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IMPACT on AXS TV Results – December 10, 2019

Old School Rules Match: Rhino vs. RVD w/Katie Forbes (Special Referee Tommy Dreamer)

Rhino knocks RVD out of the ring. Rhino suplexes RVD on the apron. Rhino starts to grab weapons from under the ring. RVD kicks Rhino upside his head. Rhino responds with a trashcan shot to RVD’s head. Rhino chokes RVD with a mop. Rhino slams RVD on a steel chair. Rhino misses a headbutt. Rhino lands headfirst on the chair. Before RVD can take advantage, Rhino drops RVD, throat first, on the chair. Rhino placed the chair on RVD’s stomach.

Rhino tries a whoopie cushion but RVD turns the chair around, causing Rhino to land nuts first on the chair. RVD dropkicks the chair into Rhino in the corner. RVD calls for rolling thunder but decides not to give the crowd the satisfaction. RVD sets Rhino up for a monkey flip on a chair. Rhino reverses it into a power bomb on the chair. Rhino brings a table into the ring. RVD misses a split-legged moonsault. Rhino Gores RVD through a table. Forbes drags Dreamer out of the ring. Forbes decks Dreamer. RVD rolls up Rhino, but Rhino rolls through. Rhino misses a Gore and runs into a trash can. RVD hits the Five Star Frog Splash for the win.

Winner- RVD

Moose vs. Acey Romero

Romero tosses Moose across the ring. Moose rolls out of the ring. Romero lands a dive to the outside! After the break, Moose is stomping Romero. Moose tries to suplex Romero. Moose can’t get Romero off the mat. Moose decides to just throw a few right hands. Moose bites Romero’s forehead.

Romero suplexes Moose. Romero lands a cross-body. Huge back body drop by Romero. Romero spine busters Moose for a near fall. Moose lands a massive Go To Hell. Romero somehow kicks out. Moose hits the ropes but runs into a pounce by Romero. Romero turns Moose inside out with a lariat. Moose lands the No Jackhammer Needed Spear for the win.

Winner- Moose

Backstage, Michael Elgin says he has beaten Eddie Edwards and Brian Cage. IMPACT management is trying to keep Elgin away from the championship.


Bahh wins after the Bonzai drop.

Winner- Fallah Bahh

After the match, The Desi Hit Squad beat down Bahh. TJP hits the ring and makes the save.

Joey Ryan is summoned to Wrestler’s Court. Tommy Dreamer is the judge. Ryan is the defendant. Johnny Swinger is the plaintiff. Ryan is accused of “exposing the business”. Ryan gives an impassioned plea, but Dreamer finds him guilty.


Jake Crist hits a diving DDT out on the floor. Mack takes everyone out with a sky twister press tot he outside. Mack is clutching at his knee. The referee calls for help from the back. Mack can’t stand. Mack can’t continue. After the break, Swann continues the match by himself. Swann lands a double handspring cutter on Reno Scum. oVe lands a spike tombstone on Swann.

Wentz breaks up the pin. Dez and Wentz clear the ring. Luster German suplexes Dave. Thornstowe double stomps Dave in the nuts. Luster puts Dave in the tree of woe. Luster lawn darts Swann into Dave. Dez and Wentz hit their finish on Luster. Jake breaks up the pin. oVe set up a doomsday cutter. Swann counters into a victory roll for the win.

Winners- Rich Swann and Willie Mack

Backstage, Taya Valkyrie complains about defending the Knockout’s Championship against Jordynne Grace and ODB.

During an interview with Jimmy Jacobs, Brian Cage talks about all of his recent losses. Cage says whoever comes out of Hard to Kill as the world champion should know that he is waiting for them. Katie Forbes and RVD fall on the couch. Forbes is all over RVD. RVD makes fun of Cage for losing to Tessa Blanchard.


Blanchard slaps Fulton. Fulton slams Blanchard into the corner. Fulton slams Blanchard into the bottom turnbuckle. Fulton tries to power bomb Blanchard. Blanchard reverses it into a sunset bomb. Blanchard knocks Fulton out of the ring. Blanchard lands a dive. Dave and Jake hit the ring and attack Blanchard to causes a disqualification.

Winner- Tessa Blanchard

After the match, oVe beats down Blanchard. Ken Shamrock makes the save.


Callihan spits at Shamrock. Shamrock beats the crap out of Callihan in the corner. Shamrock hits a knee that levels Callihan. Shamrock and Callihan trade strikes. Callihan lands a DVD. Shamrock kicks out. Callihan forces Shamrock into the referee. Shamrock puts Callihan in the Ankle Lock. Callihan taps but there is no referee. Fulton hits the ring and hits the end of days on Shamrock. Shamrock is out cold. Callihan puts Shamrock in the ankle lock. Shamrock isn’t moving. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner- Sami Callihan

After the match, Fulton attacks Shamrock. Callihan tries to stop Fulton but Fulton pushes Callihan down. Callihan tells Fulton that Shamrock is all his. Fulton suplexes Shamrock out of the ring. Fulton charges at Shamrock but Callihan pulls Fulton away. Callihan tells Fulton to stop.

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