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IMPACT Wrestling's HOMECOMING Must Be Make It Or Break It

Photo Credit IMPACT Wrestling

Here at Indy Pro Wrestling we tend to be very pro IMPACT Wrestling and always try to report on the positives on IMPACT Wrestling but a couple of different things have been brewing in the background that may cause concern for long time fans and supporters.

The official announcement of All Elite Wrestling already has many people asking questions about the future of IMPACT. The involvement of the Khan family who own the Jacksonville Jaguars and the potential superstars that have been rumored to join AEW are such wrestlers as Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, Bill Goldberg, & other several WWE superstars who's contracts are coming up later this year. Although AEW still doesn't have the full roster set up but the rumors of them being in talks with several big TV networks have people asking why couldn't IMPACT go to a bigger network? Again nothing has been made official with AEW and these are just rumors going around but we need to ask ourselves what if? What if AEW does land on a big established Network what does that do to IMPACT?

Companies like Ring of Honor, MLW & WWE are signing wrestlers to contracts. While more options for wrestlers is always a good thing, IMPACT needs to sign indy talents to some long term deals. The recent announcement of IMPACT losing DJ Z and Trevor Lee will always be seen as a bad move by the internet wrestling community but we at Indy Pro Wrestling see it more of an opportunity to sign up new talent. If IMPACT Wrestling wants to remain one of the top wrestling companies in the world they need to show the world that talent do want to sign with them and see them as a great platform to showcase their work.

Now for some Homecoming talk, this show must have the wrestling world talking. IMPACT Wrestling returns to The Asylum at the Tennessee Fairgrounds in Nashville. A place where many great matches took place and a place where many of wrestling's greats got their start. AJ Styles, Abyss, Christopher Daniels, Low Ki, CM Punk and many more were apart of Asylum days. With so much history taking place their IMPACT Wrestling has to put on a great show and the following TV tapings have to continue with that trend. Last year's Slammiversary was the PPV of the year without question but many people including myself felt that the following TV tapings felt kind of flat and not on point like the pay-per-view was. This is a very interesting period because tonight NJPW's Wrestle Kingdom 13 will take place. Wrestle Kingdom is NJPW's version of WrestleMania. The current Wrestle Kingdom line up is expected to have several 5 Star matches on the card just based on the match types and wrestling that comes out of NJPW. With that said and done IMPACT Wrestling will need to have something big happen out of Homecoming. Even if it can't compete with Wrestle Kingdom they need to strive to have the best wrestling product in North America. With the whole world watching Impact truly has to make it or break it with Homecoming in order for the wrestling community to not give up on them.


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