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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (10/05/2023)

Tasha Steelz vs. Killer Kelly

Kelly crawl toward Steelz, backing the former KO champ into the corner. Steelz finally hits a roundhouse and takes Kelly to the corner for chops. Steelz stomps and has to back away before the count. Kelly comes back with a knee to the gut and then plants Steelz with a stalling suplex, cover. Steelz rolls out to regroup and Kelly follows, going for a PK from the apron. Steelz pulls Kelly down and throws a big right hand. Steelz nails a draping DDT so Kelly hits the floor.

Back inside, Steelz goes for the cover. Steelz hits a low dropkick, another cover attempt. She pivots to a headlock to keep Kelly grounded. Steelz uppercuts out of the corner before tossing Kelly over the ropes for a punch. Masha tries to check on Kelly as Tasha hits a baseball slide on her. The ref backs Masha away as Kelly runs up behind Steelz back inside for a roll up. Steelz rebounds with a pump kick, cover. Steelz elbows and applies a camel clutch.

Kelly nearly works her way out but Steelz turns it into a crossface. Kelly elbows out and throws forearm shots. Kelly counters a bulldog and clotheslines Steelz three times. Kelly throws a big headbutt and tosses her with a butterfly suplex into the corner. Kelly lands a hesitation dropkick, cover. Steelz leaps off the ropes but gets caught in a sleeper. Deonna pulls the ref out of the ring and the ref thinks it’s Masha at first. Steelz rolls Kelly through and then plants her with Black Out for the win.

Winner: Tasha Steelz

We see footage of Savannah Evans pinning Jessicka on BTI. After, John Skyler is walking through when he approaches Evans about teaming with him tonight. Gisele interjects and points out how he’s been begging online all week for someone to team with him. Jai pops off with a comment before Gisele proposes Jai team with Skyler tonight as payback for Jai costing Gisele last week.

Gia Miller asks Gresham about cheating last week to beat Bailey. He points out the refs being incompetent. Bailey walks up and asks Gresham what he’s doing. Gresham walks off.

Tommy Dreamer Calls Out Crazzy Steve

Tommy Dreamer makes his way down to the ring. He wastes no time in saying he requested this segment to speak to Crazzy Steve. Dreamer recalls personal stories about Steve and reminds fans that he is legitimately blind and does things that no one else does in the ring. He’s an inspiration to Dreamer. He brings up his father being blind and also recalls teaching Steve how to drive in an empty parking lot one night.

Dreamer tells Steve that all he had to do was ask for a title shot if he wanted one. Dreamer says he loves him and so do the fans. “Thank you Steve” chant breaks out. Dreamer would be happy to defend the title against Steve any time, any place. Steve declines a handshake and hugs him instead. But the hug gets tigheter and we see that Steve stabbed Dreamer in the back with a fork.

Steve yells, “Dreamer, I’m not your friend!” Officials run down and yell at Steve. Steve raises up the Digital Media title and then drops it on Dreamer. Steve leaves with his briefcase and warns that he’ll see him soon. “The angel of death came to Tommy’s room.”

Eric Young, Jordynne Grace, Jake Something, Dirty Dango & Champagne Singh vs. Bully Ray, Jody Threat, KiLynn King, Shera & Brian Myers

Threat and Dango start the match as Threat fires away with punches. KiLynn tags in, much to the dismay of Threat. King tells Dango to hit her, but he instead tags Singh. Shera tags in and the partners are apprehensive. They hug instead but Threat comes in for Shera. Threat bites Singh’s finger but she struggles to hit a German. Instead, she hits a hurricanrana before Dango gets the tag. Bravo interferes, allowing Dango to get in cheap shots.

Dango has a crown on his head as he swivels his hips and stomps on Threat. He goes up top but Threat gets her boot up to stop him. Grace tags in on Dango and stops Threat from tagging. Threat escapes and tags Myers, who hits Grace with a high knee. Myers whips Grace into the corner and tags KiLynn, who showcases her strength. Myers returns but gets hit with a suplex. Grace wants Bully so Myers tags him in. Grace tries to lift him but he instead picks her up and flexes before dropping her. Bully goes for an elbow drop but Grace rolls away and tags EY.

EY powerslams Bully before going up top. Shera trips EY as King distracts the ref. Bully and King hit EY with a double suplex, King covers. King whips EY into the corner and then traps him before tagging Bully. EY gets some space with a dropkick. Grace and Threat get the tags as Threat unloads with punches. Grace pulls out a pair of slams but Threat counters the third. Spinebuster on Threat, King breaks the cover. King throws her own partner out before kicking Grace in the head. Something and Shera get tags.

Bully goes up top only for Jake to throw him to the mat. Jake throws Dango in the ring, followed by Singh despite being his partners. Jake launches Dango out of the ring onto a sea of bodies. Something hits Shera with Into the Void for the win.

Winner: Eric Young, Jordynne Grace, Jake Something, Dirty Dango & Champagne Singh

Gia speaks to Josh Alexander ahead of facing Kon tonight. Shelley interrupts and notes that the champion’s mentality can get Josh in a lot of trouble. Shelley says he’ll be on commentary and can be Josh’s insurance policy for one night only.

A vignette for Mickie James vs. Trinity airs. Gia talks to Trinity about their upcoming title match. Trinity says she saw the side eye, but Mickie never lost the title so of course she wants it back. Trinity calls Mickie a true friend and would be proud to face her. Make no mistake about it, Trinity plans to retain.

Fans Revenge Strap Match: ABC vs. John Skyler & Jai Vidal

Bey and Skyler lock up to start. Skyler is the first sent to the floor and a fan strikes him from behind. Back inside, Bey works the left arm. Skyler breaks free and manages to send Bey through the ropes. The fans opt not to strike him. Instead, they take selfies and Too Sweet him. Vidal tries to go after Bey but gets struck. Back inside, Bey chops the chest and throws Skyler out again. Skyler stops one fan, but another whips his back.

Skyler crawls over to Jai and wraps himself around before tagging out. Vidal tries swiveling his hips on Bey before Ace gets the tag and they double team Vidal with kicks. Ace throws Jai to the floor for strikes and then goes for a cover. Fans decline to strike Ace when Skyler throws him out. Instead, Skyler takes a beating again. Bey takes out Skyler while Ace kicks Vidal. ABC connects with their 123 combo finisher on Skyler for the win.

Winners: ABC

We see a vignette for Edwards vs. Kazarian.

Moose vs. Bhupinder Gujjar

Lock-up starts before Moose tosses Gujjar right to the mat. Moose gets on top of him and throws several strikes. Gujjar crawls to the ropes as Moose follows him and tries to choke. Gujjar evades a powerbomb so Moose hits a urinagi instead. Moose charges the corner but hits the turnbuckle. Gujjar chops and throws punches before getting a couple kicks in. Moose is face planted with a flapjack. Moose catches Gujjary with a spinning lariat followed by a big powerbomb. Gujjar gets to his feet and is run over with a spear. Moose covers for the win.

Winner: Moose

Steve Maclin interrupts the celebration. Maclin says the briefcase for the world title shot is his because he’s the one who actually pulled the case down. But Rhino, gored the title shot out of his hands. Maclin orders Moose to give him the case. Moose knows Maclin is crazy, but he knows he’s not dumb. Maclin says Bully didn’t set this up because he’s gone soft. Moose looks concerned. Maclin says he’s not scared of PCO because he actually beat him. Maclin asks for the case again before lighting strikes. PCO sends Myers out of the ring and then levels Moose and Maclin with a double clothesline. Maclin yells and retreats up the ramp only to run into a Gore from Rhino.

Backstage, Santino walks up on The Rascalz spray painting the tag titles. ABC enter and lay out the challenge for their title shot at Bound For Glory. Callihan and Swann interrupt and Sami calls bullcrap. Santino books Rascalz vs. Sami & Swann next week. The winners will face ABC at BFG.

Chris Sabin sends a message to KENTA ahead of BFG.

Josh Alexander vs. Kon

Alex Shelley joins commentary for the main event.

They start off quick as Josh tries to go for the ankle lock early on. Josh leaps off the top turnbuckle with a shoulder tackle to knock Kon down. After the break, Kon rolls Josh around with headlock takeovers. Kon maintains the pacing by chopping Josh’s injured shoulder. Josh counters Kon and lands a suplex. Josh lands a missile dropkick from the top to try and gain momentum.

Deaner trips up Josh, allowing Kon to hit a spinebuster, cover. Kon drops a big elbow three times in a row, another cover attempt. Kon then targets the ankle by stomping on it. He bites Josh’s forehead and then throws Josh’s body into the ropes to keep him grounded, cover. Kon clamps down on the traps but Josh gets to his feet and throws forearms to turn the tide.

Josh lands a big German suplex and then hits a spinning forearm strike, cover. Kon manages a choke bomb, but it doesn’t put Josh away. Josh lifts Kon up but the ref gets knocked over in the prcoess. Josh hits a crossbody in the ropes and they go flying out. Shelley grabs a chair out of Deaner’s hand. Josh tries to go after Deaner but ends up hitting Shelley instead. Back inside, Josh escapes a chokeslam and traps Kon in the ankle lock. Kon rolls through and avoids the spike at first. But Josh gets his footing back and lands C4 Spike for the win.

Winner: Josh Alexander

After, Josh and Alex share words until Shelley hits Shell Shock to a chorus of boos. Shelley shakes his head and stares at Josh to close the show.


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