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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (11/02/2023)

Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt brief us on what we’ll see tonight. The first match is the finals of a one-night single-elimination tournament from IMPACT’s recent tapings in Glasgow, Scotland.

Glasgow Cup Finals: Frankie Kazarian vs. Joe Hendry

After a brief promo from Hendry, the two shake hands and lock up. Kazarian reaches the bottom rope to break a hold. The pace eventually quickens as Hendry leaps up top but Kazarian shoves him off and he falls to the floor. After the break, Kaz delivers chops at ringside. Back inside, Kazarian hits a couple suplexes to keep Hendry grounded. 

Hendry makes his comeback and nearly puts it away but Kazarian pulls out Fade to Black for another nearfall. Kazarian goes up top but Hendry chases after and plants him with a superplex that yields a “this is awesome” chant. They trade several roll up attempts and then Kaz tries for one out of the corner. Hendry hooks the leg one more time and pins Kazarian for the three.

Glasgow Cup Winner: Joe Hendry

Scott D’Amore comes down to award the cup to Hendry.

We hear from Deonna Purrazzo, Moose, and Brian Myers backstage ahead of their trios match tonight.

Joe Hendry cuts a brief promo ahead of facing Simon Miller tomorrow at Turning Point.

Subculture vs. Moose, Brian Myers & Deonna Purrazzo

Myers spends a bit yelling at the crowd before ducking into his corner away from Webster. Myers and Webster finally lock up but then Myers flexes instead. Webster unloads with forearm shots to set up Andrews getting the tag. Luna stomps on Myers and attempts the cover. Myers gets up but Luna won’t back down. Deonna comes in off the tag and grapples with Luna until she’s hit with a back elbow. Luna lands a suplex, brief cover.

Moose is tagged in but Luna is ready for him. Moose shoves her down so Webster tags in. He gets shoved too, then Andrews comes in and attempts chops. Missile dropkick connects. Purrazzo comes in and works Andrews briefly until Myers takes over. Moose goes for a powerbomb but Andrews flips out of it. Moose takes Andrews back to the heel corner for Myers to continue picking him apart.

Andrews nearly pins Myers but Deonna saves it. Myers traps Andrews in a headlock. Myers goes for the Roster Cut but Andrews levels him. Luna and Deonna get hot tags and Luna hits a dropkick. Moose boots Luna but Webster hits him with a knee. Webster moonsaults out of the corner on Moose and then dives out on Myers. All three members of Subculture powerbomb Moose out of the corner. They cover together but Myers and Deonna break it.

Deonna returns with a legsweep into the armbar. Webster tosses Myers and dives out. Andrews ducks Moose and breaks the hold for Luna. Moose dropkicks Andrews in the corner and then meets Webster in another corner. Moose runs his way up to a superplex. The action breaks down as Luna clotheslines Myers and Purrazzo kicks Luna. All bodies are down as the crowd erupts. Andrews hits Moose with Stundog but then Purrazzo runs over Webster with a boot. Luna pulls Deonna out. Andrews rolls Moose up for a two. Moose runs him over with a spear for the win.

Winners: Moose, Brian Myers & Deonna Purrazzo

We hear from Josh Alexander and EY ahead of their matches tonight and against Subculture at Turning Point.

Grado vs. Trey Miguel

Grado chases Trey around the ring until Trey rolls out. Back inside, they lock up before Grado takes Trey down into a headlock. Trey whips Grado around the ring and Grado holds himself upside down in the corner. Trey strikes his throat, prompting Grado to roll out. Trey chases after and rakes his back before delivering chops. Grado turns it around and walks Trey over to the fans for chops from the audience. Grado gloats, which sets up Trey pulling him into the ring post.

Back inside, Trey continues picking Grado apart until Grado catches him with a huge clothesline. Grado pulls his straps down and hypes up the crowd only to run into a superkick. Trey covers for a two. Trey moonsaults off the rope, another two count. Grado fires up the crowd again but Trey cuts him off. Trey nearly wins with a roll up but Grado boots him and covers for the win.

Winner: Grado

Eddie Edwards cuts a promo backstage on facing Will Ospreay tomorrow.

Trinity vs. Emersyn Jayne

Trinity offers a handshake but Jayne opts to kick her hand away. Trinity goes for the headlock first. Jayne reverses it and then shoulder blocks. Trinity slams Jayne to the mat and hits a leg drop, cover. Jayne decides to offer a handshake but swings on the champ. Trinity ducks and then does a sliding slap, cover. Trinity is thrown into the corner and then hit with a sliding German suplex. Jayne goes a cover and then works over the right arm for a beat.

Trinity punches her way up but Jayne catches her with a Northern Lights Suplex. Jayne holds Trinity in the ropes for a few seconds. Trinity comes back with clotheslines and a dropkick followed by a spinning bulldog. Rear View connects for a nearfall. Jayne manages to drive Trinity into the mat for her own nearfall. Trinity lands the sit out bomb for the win.

Winner: Trinity

We hear from the roster on the UK tour.

Trinity cuts a promo on her win tonight and addresses defending against Purrazzo tomorrow.

Motor City Machine Guns vs. Josh Alexander & Eric Young

Josh and Shelley start the bout slow with some lock ups. Josh targets the leg briefly before Sabin gets the tag. The crowd wants EY so Josh gives it to them. EY and Sabin lock up. After the break, EY and Josh are both sent out of the ring and Machine Guns double kick EY from the apron. Back inside, Shelley gets worked over by EY and then Josh again. Shelley manages some chest chops to gain space. Josh reverses it into an ankle lock but Sabin quickly saves it.

Shelley dragon screws the leg of Josh before dropkicking EY off the apron. Sabin dragon screws Josh’s leg again but this time in the ropes. Shelley continues the attack until tagging out. Another dragon screw and Sabin goes for the cover. Machine Guns take turns working Josh’s left leg on the mat. Shelley traps Josh and Sabin locks in EY but EY is out first. EY finally gets the hot tag and lands a Northern Lights on the world champ.

Shelley back body drops EY and then plants him face first in the turnbuckle. Sabin tags and flies in with a missile dropkick. Josh hits Sabin with German suplexes and then a belly to belly. Sabin kicks Josh and covers but EY breaks it. Sabin dropkicks Josh from behind as Alex hits a flatliner. Sabin covers, kickout. Josh rolls through into an ankle lock on Sabin. Sabin tries booting out of it but Josh pivots to a Sharpshooter. Sabin crawls to the bottom rope to break.

Sabin pulls out Cradle Shock on EY and they go up top right after. EY bits Sabin and throws him down to the mat for an elbow drop. EY officially tags and covers Sabin for a two. Sabin plants EY with a tornado DDT followed by Cradle Shock. Sabin boots Josh and covers EY for the win.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns


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