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MJF Introduces Customized AEW World Title

MJF has a new AEW World Championship.

During the November 30 episode of AEW Dynamite, William Regal and MJF appeared in the ring to unveil a new AEW World Championship belt. The title now sports a customized strap to match that of his cashmere scarf. This marks the first customized AEW World title belt after six titleholders in the company’s four-year existence.

After unveiling the title, MJF proceeded to cut a lengthy promo and referenced WWE co-CEO Nick Khan and WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H when discussing the impending “bidding war of 2024.” MJF also shockingly attacked Regal by striking him at the back of the head. Once MJF left, Bryan Danielson checked on his former mentor as the medical team placed him on a stretcher.

Here’s a recap of MJF’s promo, courtesy of our play-by-play coverage:

William Regal comes to the ring and introduces AEW World Champion MJF. The champion comes to the ring and tells the fans to shut up. He reveals that Regal sent him an email after The Firm attacked him, in which he told MJF that he could become the greatest villain of this generation. In the email, Regal told him to grab the brass ring. MJF says Regal told him to use the brass knuckles at AEW Full Gear in order to leave Jon Moxley with an emotional scar. He turns his attention to The Firm and says he respects the group for attacking him when he was weak. MJF says he’s not the type to chase anyone down.

He discusses his title win and says he wanted to make some changes. MJF says the title itself makes him want to gag, as none of the former champions were on his level. He says the title is garbage, and he drops it to the ground. MJF introduces a new world championship and calls it the Big Burberry Belt, and it’s the most important title in the industry.

He says no one deserves to hold it more than him. MJF says Eddie Kingston will never be a world champion, and he calls Ricky Starks a fake star. He calls Bryan Danielson a fake wrestler and says, compared to him, Danielson couldn’t wrestle his way out of a paper bag. MJF says that as long as he’s in AEW, nobody else will know what it’s like to be on top. He says he’ll hold the title until the bidding war of 2024, and he will use the title to get the biggest contract in wrestling. He says he hopes the right Khan foots the bill, and he’s not talking about Tony; he’s talking about Saint Nick and “Trips”. He also teases that he could leave for Hollywood. MJF says even his fans’ happiness will turn to resentment because they’re fickle, as they will turn on him. He says everyone will keep tuning to watch AEW, hoping to see him lose. MJF says he’s a special attraction, so he won’t wrestle very often. He makes it clear that most of his title matches will be on pay-per-view. MJF vows to have a reign that will make those of Hulk Hogan and JBL seem short and sweet. He calls Bruno Sammartino a “schmuck” and says his reign of terror has just begun.

MJF credits Regal for making this possible before he blindsides him with a shot to the back of the head. He says Regal made a deal with the devil. MJF tells Regal to send him his “stuff” once he’s a top talent, just as Regal told him in an email years ago. The medical team checks on Regal, and Bryan Danielson comes to the ring as well.

Regal gets loaded onto a stretcher and taken to the back. After a commercial, he is driven away in an ambulance.


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