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IMPACT Wrestling Against All Odds Results (06/12/21)

Welcome to Indy Pro Wrestling's live coverage of Impact Wrestling Against All Odds! The show begins at 8 pm ET from Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. You can watch the PPV on FITE, Impact Plus, and traditional PPV.

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Video package showing Kenny Omega’s big title victories over the last couple months, and hyping tonight’s title match against Moose.

Sami Callihan and Tommy Dreamer vs. The Good Brothers (Street Fight)

Both teams pair off as there’s no tagging needed in this Street Fight. Both teams spill out to the floor with Callihan immediately grabbing a chair and jamming it into Gallows’ midsection, then slamming it over Anderson’s back. Dreamer brings out a ring bell, but it’s over Anderson’s manhood and rings the bell. Callihan beating up Gallows, sits him in a chair, charges and Gallows trips up Callihan, sending him into the chair. Callihan and Dreamer head up the ramp to the back and bring out more weapons. The teams get back in the ring and battle with the weapons.

Gallows grabs a chain and wraps a chain around Callihan’s mouth. Doc goes for another weapon, but Callihan is able to wrap the chain around Gallows’ feet, trip him, and then smack his legs with a trash can. Anderson wedges a chair in the corner. Gallows ends up getting whipped into it, but explodes out of the corner to clothesline Dreamer. He’s then sent face-first into the chair. Anderson is tossing weapons out of the ring as Gallows beats up Sami on the floor. Gallows with a big splash in the corner, cover, two-count. Dreamer lands a cutter on Anderson, then a DDT to Gallows, cover, Anderson breaks it up. He then hits a spinebuster on Dreamer, cover, Callihan hits the referee to stop the count.

Good Brothers bring a table into the middle of the ring. Dreamer and Anderson up on the top turnbuckle, Anderson bites Dreamer to get him away. Magic killer through the table on Dreamer, cover, and Callihan breaks it up. Callihan sent into a chair in the corner. Callihan with a bat to both opponents. He smacks Anderson in the face with it, cover 1-2-3.

Winners: Sami Callihan and Tommy Dreamer

Satoshi Kojima with Eddie Edwards vs. Joe Doering with Violent By Design

The two tie-up with Kojima getting a side headlock. He looks for some shoulder tackles, but Doering goes nowhere. Kojima with a kick to the midsection, another shoulder try puts the big man down. Doering gets right back up and runs over Kojima. He then sends the NJPW star into the corner, followed by a clubbing blow to the back. He then chokes Kojima until the referee breaks that up with a five-count. Doering with a back elbow and then locks in a boston crab, but Kojima gets to the bottom rope.

Kojima getting really beat up now. He finally moves out of the way of a charging Doering and lands machine gun chops in the corner. Running forearm in the corner, down goes Doering. Kojima up top and lands an elbow drop, cover, two. Doering lands a spinebuster and both men are down. Kojima rolls out to the floor and Doering eventually follows. Kojima trips up Doering, Rhino attacks Kojima as the ref checks on Joe, but gets thrown into the ring post. Kojima back in the ring and hits a DDT, cover, two-count. Doering with a huge flying crossbody, pin, two. Doering looks for a powerbomb, Kojima fights out it and hits a lariat to the back of the head. He then nails a koji-cutter. Kojima tries for his finisher, no, Doering with a death valley driver, clothesline, cover, two! Doering looks for a spinning powerbomb, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Joe Doering

Somewhere backstage, Rosemary tells Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus that they will be bringing all the titles back to Decay!

Petey Williams vs. Trey Miguel vs. Ace Austin vs. Chris Bey vs. Rohit Raju (Number One Contender Match for the X Division Championship)

Action takes place both in and out of the ring as the bell rings. Bey and Raju try to team up on Williams, but that doesn’t last too long as Petey beats up each wrestler with a flurry of moves. Dropkick/senton combo by Williams, cover, one-count. Multiple wrestlers out on the floor, Miguel with a flip to the outside to take them down. Back in the ring, Miguel and Austin battle with Miguel hits a german suplex going into a leglock. Williams then locks in a sharpshooter on Bey. Miguel and Williams swing away at each other to try and break each other’s hold. Raju comes in and starts kicking everyone. Raju goes on a tear, attacking everyone in the match. He hits a twisting neckbreaker, release suplex, goes for a cover, two. Raju with an elbow drop on Miguel, cover, two. Raju with a back suplex on Miguel, cover, two.

Raju with a jumping knee, running knee to the head, but Bey runs in and boots Raju. Raju then focuses on Bey, but Bey hits a TKO, cover, two-count. Austin works over Bey and Raju, double leg drop, cover on Bey, two-count. Williams with a codebreaker on Austin, russian leg sweep, crucifix pin, two. Williams looking for a canadian destroyer, no, Austin gets Williams up to the top rope, and boots him in the head. Austin tries for a superplex, nope, Williams with a canadian destroyer off the second rope! Miguel breaks up the pin though.

Miguel with a flurry of strikes, heads to the top rope, but Madman Fulton shows up and shoves Miguel to the floor. Fulton gets into the ring and attacks the competitors. Miguel leaps at him, caught in midair and everyone tries to attacks Fulton. Fulton ends up dropping all four guys at once! Austin is dragged over Raju, but the referee says no contest!

Match ends in a no contest.

Post-match, an angered Fulton chases after the referee. He then gets back in the ring and brings Austin with him.

Rich Swann vs. W. Morrissey

Swann gets thrown right off the bat out to the floor. Swann lands a few kicks, gets shoved away, then lands one to the head. Swann with a couple punches to the face, kick to the face, he leaps, but Morrissey catches him and looks for a powerbomb. Swann is biting Morrissey’s head to get away. He throws a big dropkick to sends Morrissey out to the floor. Swann with a senton off the apron on his opponent.

Morrissey with a big boot that drops Swann. Morrissey with a shots to the back as Swann is really slowing down now. Swann is dragged to the edge of the apron and eats more clubbing blows to the back. Morrissey gets in the ring and waits for the referee to count to ten. Swann gets back in the ring though. Morrissey laughs as he lightly boots Swann’s head. Morrissey with a neck crank, and then just swung Swann around like a rag doll. Morrissey with a big splash in the corner. Morrissey tries for another splash, nobody home. He goes for a big boot, but Swann drops low and Morrissey is stuck over the top rope. Swann then sends him into the ring post. Swann went for a 450 splash off the apron, but didn’t quite get all of it on his opponent.

Morrissey climbs in the ring and catches a couple kicks. Swann up to the second rope another 450 splash, cover, two-count. Swann with a phoenix splash, but Morrissey grabs him and just stands up with Swann. F-5 hits, splash in the corner, chokeslam, no. Swann with a couple kicks. Springboard cutter and Morrissey just kicks Swann in the back. Morrissey hits a powerbomb, lifts Swann, and hits a release powerbomb. Morrissey looks to wake Swann up, and Swann gives him the middle finger. Morrissey with another big powerbomb, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: W. Morrissey

Backstage, Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee, and Susan are asked about the potential all of them walking out as champions. Lee says they finally got their chance tonight. Susan says it’s going to be Burnt and Bland after they defeat the tag champions. Deonna tells them tonight is their night to prove they should be with her.

Tenille Dashwood with Kaleb with a K vs. Jordynne Grace with Rachel Ellering

Dashwood with a kick to the midsection, tries for a shoulder tackle, no luck. Another kick into a side headlock, Dashwood with a running crossbody and is caught in midair. Dashwood gets out of it, charges in and eats a big boot. Grace with a big timber slam, cover, two. Grace tries for a full nelson and ends up just swinging Dashwood round and round before letting her crash to the mat. Dashwood launched into the corner. Kaleb pulls Dashwood out for a break. Grace tries for a dropkick, blocked, spun around and kicked in the face. Referee not paying attention, Kaleb and Dashwood yank Grace to the floor.

Back in the ring, Dashwood with kicks and punches on Grace, cover, two-count. Dashwood trying multiple times to pin Grace, but no luck. Grace thrown into the corner a few times, tarantula locked in on Grace. Dashwood with the low crossbody, but Grace catches her, stands up, and hits a fallaway slam. Back and forth shots in the middle of the ring, Grace with a powerslam, and another one. Grace with double knees to the back and then a running elbow drop. Grace nails a big vader bomb, cover, two. Dashwood recovers and gets up to the top rope, flying crossbody hit, cover, two-count. Grace sent to the apron, neckbreaker, cover, Grace grabs the bottom rope. Grace slingshots in and locks in a rear naked choke. Dashwood is checked on by the referee, but Kaleb gets on the apron. Rachel then yanks him off the apron. Grace yells at Rachel to not help her! She’s totally got this! Grace goes for the grace driver, Dashwood with the roll-up for the win.

Winner: Tenille Dashwood

Post-match, Grace argues with Ellering. Ellering says they are just trying to get in her head. Grace runs back in the ring, Dashwood bails, but Grace drives Kaleb to the mat. Grace is not happy at all.

Fire and Flava (c) vs. Kimber Lee and Susan (Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championship)

Hogan and Susan get things started with a test of strength. Steelz sneaks in and gets in a eye poke. Lee tries to do the same thing, but Susan collapses when Lee jumps on her back. Lee tags in and takes a few running back elbow. Hogan lands a low drop kick. Steelz with an elbow drop, cover, two. Lee selling a knee injury, ref checks on her, Susan runs in and rakes Tasha’s eye. Lee is back up and nails a roundhouse kick, cover, two. Lee with a lotus lock on Steelz until Steelz gets out of it. Susan tags in and throws some punches, cover, two-count. Steelz continues to get worked over with a double suplex, another pin, two.

Steelz with a hurricanrana on Lee. Both Hogan and Susan tag in with Hogan landing a bunch of kicks. Steelz tags back in, running punch in the corner. Hogan tags in and hits a running dropkick in the corner, boots to the face, cover, two. Steelz puts down Susan, hits a frog splash off the top rope, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Fire ‘N Flava

Violent By Design with Eric Young (c) vs. Decay (Impact World Tag Team Championship)

Deaner and Steve get things start as they both look for wrist control. Deaner out to the floor for a pep talk with Eric Young. Back in the ring, things don’t get much better as Black Taurus tags in, stomps away, and hits a senton. Deaner getting mad and goes out to the floor again, more talks from Young. Rhino tags in, Taurus goes off the ropes, but Rhino puts him down with a shoulder block. Taurus works over the arm of Rhino, brings in Steve off the top rope with a shot to the arm. Steve looks for more shots, but eats a back elbow.

Deaner tags in and stomps away at Steve. Taurus tags back in and runs over Deaner, pumphandle backbreaker, and does some taunting. Rhino hits a clothesline that puts Taurus down. Deans gets on him and swings away. Rhino and Deaner go in and out of the match as they keep control of Taurus. Deaner gets into the match, but Steve hits a neckbreaker, cover, two-count. Deaner works his way back into the match, looks to tag in Rhino, but Steve rolls him away and hits a flatline. Taurus tags in, hits a dropkick off the top rope. Pop-up samoan drop on Deaner! Steve tags in, senton off the top rope, Rhino breaks up the pin.

Taurus with a headbutt to Rhino. He looks to charge, ends up leaping on the turnbuckle and getting tossed (?) out to the floor. Steve works over Deaner in the corner with some uppercuts, senton cannonball in the corner. Steve tries to climb up the top turnbuckle, Rhino yanks him back so his head hits the top turnbuckle. Deaner DDT, cover, and that will end the match.

Winner: Violent By Design

Steve Maclin cuts a promo about torture, he says it takes time. Over the years, he’s had an abundance of time, isolation, and a constant unknown. He continues that time forces you to know who you are and he’s buried who he was for years. Now, it’s time for the fans to meet who he is.

Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Rosemary (Impact Knockouts Championship)

The action spills out to the floor where Rosemary suplexes Purrazzo on the ramp. Rosemary taunts the champion as Purrazzo tries to head to the back. Rosemary goes out to get her, but ends up getting thrown into the ring. Purrazzo then sends her into the ring post, ties her arm up in the ring post and kicks it. Back in the ring, Purrazzo continues to kick away at Rosemary’s banged up arm. She wraps it around the ropes and pulls on it.

Purrazzo works the arm and the fingers of her opponent. Rosemary tries for a finisher, but Purrazzo is able to reverse that and continue the offensive charge. Purrazzo charges in, eats a kick, Rosemary hits an exploder suplex on the champ. Rosemary with the muta lock, but she can’t really use her bad arm at first, eventually she gets in applied. Purrazzo is able to power out and looks for an armbar. Rosemary reverses that into a vice grip. Purazzo floats over and yanks back on both of Rosemary’s arms. Rosemary is able to rotate and get her foot on the ropes for a break. Purrazzo stomps away at Rosemary’s leg and ankle. Purrazzo gets on the challenger, then unlaces Rosemary’s knee brace and takes it off. Purrazzo thinks about using it, but drops it and pump kick Rosemary. She falls back and then rises back up, which scares Purrazzo. Rosemary with a spear, cover, two. Purrazzo hits a pump kick, piledriver on Rosemary, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

Kenny Omega (c) vs. Moose (Impact World Championship)

The main event is happening at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida. Commentary is Don Callis, Tony Schiavone, and Scott D’Amore. Brian Hebner is the ref for the match. Moose backs Omega up into the ropes, Omega shoves him away and then bails to the apron, calling for the ref to keep Moose back. Side headlock by Omega, Moose just stands him up. Omega tries for a shoulder tackle and has zero luck with that. Omega with an eye rake and a bunch of punches in the corner. Omega whipped into the corner, throws a back elbow into Moose’s face, but then gets punched in the face by the challenger. Moose launches Omega across the ring.

Omega looking for one winged angel — can’t even pick him up. Omega tries to use the ropes, but still can’t do it. Omega tries for a hurricanrana and is caught. Omega tries for a powerbomb, but Kenny counters with a flip and sends Moose out to the floor. Omega looks to fly, Moose leaps up to the apron, Omega with a boot and lands a senton dive down on Moose. Back in the ring, Omega tries some chops to no avail. He then hits a kick to the knee. Moose looks for a ripcord clothesline, Omega gets Moose up on his shoulders, tries for you can’t escape. Omega with a moonsault, nobody home, Moose hits a standing moonsault.

Omega whipped hard into the corner. Out on the floor, Omega tries to get Moose’s foot, but gets shoved back to the barricade. Moose then whips Omega into the barricade again. Moose charges in, leaps and ends up going over the barricade and takes out a row of chairs. Omega throws a trash can at Moose, then wraps his arm around the metal barricade. Referee somehow hasn’t counted to ten yet despite these two being out on the floor for quite a while. Omega and Moose finally get back in the ring as Omega beats up on Moose. Kenny looks for a triangle choke, but Moose lifts him up and powerbombs out of it. Moose with some low dropkicks in the corner as he sells his banged up right arm.

Omega hits a snap dragon suplex, Moose back up and takes a v-trigger. Omega lands another one on his opponent, cover, two-count. Back and forth shots, Omega with a kick, Moose lands a headbutt. Moose with a clothesline, lifts and drives Moose to the mat, cover, two. Omega lands a v-trigger to Moose’s shoulder, lands a few more from close range. He tries for the one winged angel, he gets Moose up, but Moose slips out the back. He hits a ripcord lariat that flips Omega over.

Referee checking on Moose, Dr. Sampson comes into the ring to check on things. Moose seems to be good and boots the doctor out of the ring. Omega blasts him with another v-trigger, goes to the top rope and Moose leaps up to land a big spanish fly, slow to cover, two-count. Moose goes for a spear and ends up hitting both Omega and the ref (Omega looked to have pulled the ref in). Young Bucks jump in the ring and lands superkicks to Moose. BTE Trigger to Moose. They help Omega up, then lift Moose up on Omega’s shoulders, one winged angel, cover. Young Bucks wake the referee up, 1-2-3.

Winner: Kenny Omega via Pinfall

Post-match, the lights go out and up. Sami Callihan is in the ring with his bat and takes down The Young Bucks. Don Callis gets on the mic and tells Sami that he’s the boss and he can’t hit his family. Callihan goes to leave, but grabs a chair to use on Omega. Callis then fires Callihan and says he’s an EVP, he can do whatever he wants! Scott D’Amore argues with Callis as the two go to the back. “Bulls***!” Callihan yells as the show comes to a close.


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