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John Cena Expected Back At Wrestlemania 36

Photo Credit: WWE

According to sources of, John Cena will be at Wrestlemania 36 this year live from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL, which is close to the hometown of John Cena. While current plans for Cena are unknown at this time, there have been rumors swirling of him somehow winning becoming the 17-time world champion, despite recent reports of him saying he has no desire to achieve this milestone.


Cena last competed in WWE back on January 14, 2019, when he was a part of 4-way number contenders match against Finn Balor, Baron Corbin, and Drew McIntyre. Cena also made a surprise appearance at Wrestlemania 35 when he returned as the Doctor of Thuganomics in a segment with Elias. 

Cena has had a tremendous career with WWE, as many would argue that he was the last bigger stars WWE has produced after The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, with the difference being that Cena was on top for over a decade with the company. Cena's schedule with WWE has been much lighter as many film projects have found their way to Cena. Cena is currently the voice of "Yoshi" in the movie "Dolittle" starring Robert Downey Jr., which is currently in theaters nationwide. 

Cena has also had some big opportunities come his way as he will be a part one of Hollywoods biggest franchises, Fast And Furious as he will be a part of the ninth installment of the franchise opening in theatres later this year, along with Project X-Traction, The Suicide Squad, The Janson Directive, and Duke Nukem which you can see in theaters soon.


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