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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (12/15/2020)

Welcome to Indy Pro Wrestling's live coverage of Impact Wrestling, which airs every Tuesday on AXS TV, as well as on Impact Wrestling's own Twitch channel at 8 pm EST! Be sure to chime in on your thoughts about tonight's show in the comments section below. Additionally, share our live coverage through social media. Make sure to click the REFRESH button to continue to get the most current up to date coverage. Above and below is what's on tonight's agenda for Impact:

Tonight's episode is the fallout from Final Resolution on Saturday.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne welcome fans to Impact Wrestling! We kick things off with a grudge match from Final Resolution!

Tenille Dashwood (w/Kaleb With a K) vs. Alisha (w/Eddie Edwards)

Alisha has fire in her eyes. Tenille Dashwood can't help but laugh. Both women exchange words before Tenille drops on top of Alisha and lays a flurry of punches. Alisha gets caught in the ropes but ducks the line to lay a flurry of her own punches. Alish sends Tenille across the ring with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Tenille finds herself again with a double underhook for a near-fall. Tenille keeps her offense strong with her Dash Woogie in the center of the ring. Eddie Edwards, on the outside, tries to fire Alisha out of the lockup. Tenille breaks it up for another near-fall. Alisha puts the breaks on to connect two running bulldogs. She looks for a cover, and Kaleb breaks the count up. On the outside, Alisha flies off the top rope. Tenille moves out of the way and moves Kaleb towards the madness. Back in the ring, Tenille sends Alisha out cold with her Spotlight Kick for the victory.

Winner: Tenille Dashwood

Post-Match: Sami Callihan's music begins to play. Eddie Edwards is in the ring and says, "Come out, Sami." Sami tells Eddie that their story is far from over. He warns him to enjoy his family over the holidays because it may be his last one.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne inform us that the AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Don Callis are back for tonight's show. Omega's former Bullet Club ally, Karl Anderson, will be in action tonight!

Speaking of Karl Anderson, his opponent for tonight, Chris Sabin, is ready to keep their Three-Step list going. So far, they've done everything they said they were going to do. Now that they're on step three, they want Anderson and Doc Gallows Tag Team Championships.

On The Tour Bus: Kenny Omega and Don Callis fire Karl Anderson up for his match.

Karl Anderson asks the Impact World Champion Rich Swann if he's seen the Motor City Machine Guns. Swann tells him that he hasn't, and he needs to calm down. MCMG enter and confront Anderson ahead of their main event match.

We head back to the ring to hear what the "Self-Proclaimed" TNA World Heavyweight Champion Moose has to say.

Moose is happy to inform everyone that he's put Willie Mack on the injury list. He warns everyone that his championship reign will forever be superior to Rich Swann's reign with the Impact World Championship. Willie's music hits. Willie issues a message to Moose that he will face him in an "I Quit" match at Genesis on Saturday, January 9. Moose is quite unhinged after hearing the news. He takes his frustrations out on Willie and one of the security guards.

Backstage interviewer Gia Miller catches a quick comment from Moose. He is sick and tired of independent wrestlers like Willie thinking they deserve big title shots. He gives one final warning before walking away.

Backstage: Chris Bey checks in on Rohit Raju after his unsuccessful victory to retain his X-Division Championship on Saturday. Bey has an idea for Raju: He thinks he should unmask the new champion Manik to reveal that it's TJP who's underneath the mask. He informs Raju that he has a match against the new X-Division champion tonight and would like to have Raju be in his corner. Raju accepts his request.

AEW President/CEO Tony Khan and head commentator Tony Schiavone

pay to have another ad displayed on Impact. Khan wants to teach Don Callis a lesson about the business and invite him and Omega to return to Dynamite tomorrow night. They show a preview for what's to come Dynamite tomorrow night on their show. Tony throws a few jabs towards Impact, like their lack of a fan base, as well as their home channel AXS TV and how it's hard to find the channel.

Eric Young introduces us to the newly transformed Cody Deaner, who betrayed his tag partner Cousin Jake this past Saturday. Young says he is going to baptize Cody towards a new sense of change.

We head back to the ring to see some X-Division action!

Manik (TJP) vs. Chris Bey (w/ Rohit Raju)

Chris Bey shoves the new X-Division Champion Manik towards the corner. He lays down a flurry of stomps. Rohit Raju is applauding Bey on the outside. Manik puts Bey in a tilt-a-whirl turned torture rack position. Manik flies out of the ring just before the show takes a commercial break.

Back from the commercial break, Bey throws Manik towards the corner with an Irish Whip. Bey flies off the middle rope with a back elbow. He hooks the leg to only get a 2 count. Bey puts a front facelock on the champion. Manik rises to his feet and breaks out of the hold. Bey drives a knee for another near-fall count. Manik takes Bey off his feet with a suplex. Bey rolls Manik up for another near-fall. Manik disappears out of the ring. Rohit Raju goes looking for him on the outside, but can't find him. The referee starts a count. Manik surprises Bey with a high flying crossbody off the top rope. Unbeknownst to the referee, Bey taunts Manik with a low blow. Raju makes his way into the ring and hits Bey to give him the No Disqualification victory.

Winner By DQ: Chris Bey

Next, we see the return of Sting from Final Resolution in 2006 for this week's Impact Plus Moment of the Week.

Backstage: Josh Alexander is pacing back and forth. Ethan Page says he's been looking for him everywhere. He wants to apologize for his loss against Karl Anderson on Saturday. Because of his loss, The North cannot challenge the Good Brothers for a Tag Team Title match in the future. Alexander and Page talk it out, and Page leaves the room. Brian Myers enters the room and tells Alexander maybe it's time for him to move on past The North gimmick and team with a guy like him. Alexander doesn't like this idea. He'd rather fight Myers instead.

Back On The Tour Bus:Kenny mocks Rich Swann as "Rich the B--ch." Anderson leaves to go get ready. Omega is miffed by how Swann was acting towards Anderson and says that he's sorry for what he's about to do.

Back in the ring, we'll see which Knockouts Tag Team will advance towards the finals in the first semi-final match of the tournament!

Knockouts Tag Team Semi-Final Match: Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary vs. Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz

Taya Valkyrie ducks out of the way, sending Tasha Steelz towards the ropes. Taya slams Tasha on her back with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Taya gets a near-fall count. Taya tags in Rosemary. Rosemary comes in with a powerful throw. Taya crawls over to tag in Kiera Hogan. Rosemary strikes Kiera once she's in with a flurry of punches. Tasha gets involved with Rosemary on the apron. This interference gives Kiera a chance to go for a pin. Rosemary kicks out. Tasha comes in briefly to lay a few shots before tagging Kiera back in. Tasha holds on to Rosemary while Kiera slaps her around. Kiera crashes into the "Demon Assassin" with a low basement dropkick. She gets another near-fall count. Rosemary locks in her signature Upside Down maneuver. Kiera knocks Taya off the apron to keep her and Tasha ahead in the match.

Tasha comes up empty off the top. Rosemary and Tasha tag in their partners. Taya comes in hot with a flurry of punches and a powerful spear in the center of the ring. Taya slams Kiera on to the canvas. The Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee run down and attack Rosemary. Purrazzo sends Rosemary crashing on the ramp with a flatliner. Taya gets knocked out by Kiera. Kiera Hogan looks for a final pin and gets the pinfall victory.

Winners: Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz

They advance towards the finals of the Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament. They will meet either Jordynne Grace and JAZZ or Havok and Nevaeh at Hard To Kill next month.

We go back to see Eric Young continuing his baptism on Cody Deaner.

Back from the break, we see one of the first Hard To Kill advertisements.

In the Locker Room: Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz celebrate their victory. But, they still have one problem to face: Where did the wad of cash go? Johnny Swinger comes in and asks the girls if they're ready to celebrate with him. They are both disgusted and leave the room. Swinger looks through Tasha's luggage to find the big wad of cash that went "missing." It looks like Swinger will have quite a rich holiday!

Up next, we'll see Josh Alexander and Brian Myers square off!

Josh Alexander vs Brian Myers

Josh Alexander charges towards Brian Myers and sends him into the corner. They reset. Myers slams Alexander face-first on to the canvas. Ethan Page runs down to help his partner out. Myers sends Page crashing into the ring post. Myers drops an elbow for only a near-fall. Myers keeps a hold on Alexander with a front facelock. Myers escapes out of a double underhook DDT. All of a sudden, Page's alter-ego, The Karate Man, emerges! He gets involved in the match, costing Alexander a clean victory.

Winner By Disqualification: Brian Myers

Part-Three of Eric Young and Cody Deaner's saga concludes with Young freeing Cody from his past demons.

Acey Romero wants his tag partner Larry D to be set free after his arrest on Saturday. Tommy Dreamer says he's heard that one before and doesn't buy it. Romero leaves. Dreamer sees Rhino and Cousin Jake take about Cody Deaner's betrayal. Dreamer tells them both they should do something about it.

And now the main event!

Karl Anderson vs. Chris Sabin (w/Alex Shelley)

Before the main event takes place, we see a split-screen that shows Kenny Omega and Don Callis getting ready to watch this match.

The match is underway following the commercial break. Karl Anderson gains wrist control. Chris Sabin rolls through, sending Anderson to the other side of the ring. They reset. Sabin puts Anderson in a side headlock. Anderson pulls on Sabin's hair to break out of the hold. We briefly see Omega and Callis watching the match. Anderson drives his elbow into Sabin's face in the corner. Anderson rakes his boot across Sabin's face. Anderson continues his dominance with a few stomps. Sabin sends Anderson out of the ring with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Sabin meets Anderson on the outside but gets tripped face-first on the apron.

Back from the final break, Anderson looks for a cover. Sabin kicks out at 2. Anderson drills his foot into Sabin before putting him in a side headlock. Sabin tries to create separation by stomping on Anderson's foot. Anderson sends him down. Sabin finds himself in another lockup. Both men knock heads in the center of the ring. Sabin catches Anderson with an inverted atomic drop. Sabin flies off the top with a crossbody for only a near-fall count. Anderson goes low. Sabin comes in with a running boot and a tornado DDT. Sabin was so close to gaining the pinfall victory, but Anderson kicks out at 2.9. Both men exchange forearms. Anderson cuts him off with an uppercut. Both men catch each other in two double clotheslines. Sabin lands a deep kick. Anderson sends Sabin crashing on the mat with a spinebuster. He gets another near-fall. Sabin turns the Gun Stun into a rollup. Anderson kicks out. Anderson grabs hold of Sabin's tights, rolls him up, and wins the match.

Winner: Karl Anderson

After the match, Rich Swann comes out to talk to Anderson. A big brawl ensues between Anderson, Swann and MCMG. Doc Gallows and Kenny Omega get involved. Don Callis says that he has a great idea. At Hard To Kill, it will be a six-man tag match between The Bullet Club (Gallows, Anderson & Omega) versus Swann and MCMG! What a way to end the year!

That concludes this week's episode. Thanks for watching! From all of us here at Indy Pro Wrestling we wish you all a happy and healthy holiday! We'll see you in the new year!


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