to do the hardest thing in his life: retire. As he’s sitting at home, rehabbing and watching IMPACT every week, he sees Eric Young become the World Champ. He knows D’Amore cares and has his concerns. He wants to get back in the ring and fight Eric Young.

D’Amore says he respects him and loves the competitive attitude, but he needs to be the authority in this matter: he is not medically cleared to compete. Rich pleads his case, stating he’s the only person to pin EY since his return. Scott notes that he did beat the champ at Slammiversary, and he would be next in line. If D’Amore were to do that, Swann could be crippled. Rich wants Scott to put himself in his shoes. Swann doesn’t care if he’s crippled. He begs Scott to let him be Bound For Glory.

As Scott is about to respond, out comes EY. He shoves down D’Amore. Swann jumps on top off EY and gets some shots in. Young threatens Rich. Scott says before he was rudely interrupted he was indeed going to grant Swann his shot at Bound for Glory, so he’ll have a month to finish rehabbing.

We see Rosemary and Taya. Their plans have a conflict of interest as Taya readies for her match tonight, but Rosemary promises they will be out there for her.

Brian Myers vs. Willie Mack

Bell rings and Myers trash talks Mack. Mack hits him with a flurry of punches and continues his ever impressive offense. Mack clotheslines Myers over the top and dives on top of his foe. Myers though shoves him into the apron before giving Mack a Russian Leg Sweep on the ramp. Myers rolls back in hoping for that ten count, but Mack makes it back. Brain buster by Brian gets a two count. Myers chokes Mack with his own arm in a modified headlock.

Myers stays on the attack and then exposes the top turnbuckle. He tries to feed Mack’s face into the corner, but Mack prevents it. Myers soon headlocks Mack once more and tries to wear the big man down.

Willie finally frees himself with a belly-to-back. Ref begins his ten count. Myers and Mack answer the cal, but it’s Willie who shows the major fire. Big leg drop by Willie gets a close one.

Myers catches Mack with an enziguri and hits a falcon arrow. Very close pin. Myers tells Willie it’s over as he goes for a DDT, but Mack sends him sailing with a suplex. Myers rolls to the outside. Mack goes to the outside to roll Willie back in. As Mack tries to get back in the ring and Myers kicks the middle rope to cheap shot Mack. Myers hits his DDT, but Mack kicks out. Myers aims to utilize the exposed corner but Willie avoids and Brian crashes into his own weapon. Stunner and it’s all over, baby.

WINNER: Willie Mack

Rosemary is backstage with Havok. She needs to resurrect someone for the wedding and Havok refuses to partake, particularly after Rosemary implies that Havok was the murderer to the now deceased. Havok attacks Rosemary.

Moose catches up with Scott D’Amore. EC3 has been stalking Moose and pleads his case to D’Amore about EC3’s mind games. D’Amore wants him to calm down and thinks that Moose is making things up in his head.

EC3 appears on a wall via projector. He lets Moose know that time is running out before he destroys the belt Moose cherishes. Moose gets on the phone and is talking to “The Demo God.” He asks him what he should do when a belt gets stolen. He hears the advice and says “next time the bubbly is on me.” Moose knows exactly what he has to do.

We see Rhino sneak Heath in. He tells his former partner to follow his league and he’ll get paid.

Jordynne Grace interrupts Tenille Dashwood’s photoshoot to tell her that she better be prepared because the former Emma will be going up against Grace next week. She seems a little flustered, but the Kodak moments continue on with photographer Kaleb (with a K).

Kiera Hogan (w/ Tasha Steelz) vs. Taya Valkyrie

Taya immediately plows Kiera into the corner. Snapmare and kick to the spine. Taya tosses Hogan to the outside. Kiera comes back in but Taya keeps coming with an elbow and some diving double knees. Two count.

Kiera catches Taya with a kick and then a running boot in the corner.

A hard knee reels Kiera before Taya throws her out once more. She gets back in and Taya has three charging attacks onto Kiera. She goes for a fourth charge but Steelz pulls her out. She and Taya talk trash on the apron. Steelz rakes her eyes and Hogan catches her with her modified fisherman’s carry for the upset win.

WINNER: Kiera Hogan

Rhino confronts Hernandez backstage for an arm-wrestling rematch. Rhino says he feels uncomfortable competing with his back to the door (Wild Bill Hickock) so Hernandez agrees to switching. In from behind comes Heath but Rhino stalls by saying he has to loosen up. That wad of cash is sitting on the table. Heath finally grabs it. Once that happens, Rhino decides not to compete.

Chris Bey is backstage and sees Rohit. He says the champ owes him a rematch. Rohit says he absolutely does deserve that, but TJP did beat him. In comes TJP who says he will be next. Rohit brings up that TJP lost to Trey and serendipitously in comes Miguel stating his case. Rohit proposes that all three get in the ring for the number one contendership. Rohit says that’s the way it should be solved. Trey makes Rohit promise that the winner does get a shot.

The North, Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs. The Good Brothers & Motor City Machine Guns

Anderson and Ace start the festivities off. Karl goes hard at the smaller Austin before cornering him in his team’s residence. Tag to Gallows. Doc follows suit before tagging in his partner once more. Double team shoulder block to Ace. Hard tag to the chest of Sabin. Josh Alexander gets the tag. Blind tag by Shelley and the champs work on Josh with some springboard attacks followed by kicks.

Austin gets involved but MCMG kick him down. Same goes for the massive Madman as they kick him out of the ring. We go to break.

Back from break its Shelley and Alexander trading shots. Page trips up Shelley allowing Josh to get a DDT. Two count. Tag to Ethan as The North exchange looks with their partners. Tag to Fulton. Madman takes it to Shelley. Shelley tries to chop his way through. Fulton catches Shelley with a Northern Lights and gets a near fall. Ace gets tagged and Fulton strangles Alex in the corner. Cover, but a kickout by Shelley. Page puts his hand in front of Fulton to get the intended tag. He continues to talk massive trash to Shelley. Alexander hits Alex with a European uppercut. Shelley fights back with a dragon screw. In comes Ace to thwart his efforts but an eventual back suplex allows Shelley to tag in Anderson. Hot fire from Machine Gun as he takes it to All Ego. Big spinebuster gets a close count.

Tag to Doc. He boots Madman off the apron. Double-team back suplex allows the two to get a two count. They go for a Magic Killer, but Alexander saves his partner. MCMG get involved and so does Ace & Fulton. Everyone gets dumped on the outside and Sabin topes onto a gaggle of grapplers. They double team dropkick ALexand and Sabin goes for a top rope tornado DDT on Page. Page catches him and sends him into the corner. Good Brothers take out Fulton as shots and spots are traded by everyone. It’s down to Alexander and Sabin. Page and Alexander double-team faceplant Sabin. Austin tags himself in and steals the pinfall.

WINNERS: The North, Ace Austin & Madman Fulton

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