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Live IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary Results

IMPACT Wrestling presents Slammiversary live on pay-per-view from Nashville, TN.

Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

The MCMG are back and it should be quite the opener for Slammiversary. Shelley and Wentz start things off. Shelley and Wentz exchange and escape arm wrenches as the two hit a stalemate. The two slap one another before tagging their partners in.

Sabin and Dez both exchange arm and hammerlocks and the two outwit one another. Arn drag by Sabin and then a clothesline. Leapfrogs by Dez and hits a hurricanrana. Shelley grabs hold of but Dez turns it into a tag to Wentz as they work on Shelley in the corner. They then turn their focus on Sabin and a double foot stomp by Wentz gets him down for a two count.

Shelley yells at Sabin to motivate him as he escapes another in attempt. Tags in Dez who springboard sentons in. The two repeat this over and over before Wentz slugs Shelley on the apron.

Shelley soon grabs hold of Wentz and MCMG begin their double team attacks. Shelley taunts Wentz in the ring who looks in a bad way and the two trade a flurry of forearms. Wentz is still in a rough spot as Sabin and Shelley double kick him down in the middle of the ring. Two count.

Sabin and Shelley continue to isolate Wentz, knocking Dez off the apron before kicking Wentz in the spine for a two count (with a nonchalant cover to boot).

Swift suplex by Sabin who contorts the hand of Wentz before tagging in Shelley who comes off the top with an axe handle. Wentz tries to fight them off and the Wentz sandwich him with forearms. He finds an opening with a handspring knee. Wentz finally makes the tag and Dez takes control. He downs Shelley and then hits a flurry of strikes on Sabin. Dez is on a roll but MCMG try to get control. Wentz gets tagged back in and the two get a sequence of moves and get a near fall with a double team top rope double foot stomp.

Codebreaker by Wentz. He goes for a swanton but Shelley gets the knees up and then launches Dez with a German suplex. Both men are down.

Tag to Sabin and the MCMG begin to work their memorable magic. Get a very close fall after a double team, but the duo does not relent with the double team attacks. They eventually hit the Dirt Bomb on Dez for the pinfall win.

WINNERS: Motor City Machine Guns

Moose vs Tommy Dreamer For The TNA World Heavyweight Championship - Old School Rules

Introductions are made and the two talk trash to one another. Moose starts off on the offensive. Domination to Dreamer before he gets tossed out of the ring. Old School Rules apparently means anything goes as Dreamer hits Moose with a trash can lid. He strangles Moose with a Sean Casey Cincinnati Reds jersey. Tommy wields a chair but the tables get turned and he gets crotched on the barricade. Vertical suplex on the ramp by Moose.

Moose gets a kendo stick and begins to whack Dreamer with it mid-ring. Dreamer hits him with a White Russian Leg Sweeg. Shot to the midsection and Dreamer jumps off the turnbuckle but gets a dropkick to the mush. Very nice by Moose. Dreamer’s face is red with that boot to the face. Moose grabs the garbage can and puts it over the head of Tommy. Hard dropkick in the corner.

Dreamer turns the tables with a cutter out of nowhere on top of the trash can. Moose regains control and then hits a modified uranagi onto some steel chairs and did a standing moonsault on Dreamer for a very near fall. Dreamer is out as Moose ascends. He goes for a moonsault, misses and hits the chairs. Dreamer DDT for a near fall.

Dreamer pulls out the thumbtacks. Dreamer goes for a piledriver but Moose hits a low blow. Moose tells Tommy he’s going to end his career as he begins to shove his face in the thumbtacks. Moose says he never watched ECW and that gets Dreamer fired up. He powers up but Moose gouges the eyes and slams Dreamer into the tacks. He then hits the Lights Out spear for the win.

WINNER and STILL “TNA World Heavyweight Champion”: Moose

#1 Contender IMPACT Knockouts Gauntlet Match For The IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Championship.

First two competitors: Tasha Steelz & Kylie Rae

Lots of excellent athleticism between Steelz and Rae.

Third participant: “Taya Valkyrie”

Johnny Bravo comes out dressed as Taya and the two women toss him out.

Eliminated: Johnny Bravo

Fourth participant: Kimber Lee

Kimber Lee displays some power against both Rae and Tasha before Tasha feeds a boot to her. She and Rae slug it out.

Fifth participant: Kiera Hogan

Hogan hits Rae with a superkick before they trade shots to Kimber Lee. Down goes Lee and the two isolate their adversaries in opposite corners.

Sixth participant: Suzie

Suzie does a sequence of attacks before Kylie Rae superkicks Tasha out of the ring and out of contention.

Eliminated: Tasha Steelz

Seventh participant: Katie Forbes

Katie Forbes twerks away before Madison Rayne enters.

Eighth participant: Madison Rayne

Rayne and Hogan exchange words before the two trade shots.

Ninth participant: Havok

Havok destroys everybody as Kiera Hogan jumps on her back.

Tenth participant: Taya Valkyrie

The real Taya Valkyrie comes out and joins the fray before Alisha enters next.

Eleventh participant: Alisha

Alisha hits a tornado DDT on Taya Valkyrie. Somewher at this point Katie Forbes gets eliminated.

Eliminated: Katie Forbes

Twelth participant: Neveah

Neveah and Havok use their friendship to their advantage to domination the action before the thirteenth entrant comes out.

Thirteenth participant: Rosemary

Suzie has been eliminated as a second Rosemary comes out. Once more it’s Johnny Bravo.

Eliminated: Suzie

Bravo eliminates Havok, Kylie then eliminates Bravo before also eliminating Raynes after the two argued. Then was Alisha, then was Neveah, then was Kiera

Eliminated: Havok, Bravo (again), Madison Rayne, Alisha Edwards, Neveah, Kiera Hogan

Final four is down to Kimber Lee, Kylie, Taya and Rosemary. Kimber Lee gets eliminated by Kylie and it’s down to three.

Eliminated: Kimber Lee

Taya and Rosemary have a brief alliance but Taya betrays that and tosses out Rosemary.

Eliminated: Rosemary

It then turns into a match and it’s a quick finish as Kylie Rae superkicks Taya for the 1-2-3.

Eliminated: Taya Valkyrie

WINNER and Number One Contender: Kylie Rae

New IMPACT Debut

Heath Miller (Slater) comes out of nowhere. He says this is the “New Heath” and he’s here to make an IMPACT. He tells everyone to watch the hell out. Out comes Rohit Raju to talk trash, mocking his recent RAW appearance and Heath makes quick work of him.

IMPACT X-Division Championship

Chris Bey vs. Willie Mack (c)

Chris Bey enters first and Willie Mack comes out with Razor Ramon inspired gear (complete with toothpick and all). Bell rings and he tosses the toothpick at Bey. The two trade shots and the athleticism is on all cylinders, flourished by a double knee drop by Mack as Bey goes for a powder. Bey then takes out the legs of Mack. Mack spins Bey around on the apron and gives him a running neckbreaker as Bey hung over the outside apron.

Fallaway slam followed by a standing moonsault by Mack. Near fall. Bey kicks Mack in the corner, but Willie comes back as the two find one another on the turnbuckle. Mack tries to suplex Bey off but Bey fights free and goes for a bomb. Instead he kicks out the legs of Mack before hitting him with a slingshot slingblade.

Bey and Mack go back and forth before Mack plants him down with one big sit-out bomb. Both men are laid out eventually and the ref begins a ten count. Mack soon gets back on the offensive and hits a corner cannonball and then lands on his feet. Bey rolls Mack for a close fall, and Mack then gives Bey an exploder suplex in the corner. Mack covers, but only two.

Bey finally gets on the offensive when he crotches Mack on the top turnbuckle. He soon hits Mack with with rolling sitdown bomb for a close fall. Mack hits a stunner and goes for a six-star frog splash, Bey evades, hits Mack with a poke to the eye, a crucifix takedown and hits the Art of Finesse finisher for the win and a new champ.

WINNER and NEW X-Division Champion: Chris Bey

IMPACT World Tag Team Championships Sami Callihan & Ken Shamrock vs. The North (c)

Shamrock and Alexander start things off. Ken almost had the arm but the ref breaks it up. Ken continues to control and locks him in an ankle lock. Alexander quickly goes to the ropes. Sami tags himself in. Sami rakes the eyes, but Alexander manages to tag in Page. Sami downs both of them before pushing Page into his corner and Shamrock tags himself in. Ken clocks Page in the corner and Sami then gets the tag and downs Page for a pin attempt. Headlock but Ethan reaches the ropes.

Ken gets the tag and the duo of he and Callihan seem to be showing chemistry, exchanging tags and working together. Ken hits Page with a powerslam before slugging Alexander down. Shamrock goes to the outside and The North gang up on Ken. Sami isn’t being seen anywhere as the champs assault Ken in the ring. Alexander feeds him shoulder thrusts Ken in the corner. Tags in Page. Ken clotheslines them both down. He tags in Sami and Callihan knocks both foes down. Brainbuster on Page for a close fall.

The North begin to ground Sami, but Sami still talks trash. Hard chop in the corner by Alexander before he tags in Page and shoves him into the shoulder of Ethan. Page talks smack to Shamrock before grounding Sami down with a headlock. Ref raises the arms on Sami to check his consciousness. Sami still hanges on and eventually hits Ethan with a jawbreaker.

Sami tries to tag Ken in but Page manages to hold him off. Both men are on the mat as they crawl to their corners and both get the tag. Shamrock is on fire and gets a powerslam on Alexander for two. HE tags in Sami. Sami gets reversed and The North hit a double team crucifix bomb for one very close call.

Shamrock gets the tag and locks in the anklelock. Alexander locks in the anklelock on Sami. The two slap one another. Shamrock gets the anklelock on Alexander and Sami gets bumped into Ken. Shamrock and Sami argue but the two get back on the same page. THey hit a double team attack and get a close call but gets broken up by Page as Ken just stands there. Ken eventually inadvertantly hits Sami on the outside but soon belly to belly suplexes Alexander off the top rope in the ring. Ken goes to suicide dive on The North but misses. Action gets back in the ring and The North hit their finisher for the win and title retain.

WINNERS & STILL IMPACT World Tag Team Champions: The North

Post-match Page and Alexander gloat about being the best tag team in IMPACT history. Out come the Motor City Machine Guns. Shelley and Sabin “congratulate” the two and they do admit that The North are the greatest right now. They happened to just find out that this Tuesday they’ll be facing The North for those very titles.

Gia Miller is backstage in what she believed to be The Good Brothers’ locker room but instead out comes Rich Swann. He’s still injured, but everybody best believe he’s got his eye on the IMPACT World Championship once he’s healthy.

IMPACT Knockouts Championship Match Deonna Purrazzo vs. Jordynne Grace (c)

Collar and elbow brings the action to the corner. Purrazzo rolls out of the ring. Deonna comes back in and the two competitors trade arm wrenches. Grace gets the better and Deonna goes back out to buy some time. Great ad-lib talk by Purrazzo. Grace is fired up and suplexes Deonna. Purrazzo goes back to the outside but Grace dives on top of her to continue her attack. Jordynne rolls her back in the ring. Pin attempt only gets one.

Purrazzo begins to gain control with a series of leg drops on Grace’s arm. It becomes a focus for Deonna. Short arm clotheslines finally downs Grace and Deonna focuses on the arm. Grace gets her foot on the ropes. Hard elbow by Deonna. Some good mat work before Deonna gets the fujiwa armbar on Grace. Grace escapes but Deonna goes for a cross armbreaker. Fingers are locked and Grace once more gets to the ropes.

Grace hits a series of shoulder tackles on Deonna and the two show a good display of exhaustion. Grace cinches in a buzzkiller on Deonna. Deonna looks to be fading and the ref checks, but there is still life. Deonna escapes with a pin attempt. Grace bow and arrows Deonna on the ring post in a good corner move.

Deonna gives Grace an armbreaker on the apron utilizes the rope. Grace hits a falcon arrow for a close fall (doesn’t get all of it).

Deonna gets Grace in a triangle hold and Grace turns it into a pinfall but the match continues. The two struggle to get to their feet. They do and the two trade punches. Grace really selling the arm.

German suplex by Deonna. Grace returns the favor. Pump kick by Deonna. She kicks the arm of Grace and hits the pendulum snap suplex for a close fall.

Grace hits a series of knees and cannonballs in the corner to Purrazzo to try to get a pin, but Deonna still hangs on. Grace hammers away at Deonna. Grace hits an elbow. Jacknige pin attempt and Deonna locks in a very impressive double fujiwa armbar for the submission win!

WINNER and NEW IMPACT Knockouts Champion: Deonna Purrazzo

IMPACT Bound For Glory is advertised for October 24, 2020.

IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship Eddie Edwards vs. Ace Austin vs. Trey Miguel vs. Rich Swann vs. Eric Young

Everyone gets introduced and the first reveal (yes, first) is a healthy Rich Swann who clearly doesn’t need crutches. Next to make the big reveal is Eric Young. “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!” He announces that this match is now a five-way.

Bell rings and it’s Swann and Young locking it up as Ace launches Trey into the barricade. Edwards gets suplezed by EY. Swann dropkicks EY. Trey comes in and he and Swan go at it. Swann headscissors Trey down. Eddie looks to continue his attack on Ace Austin but Fulton interferes before getting ejected.

Edwards later chops away at EY and then does the same to Swann who is sandwiched against EY. Knee to Swann. Edwards bombs Swann on top of EY. Ace has a sequences of moves as Swann hits a cutter on Miguel. EY soon hits down Edwards before Trey attacks EY. EY is busted open above the eye.

Trey and ACe really get a chance to showcase their stuff. Hard shots by Miguel. Trey does the same with Swann before knocking him out of the ring. Trey avoids a lariat by Edwards but feels the knees of Swann on the outside in a crazy spot.

Edwards and Ace go at it . Edwards forearms him down and goes for a tiger driver. Trey then gets crotched in the corner by Ace when he backs Eddie in the corner. Eddie pancakes Ace down. Tiger driver by Eddie. Trey saves Ace. EY hits a piledriver on Trey and eliminates him.


EY tries to pin everyone else but no dice. Later on, EY hits some crazy offense on Swann as EY becomes unhinged. Rich hits EY with a wild bulldog. Eddie boots Ace from ascending the top rope. He drags Ace up top and Swann soons find himself in the mix. So does EY who has Rich up in a powerbomb and drives him into Eddie and Ace. They fall to the outside through a table and the two are out of commission. EY talks trash and mocks Rich who is out as he takes his time, Swann rolls EY up out of nowhere and he gets eliminated.


EY goes nuts and assaults the injured knee of Rich Swann. He even wedges a chair onto Swann’s leg and stomps on it. Facemasked security finally shows up as EY yells, “You brought this on yourself!” EY exits as Swann screams in agony.

Ace Austin gets back in the action and the resilient Swann gets some close falls onto Austin but Ace hits his signature move and gets eliminated.


It’s down to Ace and Eddie. Ace is grinning as both get to their feet. The two trade boots and then punches. This continues for quite awhile. Rapid chops by Edwards and Ace is in pain. Superkick by Ace which downs Eddie. Ace struggles to recover. Ace charges and belly to belly suplexes Ace into the opposite corner. Eddie hits the Boston Knee Party for the false finish. Ace soon hits The Volt and a false finish again. A second Boston Knee Party by Edwards who then hits The Die Hard Plosion for the victory.

WINNER and NEW IMPACT World Champion: Eddie Edwards

Eddie celebrates but in comes Madman Fulton to attack the new champ. It’s not long before The Good Brothers show up for the save. The four stand off with a downed Edwards in the ring. They offer Edwards to The Good Brothers but Anderson Gun Stuns Ace and then they hit the Magic Killer to close out the show as the three celebrate together to close out Slammiversary by cracking open some brewski.

Oh but wait! We see “III” show up on the screen and We see EC3 with whiskey in hand as he tosses it against the wall and show ends.


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