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Impact To AXS Negotiations Reportedly Still Ongoing

It had previously been reported that the long-rumoured Impact Wrestling to AXS deal was dead. According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, however, talks may still be ongoing but few details are available.

“The talks with AXS are not dead regarding television but we don’t know much more as there are NDA’s all over the place regarding the Anthem/AXS talks that started late last year,” wrote Dave Meltzer.

This is a step up from what had been reported last week regarding the negotiations.

“Talks with AXS have appeared to have fallen through which is a disaster since the company has had the expectation they would get on AXS for months,” Meltzer wrote last week. 

There had also been reports that Anthem Sports and Entertainment was looking at purchasing AXS. It had been reported that those negotiations were no longer taking place as well but it is not clear if that continues to be the case or not


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