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Kurt Angle Hints At Possible Return To IMPACT Wrestling

Kurt Angle posted a photo on his Twitter account that has fans speculating that he could be headed back to Impact Wrestling.

Angle has gotten in tremendous shape since being released by WWE in April and he has not completely shut the door on wrestling again even though he says that he hasn’t been thinking about stepping in the ring.

The photo below may not mean anything but it’s worth noting that Heath Miller (aka Heath Slater) told us this week that fans may see some more surprises at Bound For Glory tomorrow night. It was heavily implied by Miller that the surprises could be more ex-WWE stars.

The tease by Angle was also picked up by Dave Meltzer in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Meltzer wrote, “Kurt Angle put up a photo of himself with the TNA title which people are taking as a tease he may be coming here. He had been cut by WWE but had in the past said he wasn’t going to sign with anyone else because he was looking to work on outside business interests”

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