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Matt Sydal Needs Surgery To Repair Torn Cartilage In Knee

Impact Wrestling has been on fire as of late in part due to the success of the X-Division, but former X-Division Champion Matt Sydal revealed today that he’ll be on the sideline for the next few months due to a knee injury.

Impact Wrestling takes a blow today as Matt Sydal announced on Twitter today that he will be getting surgery next week to repair torn cartilage in his knee. News broke earlier this month that Sydal was pulled from some independent wrestling events due to an injury, but the specifics and extent of the injury weren’t clear until today.

While an exact return date is unclear, he is aiming to be back in the ring by March or April of this year. If Sydal can pull off that recovery, it would put him back in the mix right around WrestleMania weekend, which would be a fantastic time to return.


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