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IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (12/22/2022)

IMPACT Knockouts World Tag Team Championship: Death Dollz (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo & Gisele Shaw

Rosemary and Jessicka defend this time. Jessicka and Deonna start with wrist locks. The finish sees Rosemary spear Shaw to retain.

Winners: Death Dollz (c)

Backstage, Jordynne Grace clarified that she’s only teaming with Mickie tonight so she will make it to Hard to Kill.

Deonna and Gisele agreed to never team again.

In the ring, Sami Callihan teased joining The Design, but the trio beat him down instead.

Mike Bailey vs. Yuya Uemera

They start with a lockup before transitioning into mat wrestling. After getting hit with a German suplex, Bailey connects with Ultimo Weapon for the three count.

Winner: Mike Bailey

Major Players request another match for the tag titles, but D’Amore books a four way with them, Motor City, Heath & Rhino, and Bey & Austin.

Bully Ray comes out before Hotch & Skyler vs. Swinger & Dice started. He scared off the heels before attacking Hotch & Skyler. Josh Alexander runs down to make the save but gets attacked by Hotch & Skyler. The trios beats him down until Tommy Dreamer attempted to make the save and was unsuccessful.

After, Scott D’Amore books the Hard to Kill main event to be Full Metal Mayhem between Alexander and Bully,

Rich Swann vs. Steve Maclin

Maclin and Swann take things outside the ring where they brawl under they both get counted out. Security has to pull them off each other.

Winner: Double Count-Out

Alisha tells Eddie Edwards that he needs to confront his past in order to move on. Gresham is first.

Mickie James & Jordynne Grace vs. Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans

Mickie and Tasha start with a lockup and back and forth. In the end, Jordynne tags in without Mickie realizing. She hits Evans with the Muscle Buster for the victory.

Winners: Jordynne Grace & Mickie James

Jordynne and Mickie argue until Mickie kicks Jordynne out of nowhere. Mickie leaves while Jordynne gives her the death glare.


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