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IMPACT Wrestling Results – October 25, 2018

Photo Credit IMPACT Wrestling

Trevor Lee vs. Sami Callihan w/ oVe (Jake & Dave Crist)

Callihan attacks Lee before the bell rings to jumpstart the match!

Callihan hits a Death Valley Driver for a near fall in the early going.

Jake attempts to hand Callihan his signature baseball bat but Lee rolls up Callihan for a near fall before he can grab it!

Jake gets up on the apron but Lee knocks him to the floor. Lee follows up with a Moonsault to the outside!

Callihan distracts the referee, allowing Jake to push Lee off the top rope! Callihan connects with the Cactus Special Piledriver on Lee to pick up the win.

After the match, X-Division Champion Brian Cage charges the ring to attack Callihan and oVe! Callihan swings at Cage with his baseball bat but Cage pries it out of his hands! Cage hits the F-5 but when he goes for the follow-up Drill Claw, Jake and Dave Crist pull him to safety!

Backstage, King wants revenge on Konnan and LAX but Homicide reminds him that the bosses have declared that the war is over. King has a revelation – maybe there is a way he can get to Konnan’s boys.

Gama Singh attempts to pump up Rohit Raju for their match later tonight.

Eli Drake, who recently announced he’s taking legal action against IMPACT Wrestling for being an unsafe work environment, forces Don Callis out of commentary and joins Josh Mathews at the desk.

Tag Team Champions LAX (Santana & Ortiz) w/ Konnan vs. Heavenly Bodies (Desirable Dustin & Gigolo Justin)

LAX is in firm control of the match early on.

It looks as though LAX is signalling the end when the Heavenly Bodies turn it around!

The brawl spills to the outside.

Santana hits a big dropkick through the ropes to the outside!

LAX hit a double-team Moonsault and leg drop for a near fall.

The Heavenly Bodies connect with a powerslam into a top rope splash for a near fall of their own!

LAX hit the Street Sweeper to win the match!

Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard confronts Taya Valkyrie in her locker room. Last week, Taya said she didn’t respect Tessa after she cheated to retain the Knockouts Championship at Bound for Glory. Tessa says she doesn’t care what Taya says about her and puts up the Knockouts title next week so she can prove herself!

IMPACT Wrestling TV Tapings come Las Vegas November 11th-13th!

Matt Sydal and Ethan Page run into LAX in the backstage area but LAX wants nothing to do with them.

McKenzie Mitchell catches up with Moose and Killer Kross ahead of their tag team match against KM and Fallah Bahh tonight.

Rich Swann and Willie Mack have a toast to all of their recent accomplishments. Mack challenges Swann to a friendly matchup next week.

It’s time for Rohit Raju’s greatest test – a match against Gama Singh, himself!

Gama Singh vs. Rohit Raju

Rohit is in firm control of the match when a mystery man attacks him from behind, causing the disqualification. Gama applauds the man and instructs him to help Rohit back to his feet. Gama, Rohit and the mystery man stand tall in the middle of the ring as the crowd looks on in disbelief.

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews World Champion Johnny Impact before he defends the title against Fenix later tonight!

Moose & Killer Kross vs. KM & Fallah Bahh

KM is looking for revenge after Moose and Kross tried to end his career!

KM and Fallah take turns steamrolling over Kross.

KM flies over the top with a huge dive, taking out both Moose and Kross! Fallah follows up with a clothesline off the ring apron to the floor!

Moose is in control of Fallah but he turns it around with a belly-to-belly suplex! Just when Fallah is about to tag KM, Kross knocks him off the apron.

Eddie Edwards makes his return since being brutally attacked by Moose and Kross at Bound for Glory! Eddie takes out Moose with a kendo stick and fights him to the back!

Meanwhile, Kross chokes out KM with the Kross Jacket to win the match.

The brawl between Eddie Edwards and Moose continues up onto the roof of the venue! Moose retreats and locks Eddie on the roof!

Jordynne Grace is coming soon to the Knockouts Division!

Alisha finds Eddie Edwards trapped on the roof talking to himself!

Kiera Hogan w/ Allie vs. Su Yung

Kiera hits a big Hurricanrana in the early going!

Kiera gets hung up on the ropes by Su, allowing her to gain control.

Su connects with a modified neckbreaker off the ropes for a near fall.

Su is about to hit the Panic Switch on the ramp but Allie makes the save! Allie and Su stare each other down on the ramp but Allie backs down!

Allie retreats to the back, allowing Su to take control with a Pedigree.

Su hits the Panic Switch on Kiera to pick up the victory.

World Champion Johnny Impact vs. Fenix – World Championship Match

Fenix gets a running start on the ramp and connects with a springboard crossbody.

Impact hits a springboard kick of his own, the Impact kick!

Fenix connects with a top rope Hurricanrana!

Impact hits a Spanish Fly for a very close near fall.

Impact attempts Countdown to Impact but Fenix avoids it! Impact connects with the swinging neckbreaker instead for a near fall!

Impact connects with Starship Pain off the top to retain the World Championship!

After the match, the OGz attack Fenix! They’re about to do some serious damage when Pentagon Jr. makes the save, causing the OGz to retreat!

Backstage, Killer Kross has laid out Johnny Impact! Is he coming for the World Title?

Next week on a loaded episode of IMPACT Wrestling at 10 p.m. ET, Rich Swann battles Willie Mack, Tessa Blanchard defends the Knockouts Championship against Taya Valkyrie, LAX defend the Tag Team Championships against Matt Sydal and Ethan Page and so much more! Don’t miss it!


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