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Josh Alexander Crowned New IMPACT World Champion At Rebellion

Josh Alexander vs. Moose (c)

The two jaw jack and Josh fireman carries Moose to the mat. He keeps Moose grounded with knees to the back until both get up in some standing switches. Alexander sweeps the leg and gets the ankle lock, but Moose scrambles out of the ring to boos. Moose sends Josh sternum first into the turnbuckle. Chops in the corner to Josh and a slap is given to Moose. He does it again in the adjacent corner before hitting a flurry of chops. Moose nails a dropkick.

On the outside, Alexander sends Moose into the ring post, but Moose ragdolls Alexander several times into the barricade. Moose gets back in the ring and Alexander barely answers the count. Dueling chants. Alexander is getting fired up and stomps away at Moose. Commentary questions Josh’s demeanor and temper getting the best of him. The fight is back on the outside. The fiery temper continues for Josh but he hits several German suplexes on Moose. As a matter of fact, he nails TEN. He goes for the C4 Spike but Moose nails a Sky High. Kick out at two. Moose goes for his spear and Alexander hits German suplex 11. Moose leaps off the turnbuckle for a crossbody, but Josh sidesteps and locks in an ankle lock. Moose struggles to the ropes and he gets there.

The two soon find themselves trading chest slaps. Josh gives Moose a hard forearm, but Moose drops Alexander with one of his own. Moose is just in control as he nails a uranage. alexander kicks out at one and begins trading strikes. Josh hits a nasty lariat and then the C4 Spike. Alexander covers: 1-2-Moose gets his foot on the ropes.

Moose nails a superplex. It doesn’t do the trick. Alexander cracks Moose with a Styles Clash after a spear attempt. Alexander gets an ankle lock. Moose makes it to the corner and rips off a turnbuckle. The ref goes to put it back and Moose kicks Josh in the nuts. Moose sends Alexander into the exposed turnbuckle. Moose spears him. 1-2-kick out! No one has ever kicked out of Moose’s spear Tom Hannifan notes. Dueling chants. Moose is favoring his ankle. Moose buckle bombs Josh in the exposed corner. He goes for a spear, but Alexandr takes out his leg. C4 Spike. 1-2-3.

WINNER and NEW IMPACT World Champion: Josh Alexander


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