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IMPACT Wrestling Turning Point Live Results (11/03/2023)

Countdown: Rhino & Grado def. Mike D & Ryan Richards when Rhino hit the Gore for the pinfall win.

Countdown: Leon Slater def. Mark Haskins via pinfall following a 450 splash.

Josh Alexander & Eric Young vs. Subculture

Alexander and Webster start the bout with a lockup before quickening the pace by running around each other. EY comes in briefly to work Andrews before Josh returns with chops. Andrews turns things around and Subculture double teams Josh with standing moonsaults. EY gets the tag and he grounds Webster with a headlock. Josh works the arm of Webster before EY takes back over with clubbing blows in the corner.

Andrews gets the hot tag and manages to take care of both Josh and EY at the same time, landing a Canadian Destroyer for a nearfall. Webster with an assisted Falcon Arrow, cover. Josh hits Andrews with a rolling senton, allowing EY to land the top rope elbow. Josh flattens Andrews right after and goes for the cover. Webster saves Andrews and all four men duke it out in the center. Josh and EY apply simultaneous Sharpshooters but Subculture reaches the bottom rope.

Andrews manages Stun Dog Millionaire on EY and then Josh, tag to Webster. Shadows Over Malice connects on EY, but he kicks out. EY rolls up Webster and then lands the piledriver, Andrews breaks it. EY dumps Andrews and tags Josh. Webster counters and whips EY into Josh’s crotch. Andrews backlsides Josh but then Josh plants him with the C4 Spike for the win.

Winners: Josh Alexander & Eric Young

We see footage of Scott D’Amore offering Leon Slater a TNA contract. Slater cuts a promo backstage reacting to the news.

Gisele Shaw vs. Alex Windsor

They start off evenly matched with arm drags and dropkicks. They get back up and stare each other down as the crowd is split. Shaw dictates the pace with a kick to the back in the corner followed by a draping DDT for a cover. Shaw slides under Windsor and then hits a super kick. Windsor explodes off the ropes with a big clothesline and they both go down. Another round of back and forth ends with Shaw leaping off the ropes with a cutter for a two count.

Windsor grabs Shaw off the ropes with a spin out Blue Thunder Bomb, two count. Windsor hooks the leg but Shaw gets out and hits a twisting neckbreaker. Shaw goes for the running knee strike but Windsor ducks. Shaw kicks again and then hits the running knee to pin her for the three.

Winner: Gisele Shaw

Simon Miller cuts a promo backstage ahead of facing Joe Hendry.

Trey Miguel vs. Rich Swann

Trey takes Swann down with a headlock but Swann pivots to one of his own in the midst of their back and forth. They trade arm drags next and then come to a stand still with fists at the ready. They roll to the outside where Trey chops and then drives Swann spine first into the apron. Trey tries to get Swann counted out and then beats him up again on the outside to keep him down. Swann crawls back to the ring to beat the count again. Trey lands a single leg dropkick. 

Swann finally kicks Trey and goes for a cover. Trey yells in Swann’s face, prompting a chop to the chest. They trade several chops and then slaps before Swann pulls out a couple kicks, followed by a poisonrana from Trey. They superkick each other and both go down as TNA chants ring out. Trey delivers kicks across the chest and then hits a Lightning Spiral for a nearfall. Swann manages a cutter and then connects with the 450 splash from the top. The ref counts three as Trey doesn’t get his shoulder up in time.

Winner: Rich Swann

Dani Luna addresses being compared to Jordynne Grace.

Dani Luna vs. Jordynne Grace

They start with a handshake before they back each other into the ropes and roll out of the ring while still tied up. They barely beat the 10 count back in and are forced to split. They lock up again and they try shoulder-blocking each other. Grace hops over Luna and does a shoulder tackle, cover. Luna drops Grace over her shoulder and hits a low clothesline, cover. Both attempt suplexes but Luna rolls her up instead. Luna hoists Grace up for a suplex, cover.

Luna tries to whip Grace, but she clocks her with a backfist. Luna boots and they both try to clothesline each other, but it takes double headbutts for both to go down. Luna tosses Grace with a huge German and hits a clothesline for a nearfall. Grace picks up Luna for a running back body drop, cover. Grace hits a spinning back fist and then plants Luna with a Grace Driver for the win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

Simon Miller cuts a promo in the ring ahead of his next match.

Simon Miller vs. Joe Hendry

Simon Miller cuts an in-ring promo before Hendry makes his entrance. Hendry quickly drops Miller despite the bell not being rang. Miller gets to his feet and runs around the ring. He tries for an elbow drop but Hendry avoids it. The ref officially rings the bell as Hendry spins Miller with a slam. Hendry lands a stalling suplex, cover. Miller avoids an elbow drop and attempts to fake an injury in order to sucker Hendry in. Miller applies a headlock but Hendry uppercuts free.

Miller flattens Hendry with a clothesline and then applies a body scissors on the mat. Hendry hoists Miller up for a big suplex. Hendry lands a cutter and delivers kicks across the chest. Miller gloats after taking Hendry down but Hendry pops back up and plants him with Standing Ovation to finish it.

Winner: Joe Hendry

We see footage from Gut Check 2023.

Moose & Brian Myers vs. Chris Sabin & Frankie Kazarian

Kazarian and Myers start the bout as Myers faces lots of chants from the Newcastle fans. They lock back up before Kaz hits a pair of arm drags into a hold. Sabin enters the match but is tasked with both Moose and Myers trying to double team him. Sabin hangs Myers upside down before Moose sends Sabin out. Kazarian sees the referee out and decides to fight Moose. Sabin and Kaz then pull Moose crotch-first into the apron to set up Myers falling on Moose’s face.

Myers takes Sabin down with a headlock before Moose comes in to prevent a tag. Kaz is knocked off the apron. Moose holds Sabin in the ropes. Kazarian finally gets the hot tag and slingshots Myers back inside with a cutter, cover. He hits a DDT and covers again for a two. Moose goes for a Urinagi on Sabin but Sabin rolls him up. Sabin pulls out a Code Red by Myers breaks the cover. Moose whacks Kazarian with a headbutt but then eats a cutter. 

Sabin tags Kaz officially and Kaz hits Moose with a backstabber. Kaz leaps out and goes for a hurricanrana but Moose throws him into the ring post. Myers spears Kazarian and rolls him back in. Myers goes for Roster Cut but Kaz attempts the chicken wing. Moose spears Kazarian and pins for the win.

Winners: Moose & Brian Myers

Knockouts World Championship: Trinity (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Gail Kim is serving as the special guest referee. If Purrazzo loses, she can’t challenge Trinity again.

Lock up to star and they back into the corner before splitting. Trinity targets the left arm and then Purrazzo reverses it. Trinity goes for a jackknife but Deonna quickly gets out. Deonna goes for clotheslines but Trinity ducks. They trade arm drags and hit double dropkicks as the crowd comes alive. Trinity tries for Starstruck but Purrazzo rolls out of the ring to regroup. They lock up again and Deonna takes the champ to the corner with a cheap shot to the throat.

Trinity shakes on Deonna and then slides in with an aggressive shove. Jumping splits connects, cover. Trinity locks up the left arm until Purrazzo breaks free and dropkicks her out of the ring. Deonna snaps the left arm, cover. Deonna twists Trinity to the mat and then locks up the left arm again for a bit. Deonna drives her knees and elbows into Trinity’s back before applying more pressure. Trinity leaps into the corner face first but then side steps Deonna into the post.

Deonna regroups outside but returns to a single leg dropkick to the face. Trinity hits a spinning bulldog followed by clotheslines. Rear View connects, two count. Trinity leaps off the top, rolls through, and eats a pump kick. Trinity pulls out a Samoan Drop, kickout. Deonna applies the fujiwara armbar but Trinity manages to grab the bottom rope. They trade forearm shots until Trinity drops her on her back, cover. Purrazzo hits Queen’s Gambit for a nearfall and Deonna argues with Gail.

Trinity clocks Deonna with a kick and then face plants her into Starstruck. Deonna rolls Trinity up out of it. Trinity hits the sit out buster and applies Starstruck again for the tapout.

Winner: Trinity (c)

Deonna attacks Trinity right after and then argues with Gail. Deonna shoves Gail twice prompting Gail to shove back. Gail slaps Deonna and then hits Eat Defeat to a big pop. Gail raises Trinity’s hand at the end.

Will Ospreay vs. Eddie Edwards

Lock up to start as they feel each other out. Eddie is whipped across the ring and then chopped in the corners. Ospreay asks Eddie to chop him harder and harder. Ospreay delivers a big forearm in return. Overhead belly to belly from Eddie sends Ospreay to the mat. Eddie delivers a knee to the midsection and then a suplex to ground Will again. He pivots to a headlock once pinfall attempts don’t work. Ospreay regains his footing and lands a flying forearm shot off the ropes.

Ospreay with a big chop and running boot sends Eddie rolling out. Ospreay launches out with a crossbody. Eddie manages to drive Ospreay into the apron to switch gears. Back inside, Eddie hits an enziguri as the crowd chants in favor of Will. Backpack stunner connects, cover. Eddie delivers more chest chops in the middle. Ospreay catches one chop and throws a forearm. Ospreay kicks off of Eddie but Eddie chops his back. Ospreay pulls out Stundog Millionaire and both go down.

Ospreay fires up and hits a running boot in the corner. He traps Eddie for a face kick. Ospreay gets shoved off the top but then he shoves Eddie back down. Ospreay tries for a flip but the connets with a Spanish Fly. Ospreay pulls out Oscutter for a two. Ospreay lands on his feet off a German and hits a hooking superkick. Eddie catches him with Blue Thunder Bomb but Will evades Boston Knee Party and Hidden Blade connects. Eddie no sells and hits Boston Knee Party for a TNA chant.

They headbutt each other while face to face on the mat. Forearm shots continue. They continue trading chops and kicks until Eddie flattens him with a clothesline followed by Tiger Driver, nearfall. Eddie charges but gets flattened with Hidden Blade. Ospreay plants Eddie with Styles Clash for a nearfall. Another Hidden Blade to the back of the head. Storm Breaker connects for the win.

Winner: Will Ospreay

Ospreay cuts a brief promo in the ring to tease his 2024 status. He thanks the fans for their role in allowing for IMPACT to be an alternative. He says he was inspired by TNA and people like AJ Styles. Regardless of what happens with him come February, TNA is coming back. 


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