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IMPACT Wrestling Hard To Kill Results (01/13/2023)

IMPACT Wrestling Hard To Kill Results – January 13, 2023

Kickoff Show:

X Division Championship

Trey Miguel (c) defeated Black Taurus to retain

Taurus had Trey in a torture rack position and Trey sprayed him in the eyes with a paint can. Trey then hit Lightning Spiral for the win.

Main Show:

Full Metal Mayhem (IMPACT World Championship)

Josh Alexander (c) vs. Bully Ray

Bully makes his entrance, but ends up going backstage. Alexander then makes his entrance, and Bully runs back out and hits him from behind. Bully taunts the crowd and busts Alexander open before getting a table. Bully yells at the referee to ring the bell, then he Bully Bombs Alexander through it and gets a two count. Bully gets a cheese grater, but Alexander stiffs him with a punch and slams the grater into Bully’s face. Alexander gets a bunch of weapons in the ring while Bully bleeds near the apron, then he smashes a trash can lid over Bully’s head. Alexander rubs the grater over Bully’s head and gets a bag of tacks from under the ring, then Bully heads up the ramp. Alexander beats him with a chair and climbs the ladder on the stage, but Bully tips it over and sends Alexander flying back into the tacks in the ring.

Bully goes for a Bully Bomb but Alexander reverses and hits a German suplex, narrowly missing the tacks again. Alexander splashes Bully in the corner and lifts him up for a rolling senton before heading up to the top rope with Bully’s chain in hand. Josh wraps the chain around his knee and smashes Bully in the face for two, then John Skyler and Jason Hotch run out and attack Alexander. They help Bully hit a 3D, but he only gets two. Bully calls for some tables after Alexander is zip-tied to the ropes, but Tommy Dreamer heads to the ring and calls Bully a son of a bitch. Bully goes hit Dreamer with a trash can and stops, then they both smile and it seems as if a new alliance was formed. Dreamer goes towards Alexander but ultimately turns and smashes the trash can over Bully’s head, then he goes for a DDT but Bully tackles him into a table in the corner. Bully screams at Alexander to quit, Alexander refuses.

Bully smashes a trash can over Alexander’s head, but Alexander screams at him to keep it coming. Jade Alexander comes through the crowd and gets in the ring, screaming at Bully to stop. Bully tells her to beg him to stop, then he goes to swing the trash can but she low blows him and hits a Dudley Dog before she frees Josh from the zip ties. Jade gets a chair while Josh props Bully on a table, then he climbs a ladder and hits a splash… but Bully somehow kicks out at two! Josh can’t believe it, and he immediately puts Bully in an ankle lock and forces him to tap out.

Winner – Josh Alexander

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship

The Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. Heath and Rhino vs. The Major Players (Brian Myers and Matt Cardona) vs. Bullet Club (Ace Austin and Chris Bey)

Everyone brawls to start this elimination-style tag team match, and Bullet Club and the Machine Guns end up in the ring. Cardona and Myers run in and attack, then Rhino clotheslines them as the bell rings. Rhino works over Myers before tagging Heath in, and Myers goes on offense before Heath takes him down with a powerslam. Rhino gets the tag and suplexes Cardona for two, then the ref gets distracted with a dust-up near the ropes. Myers pokes Rhino in the eyes and Cardona rolls up Rhino for the first elimination.

Eliminated – Heath and Rhino

Bey goes after Cardona and gets caught with a belly-to-back suplex. Both teams go back and forth for a while, sending the Guns outside. Bey hits an assisted cutter and Ace rushes over to hit his finisher and gets the pin.

Eliminated – Major Players

Bey hits The Art Of Finesse again but Myers and Cardona run back out and tie up the ref in the corner. The Guns take care of them, then hit Bey with stereo superkicks and a Dirt Bomb for two.

Winners – The Motor City Machine Guns

Frankie Kazarian comes to the stage and congratulates the Machine Guns for their win, then he heads to the ring and gets a mic. Kaz talks about betting on himself and announces he has signed a new long-term contract with IMPACT Wrestling. The crowd chants welcome back, and Kaz declares that he is back home.

IMPACT Digital Media Championship

Joe Hendry (c) vs. Moose

Moose gets right after Hendry and they end up slapping each other before ending up on the floor. Hendry hits a long-delayed suplex after walking around the ringside area. Hendry gets back in the ring and Moose works him over, methodically attacking his limbs. Hendry powers up to his feet and ends up press-slamming Moose over the ropes and out to the floor. Moose gets back on offense and hits a Sky High for two, then they fight on the turnbuckles before Hendry knocks Moose down with a knee. Moose rushes right back up the turnbuckles and hits a superplex, then we get a few near falls before Moose goes for a spear. Hendry avoids it and hits a pop-up powerbomb for two, then Hendry readies himself in the corner and goes for a Standing Ovation. Moose counters with a uranage, then he hits a second for two. Moose goes outside and gets the Digital Media Championship but the ref stops him from using it. Moose kicks Hendry in the balls and hits a spear for the win.

New Director Of Authority Santino Marella comes to the stage and says he doesn’t like cheaters, so his first official act in his new role will be to re-start the match!

Hendry goes for a roll-up as the bell rings, then Hendry ends up catching Moose off-guard with the Standing Ovation for the win.

Winner – Joe Hendry

#1 Contender’s Match (Knockouts World Championship)

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Killer Kelly vs. Masha Slamovich vs. Taylor Wilde

Wilde dropkicks Kelly and Masha from the top rope, then she punches Masha in the corner. Wilde poses on the apron and Deonna ends up knocking her down. Kelly goes for Angel’s Wings on Deonna, but Deonna counters and applies a single-leg crab. Wilde grabs Kelly’s other leg and applies the same hold, then Wilde and Deonna elbow each other in the head before Kelly gets up and kicks them in the head. Masha stomps Kelly in the head and talks trash, then Masha and Kelly trade shots before a near fall attempt. Wilde comes back with a German suplex on Masha, Kelly stomps Wilde facefirst into the bottom turnbuckle. Wilde avoids a running attack and hangs Kelly up in the ropes, then Deonna grabs Wilde and slams her down for two. Deonna, unhappy with the near fall, goes for Queen’s Gambit but it gets reversed. Masha goes for a Snow Plow before Kelly gains control on Wilde, slamming her down before applying the Killer Clutch. Kelly breaks the hold as Deonna comes in, and Deonna puts her in the Fujiwara armbar. Wilde attacks before putting Masha in a cross face, but Masha powers up to her feet and hits the Snow Plow on Wilde onto Kelly before pinning Wilde.

Winner – Masha Slamovich

Falls Count Anywhere

Steve Maclin vs. Rich Swann

We get a few near falls early, as well as a cutter attempt and a backdrop. Swann hit a splash from the stage to the floor and followed with a senton. Maclin hit a Liger Bomb on the floor, then Maclin goes for an elbow off the apron but Swann countered and kicked him in the head. Maclin goes into the guardrail and Swann follows, but Maclin smashes a gate into Swann’s face and hit the K.I.A. on a ramp for the win.

Winner – Steve Maclin

Eddie Edwards vs. Jonathan Gresham

Gresham grounds Edwards with an armdrag and a legsweep, then they tie up and Gresham applies a hammerlock. Gresham takes it to the mat and bends Edwards’ fingers back, then Edwards turns things around and throws some chops and headbutt. Edwards pokes Gresham in the eye and yells at the crowd to shut up, then he stomps Gresham and they trade a few more chops. Edwards slaps Gresham hard enough where Gresham gets knocked loopy and falls, then we get a few more pinfall attempts before Gresham hits a moonsault for two. Edwards hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for two, then he hits the ropes but Gresham hits a springboard to halt him. Gresham hits a suicide dive on the floor and heads up top, then Edwards kicks him in the head to knock him down. Gresham ends up getting Edwards in a sleeperhold, but it backfires as Edwards falls down and Gresham smashes his jaw off the turnbuckle. Gresham walks into a sitout slam and a powerbomb for two, then he ducks Boston Knee Party and hits a hurricanrana for two. Gresham turns and runs into a lariat, then Edwards hits a Tiger Driver and Boston Knee Party for the win.

Winner – Eddie Edwards

Title vs. Career

Jordynne Grace vs. Mickie James

Jordynne applies a waistlock but Mickie counters into a wristlock. Mickie goes for a rollup but Jordynne just stands there and walks away. Jordynne talks trash as Mickie goes for a waistlock, but Jordynne just twists and throws Mickie on the mat. Jordynne and Mickie trade chops before Mickie connects with some kicks and a Thesz press. Grace regains control and smashes Mickie’s head into the turnbuckles and goes for a corner knee smash. Mickie floats over and they head up top, and Mickie ends up hitting a bulldog. Mickie tries to keep Jordynne down but she is unsuccessful, so she heads up to the ropes and tackles her onto the entrance ramp. Mickie goes for a DDT but Jordynne stands her ground, so Mickie applies a guillotine choke. Jordynne sends her into the corner and hits a superplex, but she doesn’t release the hold and follows with a Jackhammer for two.

Jordynne charges the corner but Mickie takes her down with an armdrag and a flapjack. Mickie heads up top and hits a seated senton for two, then she charges the corner but Jordynne counters with a spinebuster for another near fall. Jordynne hits a double underhook powerbomb for two, then she pulls Mickie to her feet and clubs her in the chest. Jordynne winds up and clotheslines Mickie in the back of the head, then she goes for a piledriver but Mickie counters with a headscissors that plants Jordynne on her head. Mickie kicks Jordynne in the chest a few times and connects with a Mick Kick, then Jordynne shakes it off and goes for a Muscle Buster. Mickie counters and we get a few pin attempt reversals from each woman, then Mickie goes for a DDT. Jordynne spins and stuns Mickie with a back fist, but Mickie comes back and hits a DDT, looking stunned that Jordynne kicked out once again.

Mickie goes for a rollup, but Jordynne hooks her in a rear choke. Mickie throws her legs back and gets a near fall, but Jordynne goes right back to a grapevine sleeperhold. Mickie reaches for the ropes and can’t make it, but she finds life after the ref raises her arm to check on her. Jordynne stops the momentum by slamming her into the turnbuckle pad, then backs up for a corner tackle. Mickie sidesteps her and sends her shoulder first into the ring post, then hits a tornado DDT for the win.

Winner and NEW IMPACT Knockouts Champion – Mickie James


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