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IMPACT Wrestling Proves Why They Have The Most Loyal Fans In All Of Pro Wrestling

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

This past Saturday IMPACT Wrestling put on its Rebellion pay-per-view, in front of a sold-out crowd in Poughkeepsie, New York. It started with, walking into the arena, there were fans from all over the world. Fans waiting in line to buy merchandise, waiting for a meet and greet photo op with fan favorites The Good Brothers or with the (then IMPACT World Champion) Moose. You could feel the excitement and anticipation for a great night of wrestling.

From Left To Right; Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson, Moose (Photo by Irene Astorga)

Having the meet and greet in the same area where fans were waiting to enter the area or purchase merch, is what separates IMPACT Wrestling from the rest. They have a more intimate relationship with fans and the wrestlers. It truly feels like you’re a part of their family. Everyone is approachable and eager to make the fan experience one to remember. No wonder IMPACT Wrestling's fans are extremely loyal.

From Left To Right; Kenny King, Crazzy Steve (Photo by Irene Astorga)

Walking into the historic MJN Convention Center you’re greeted by a wonderfully lit ring and stage. IMPACT spared no expense in making sure everything was top-notch. The show kicked off with a bonus match of Kenny King vs fan-favorite Crazzy Steve of The Decay. This was an unadvertised match that the crowd absolutely loved. Following the bonus match, the show kicked off with the pre-show which aired live on FITE.TV. We see Eddie Edward of Honor No More defeat Chris Bey of The Bullet Club. This match hyped the crowd and helped set the excitement for the night.

From Left To Right; Madison Rayne, Tenille Dashwood, Cassie Lee, Jessie McKay (Photo by Irene Astorga)

The next pre-show match was for the IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championship, which saw The Influence (Madison Rayne & Tenille Dashwood) retain their titles against The IInspiration (Cassie Lee & Jessie McKay). This match solidifies that IMPACT Wrestling has always had a better Knockouts (women’s) division, than the rest. Since the company's inception, the Knockouts women division has always been a focal point of their shows. If you’re a female wrestler and want to cement your legacy into the world of pro wrestling, IMPACT Wrestling needs to be your destination.

The Fan Experience Truly Like No Other

While Indy Pro Wrestling was present for the Rebellion Pay-Per-View I was able to get a word from a loyal IMPACT Wrestling fan. He had the following to say about his own personal experience with IMPACT Wrestling.

Photo by Miguel Contreras (Middle)

"From my own experience Impact goes above and beyond to make you feel like family and not just a customer like other companies make you feel. Impact employees go out of their way to know me by my first name and the same with most of the other loyal attendees as well. Their wrestlers are more interactive with you online and in person at the shows. In return, the environment they created has created this loyal fan base that rallies together in support of Impact Wrestling & it showed with a sold-out Rebellion PPV! Super excited for the 20-year anniversary Slammiversary and excited for 20 more years!" - Miguel Contreras

IMPACT Wrestling's Forbidden Door Relationship With New Japan & AAA

Jay White (Photo by Irene Astorga)

Some of the highlights from the show that really stood out were IMPACT Wrestling’s partnership with New Japan Pro Wrestling & with Mexican promotion AAA. Talk about the real forbidden door. You could feel the star power with the presence of the Bullet Club. It really felt like the nWo era when wrestling was at its peak in popularity in the mid to late 1990s. The crowd was hyped cheering “Too Sweet” to Jay White, The Good Brother (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson), & Chris Bey. It was something that you just have to experience in person.

From Left To Right; Tomohiro Ishii, Jonah (Photo by Irene Astorga)

Tomohiro Ishii representing New Japan defeating Jonah in a battle of the big men. This match was a throwback to when larger-than-life wrestlers would collide with each other in an ultimate strength test. Taya Valkyrie returning to IMPACT Wrestling and defeating Deonna Purrazzo to become the new AAA Reina De Reinas Champion.

IMPACT Has A Focus On Building Younger Talent

From Left To Right; Mike Bailey, Ace Austin, Trey Miguel (Photo by Irene Astorga)

If you haven’t watched IMPACT in a while then you might be asking yourself who exactly are these new faces? The X-Division Championship match is a prime example of IMPACT pushing their younger talent. Ace Austin went on to win the prestigious X-Division Championship from former Champion Trey Miguel. This match was a triple threat match that saw the newest member of the IMPACT roster “Speedball” Mike Bailey going up against the other two men. Although Mike Bailey did not win he was the stand out of the match. The intense fast-paced way he moves around the ring almost makes you not want to blink otherwise you may miss out on something incredible.

Steve Maclin (Photo by Irene Astorga)

Another standout young star is Steve Maclin. He has future IMPACT World Champion written all over him. From the second he walked through those curtains you were greeted by Maclin dawning a Punisher-Esq face paint design. It complements his character work. Something that is missing in today's wrestling atmosphere with so few are willing to take a chance and stand out and be different.

IMPACT Wrestling's Diverse Talent

From Left To Right; Rosemary, Jessicka Havok (Photo by Irene Astorga)

IMPACT has a little bit of everything to please both the casual fan and the die-hards. It has a stacked Tag Team Division inducing former Ring of Honor Champions Mark & Jay The Briscoe Brothers. The top women’s division in all of wrestling. Veteran talent that can help elevate the younger stars.

W. Morrissey (Photo by Irene Astorga)

IMPACT Wrestling also is the perfect environment for a wrestler to reinvent themselves. W. Morrissey is someone who had completely turned around and did a 180. He’s arguably in the best shape of life. He has shown the world that he can be the top guy in wrestling.

From Left To Right; Moose, Josh Alexander (Photo by Irene Astorga)

Their main event scene is something that can go toe to toe with any of the other major pro wrestling companies in the world. Rebellion crowned a new IMPACT World Champion when Josh Alexander defeated Moose doing so becoming the new face of IMPACT. Josh Alexander can be best described as the best technical wrestler in the world today. He’s the modern-day Kurt Angle and that is not a compliment that I throw out to just anyone.

In conclusion, if you’re not watching IMPACT Wrestling you really are doing a disservice to yourself. IMPACT is easily the most consistent and genuinely entertaining wrestling show out there. The only way to experience everything and more that I said is to attend a live show. You will be in the presence of the most loyal fan base in all of pro wrestling. Times are different and IMPACT is so much better than before. It's time to give them a second chance you won't regret it.

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