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Josh Alexander Crowned New X-Division Champion At Rebellion

The bell sounds nd the three circle one another. Ace kicks at TJP and Josh, but all of them trade shots and then submissions. Ace gets dumped to the floor. Headscissors by TJP sends Josh out too. Ace kicks Alexander and in the corner TJP boot washes the champ. Not long until Ace dives on top of both men to the outside with a corkscrew plancha.

In the ring, Ace is about to use a playing card for paper cuts, but Brian Hebner stops him and soon Alexander catches Austin in series of German suplexes. That gets Josh a near fall.

Josh soon gets downed and Ace catches TJP up top. Alexander catches both of them and suplexes both foes off the top at once.

Ace gets downed on the outside, Madmen sends him back in the ring and it’s not to his benefit as TJP eventually downs him in the corner for a Mamba Splash. Josh pulls him off for an ankle lock. TJP rolls Josh into his own version of that and Ace gets cinched into won for a human ankle lock with al three. This turns into a series of submission attempts involving the trio until Ace flips over both of them for a duel neckbreaker.

TJP soon gets back on offense with some boot washes and a corner knee to both men. Madman gets a shot in on TJP and Ace takes advantage. Alexander hits his Divine Intervention piledriver on TJP for a near fall but Ace makes the save. Fireman’s carry from Josh to Ace up top. Josh gets him in an ankle lock and TJP crashes down on Josh with a Mamba splash. Madman pulls TJP off. Alexander hits his Divine Intervention on Ace and gets the 1-2-3.

WINNER and NEW X-Division Champion: Josh Alexander

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