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IMPACT on AXS TV Results – December 17, 2019

Tenille Dashwood vs. Jordynne Grace

Dashwood and Grace trade submission attempts. Grace runs over Dashwood with a shoulder block. Grace catches Dashwood in midair for a suplex. Dashwood lands a head-scissors into a Russian leg sweep. Grace whips Dashwood into the corner. Dashwood puts Grace in the tarantula. Dashwood reverses Grace’s powerslam into a reverse DDT. Grace suprises Dashwood with a spinebuster. Grace misses a double knee strike in the corner. Dashwood splashes Grace in the corner. Dashwood butterflu suplexes Grace for a near fall. Dashwood attempts a la magistral cradle. Grace counters into a pin of her own for the win.

Winner- Jordynne Grace

After the match, Grace and Dashwood shake hands. Taya Valkyrie attacks Grace from behind. Dashwood makes the save.

Backstage, Moose makes fun of Rhino for loosing to RVD. Rhino Gore’s Moose.

TJP w/Fallah Bahh vs. Daga

TJP and Dage trade pin fall and submission attempts. After a bit of back and forth, Daga lands a sunset flip into a double stomp. TJP gets the win via kneeebar.

Winner- TJP

After the match, The Desi Hit Squad attack everyone.

In-Ring Segment: RVD and Katie Forbes

RVD and Forbes make out… A lot. RVD is here to claim the credit that he is long overdue. RVD calls Brian Cage a stan. Cage runs down to the ring and attacks RVD. Forbes low blows Cage.

Backstage, Rosemary tries to speak to Susie, but Father James Mitchell interrupts. Havok barges in and chokes Rosemary. Susie screams and the lights flicker.

Ethan Page w/Josh Alexander vs. Rich Swann w/Willie Mack

Swann lands a dropkick after a tackle/dropdown/ front flip spot. Swann does a corner 10 punch spot. After a distraction by Alexander, Page takes control. Page works over Swann. Page bodyslams Swann off the top rope. Page lands a swanton. Mack gets upset and attacks Page. Swann is disqualified.

Winner- Ethan Page

Backstage, Moose and Rhino fight.

Joey Ryan vs. Acey Romero

Johnny Swinger joins the announce desk. Ryan kicks Romero in the knee. Romero flattens Ryan with a running cross body block. Spine buster by Romero. Ryan kicks out. Romero falls on Ryan’s junk. Ryan tries to put his lollypop in Romero’s mouth. Romero avoids it and it ends up in the referee’s mouth. The referee goes down. Ryan puts Romero’s hand on his junk. Swinger gets in the ring and breaks it up. Swinger puts Romero’s hand on his fanny pack. Romero dumps Swinger out of the ring. Ryan makes Romero touch it again. Ryan dick flips Romero. Ryan lands Sweet Tooth Music for the win.

Winner- Joey Ryan

Ace Austin vs. Petey Williams

Austin gets the win after escaping the Canadian Destroyer and landing his finish.

Winner- Ace Austin

Backstage, Trey attacks Austin for talking about his mother.

In-Ring Segment: Sami Callihan

Callihan says he is going to expose the truth about Tessa Blanchard. Blanchard is a phony. Everyone want to make this about gender but Callihan is the only person to treat Blanchard as an equal. Callihan calls Blanchard a spoiled brat who was handed everything she has because of her parentage. Callihan did everything on his own. Blanchard interrupts. Madman Fulton attacks her from behind. Ken Shamrock runs down to the ring to make the save. Fulton and Shamrock fight as Callihan and Blanchard battle to the back. Callihan launches Blanchard into a trailer. Callihan tries to choke Blanchard out. Blanchard kicks Callihan away. Blanchard spears Callihan into a wall. Callihan slams Blanchard head-first into a tractor trailer. Callihan chokes Blanchard with some caution tape. Blanchard and Callihan fight into the street.


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