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Jordynne Grace Retains IMPACT Wrestling KnockOuts Championship At Bound For Glory

Knockouts World Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Masha Slamovich

They waste no time in slugging it out. Outside the ring, Jordynne stomps on Masha. She rolls her back in for a quick cover. On the apron, Masha hoists Grace up for a reverse piledriver that sucks the air out of the crowd. Masha pins for two. Masha targets the head and neck, alternating holds and strikes. Grace does a double stomp and stands on Masha to pin her. Masha boots Grace in the corner, rolls her over for a kick to the spine. They slap each other while Masha is on top. Jordynne clubs her way out of a hold and hits a spinebuster. They trade more brutal chops in the center and hit spinning back fists to knock each other down. Grace hits back to back power slams before landing a driver for a nearfall. Masha hits Canadian Destroyer for a nearfall.

Jordynne follows Masha up top and pulls off a stalling suplex. Jordynne rolls through for a jackhammer and two count. Grace puts Masha up top and chops her. Grace goes for Muscle Buster. Masha breaks free, kicks her, and applies a sleeper. Masha rolls her over into a face lock. Masha lands a German/bridging pin. Spin back fist from Grace. She drops Masha with a back body drop, nearfall. “This is awesome” chant. Grace Driver connects after some back and forth, but Masha kicks out. Air raid crash in the corner by Masha. Snow Plow connects but Grace’s foot is under the bottom rope. Grace hits Grace Driver from the top rope and pins Masha to end the streak.

Winner: Jordynne Grace (c)


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