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  • Carlos Astorga

IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (11/24/2022)

Impact opened with highlights of the 2008 Turkey Bowl, featuring Alex Shelley, Rhino, and Daivari. Rhino pins Shelley after a gore, and Shelley had to wear the suit. The referee had his hand in the suit making the head move while trying to convince Shelley to wear it. I laughed. Man, Russo era TNA really sucked.

A highlight video of current Impact stars aired saying they were thankful for various things.

Deaner was with Eric Young and the minions were asking questions to Deaner about Eric Young losing. I think. Young called it a setback and said they had to go back to where it all began. I don’t know what any of this means. Cryptic promos suck.

The Angle Thanksgiving dinner from 2007 aired. This is an all-time bad segment written by Russo. Eric Young walked in and was forced to sit at the kiddy table with Kurt’s daughter. Showing this right after Young’s scary creepy promo is a choice. This was worse than I remembered, and then it got even worse as more people showed up. This was unfunny to every degree.

A recap of Mickie James vs. Taylor Wilde and the challenge of Deonna Purrazzo after the match aired.

The turkey suit match with Robbie E and Grado aired, and Josh Matthews on commentary reminded us that some of the best in Impact history wore it. This is not a good thing.

A recap of Josh Alexander vs. Frankie Kazarian from Over Drive aired, and Bully Ray’s subsequent challenge of Alexander and attack on his wife, Jade Chung.

It was announced that Rich Swann will be facing Bully Ray next week. The announcers then talked about their favourite foods for Thanksgiving.

Rockstar Spud’s 2013 Thanksgiving Dinner in the ring aired. Somehow, it only gets worse. This was scripted so badly. Kurt Angle ruins the dinner. No buys~!

A recap of the X-Division match from the Countdown to Over Drive show aired, with Rich Swann winning.

Kenny King said that he could have won the match instead of giving it to Swann, but he was more focused on Mike Bailey then winning. Well, that is dumb, Mr. King. King called Bailey a fraud, and he wanted to expose him so he can win the title. Or, you know, you could just win the title to stick it to him.

Eli Drake’s Turkey Trot 2017, which was also a turkey dinner that was inexplicably at ringside like the last one in 2013. There was going to be a match and they would have had to wear the turkey suit. This was also awful. They started with turkey dinner at the tables and then went into the match. Josh Matthews said, “This gives an all new meaning to The Hunger Games” and I groaned even more. Chris Adonis lost and was forced back to the ring by security guards, 2 of which were played by friends of mine – retired Maritime wrestler Chip Chambers, and Referee Joshua Ruckstuhl (otherwise known as Referee Squishy). This is the highlight of the episode for me.

Steve Maclin cut a promo on Frankie Kazarian, saying that the shot at Josh Alexander should have been his. This was good.

The show ended with the 2007 turkey bowl, which featured AJ Styles vs. Chris Sabin vs. Samoa Joe. AJ lost to Joe. He was forced to put on a turkey suit.

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