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Josh Alexander Previews Showdown With Christian Cage, Looks Back On X-Division Title Reign

Josh Alexander will be bound for glory if he can defeat IMPACT World Champion Christian Cage on October 23 at IMPACT Wrestling‘s biggest event of the year.

Alexander, who was the reigning X-Division Champion at the time, confronted IMPACT World Champion at the Victory Road event to set up this clash between fan-favorites. In an interview with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT, Alexander shared his thoughts on his looming title bout with Cage by explaining how this showdown is particularly meaningful for him. He then expressed his excitement about his ongoing evolution in IMPACT.

“Just with the history for IMPACT Wrestling and Christian Cage. I’m going to draw a lot of similarities between the two of us, especially heading into this match, so yeah, it does make it more special when you look into the details of his first world title victory and me challenging for my first world title.

“It came as a surprise that Christian won the belt. You never know what’s going to happen, but the second he won, just as a fan I was surprised, but then I started thinking about Christian Cage coming to the IMPACT Zone. Now we’ve evolved to the point where I’m the guy challenging Christian so it all just keeps getting more and more exciting.”

In the process of challening Cage, Alexander had to relinquish his X-Division Championship. Looking back on his reign with the title, Alexander made it clear that he’s proud of his reign, and he remains confident that he met his goal to become one of the greatest X-Division Champions of all time.

“The word bittersweet sums it up perfectly. The X-Division, the run I had specifically; your mentioned the Iron Man man, matches with Jake Something, ELP, Chris Sabin – I got to do all these different things with all these different people from different companies even.

“It was all to showcase the X-Division because that’s what I was a fan of. I kept saying I wanted to go down as one of the greatest X-Division champions of all-time. I think I’ve been able to do that in just six months.”

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