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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (12/07/2023)

Chris Sabin & Trinity vs. Chik Tormenta & Dinamico

They start off with staredowns before Trinity and Chik go at it. Chik rolls out of the ring to recover and Dinamico hypes up the crowd before Sabin tags in to work him over. Dinamico catches Sabin with a surprise dropkick to the back before he can tag out. Trinity is knocked off the apron in the process, leading to Sabin getting double teamed. Sabin finally pulls off a torndado DDT before tagging out.

Trinity hits a couple of uppercuts followed by a corner bulldog. Sabin lands a missile dropkick on Dinamico before he whips Trinity into Chik. Sabin slams her and Trinity hits. the split legged moonsault only for Dinamico to break the cover. Dinamico wipes out Sabin on the floor. Chik turns Trinity inside out but Sabin breaks the cover. Chik hits a fireman’s carry before Sabin gets involved again. Trinity is able to hit the sitout bomb and rolls Chik into a cover for the three. Sabin and Trinity twerk to celebrate.

Winners: Trinity & Chris Sabin

Josh Alexander speaks backstage about he will do whatever it takes to regain the World title. He’s looking forward to closing one era at Final Resolution before starting another.

Eddie Edwards vs. Myzteziz Jr. vs. Latigo

Edwards gets double-teamed early on before he makes his comeback with a knee to Latigo. Myzteziz ends up taking both men out of the ring and dives out onto Eddie first. He does a corkscrew plancha onto Latigo on the other side. Eddie re-enters only for Myzteziz to send him right back out. Latigo halts Myzteziz’s momentum and then gloats to the crowd.

Myzetziz maintains his footing and does a corkscrew into the ring on Latigo. Eddie drags Myzteziz out of the ring right before Latigo launches out to knock both of them down.

Myzteziz leaps out to the ramp where Latigo catches him with a Mexican Destroyer. Eddie clobbers Latigo with a clothesline and then hits Myzteziz with a brainbuster on the entranceway. Back in the ring, Eddie hits Latigo with a Tiger Driver for a nearfall. Myzteziz tries to regroup and eventually leaps back in with a flying crucifix bomb on Latigo.

Eddie plants Myzteziz with a sit out powerbomb, but Myzteziz stops the ref from completing the three count. Eddie is irate and grabs the ref’s shirt. Latigo superkicks Eddie in the face and then hits a running crossbody on Myzteziz in the corner. Latigo lands a suplex, Eddie breaks it. Myzteziz catches Eddie with a powerslam before hitting a shooting star press for the win.

Winner: Myzteziz Jr.

Trey Miguel addresses his Final Resolution match against Mike Bailey. Trey says he won’t face him if Mike doesn’t wear any kind of shoes.

Motor City Machine Guns cut a promo on their tag match against Josh Alexander and Zack Sabre Jr.

Maravilla & Deonna Purrazzo vs. Jordynne Grace & Sexy Star

Maravilla hugs the ref before the bell rings. Deonna and Jordynne start with a lockup. They each attempt covers and meet at a standoff. Grace offers a handshake but Deonna kicks it away. Star and Maravilla both get tags and take turns working the arms. After the break, Purrazzo and Maravilla double-team Star with kicks to the legs. Star tries to build momentum but gets double teamed again as Purrazzo goes for the cover.

Grace grows frustrated by the ref letting her partner get attacked. Star finally leaps over Maravilla and lands a superkick to gain separation. Graces comes in off the tag and rolls Purrazzo back for the cover but the ref won’t count. Grace is mad but continues fighting Maravilla. Star runs in and does a drop toe hold into the corner to set up a knee strike to the back. Maravilla is dropped with an electric chair. Purrazzo hits a boot but Grace hits a Samoan Drop.

Maravilla drops Grace with a German, Star breaks it. Grace pulls out a Juggernaut Driver on Maravilla and the ref counts three.

Winners: Jordynne Grace & Sexy Star

We hear from the roster with their thoughts on this event in Mexico.

Tommy Dreamer & Laredo Kid vs. Brian Myers & Black Taurus

Kid and Myers start off trying to out power each other. Myers rolls out and taunts commentary. Dreamer and Taurus eventually come in as Taurus goes for an elbow drop but Dreamer rolls away. Myers and Taurus try to regroup outside as Dreamer gears up to run out. Myers cuts him off with a right hand, but Kid flips over Dreamer to take Myers out. Dreamer then clotheslines Myers and Taurus before hitting them each with a drink.

Back inside, Myers back elbows Dreamer and tags out to Taurus who pulls at Dreamer’s mouth. Myers returns to keep him grounded with a headlock. Kid comes in to take Taurus down with a poisonrana but Myers breaks the cover. Myers prepares for a dive but Dreamer smashes him over the head with a cookie sheet. Dreamer pulls out a table as Kid smashes Taurus with the cookie sheet. Destroyer lands on Taurus and Kid scores the pinfall win.

Winners: Laredo Kid & Tommy Dreamer

After, Myers takes off before Dreamer drives Taurus into a table.

Backstage, Trinity expresses how excited she is for Hard To Kill before Jordynne interrupts and reminds her they have their Final Resolution tag match first.

Josh Alexander & Octagon Jr. vs. Moose & Toxin

Josh goes for an ankle lock early on Toxin. Octagon and Moose get tags. Moose towers over Octagon as they go to lock up hands only for Moose to kick him in the gut. Octagon flattens Moose with a corkscrew. He goes for a crossbody but Moose catches him with a fallaway slam. Moose tries to rip Octagon’s mask off before tagging out. Toxin keeps Octagon away from Josh while working over the arm.

After the break, Josh finally gets the tag as he goes up against Moose. Out of the corner, Josh counters sky high with a hurricanrana. German suplex sends Moose out as Toxin comes in. Josh drops him with a backbreaker on the knee. Octagon returns and gets a close nearfall on Moose that livens the crowd. Toxin hits Octagon with a pop up powerbomb before Josh whips him across the ring. Toxin throws Josh neck first into the turnbuckle.

Toxin leaps out and flattens Josh before Octagon lands a dropkick on Moose. Moose goes for a cutter out of the corner but Octagon counters with his own cutter for a nearfall. The fans are frustrated by the nearfalls. Moose hits Octagon with a spear to finish it.

Winners: Moose & Toxin

Kazuchika Okada will return to TNA in Vegas on January 14.

El Hijo del Vikingo & Motor City Machine Guns vs. Trey Miguel & Los Vipers

Shelley tries to keep Trey grounded early on. Sabin and Latigo come in briefly before the break. We come back to Shelley and Trey in the ring again. Shelley traps Trey in a Figure Four which is broken up by Toxin. Sabin wraps himself around Toxin before Vikingo hits the ring to tie up Latigo. Trey rakes Sabin’s eyes and kicks him down for a double stomp.

Vikingo kicks Trey in the head and then lands a big frog splash. Shelley drags Toxin into a Crossface. Latigo breaks it up but Machine Guns lock in dueling STFs on Los Vipers. Vikingo sends Trey outside and then flips out onto him. They meet in the ring again for a staredown before trading chops. Trey nails a poisonrana for a nearfall on Vikingo. Vikingo finally lands the Pheonix Splash from the second rope on Trey to score the pinfall.

Winners: El Hijo del Vikingo & Motor City Machine Guns


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