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Ken Shamrock Explains Why He Reached Out To The Rock For His Impact Wrestling Hall Of Fame Induction

Ken Shamrock appeared on Busted Open Radio this week to promote Bound For Glory. Shamrock will be inducted into the Impact Wrestling Hall Of Fame during Bound For Glory weekend.

Shamrock talked about reaching out to The Rock to induct him into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame: “Me and Rock had a program together. We definitely stayed in contact through social media but his schedule and my schedule, it’s not like we go out and have coffee. We live in two parts of the world. But I’ll never forget the things he did for me and the times we spent together were special because he really did help me in my pro wrestling career. I know he will tell you the same thing with me and the things we did because shot him up into stardom. It wasn’t because of me, it was because of what we were able to do together and be able to give ourselves a chance to be able to step away and do greater things in other places. That was a start for me and him. He was a big part of that. I thought it was fitting for him to be a part of that induction because I believe that’s where it started, was with him.”

Bound For Glory is scheduled for Saturday, October 24 on pay-per-view.


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