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MLW Fusion Results (01/05/2023)

MLW Fusion kicked off with an announcement that thanks to some maneuvering by EJ Nduka, the Last Man Standing match between himself and MLW World Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone that was scheduled for tonight has been postponed. They promised more information later on in the broadcast.

Microman, Laredo Kid & Kommander defeated Gino, Taurus, Mini Abismo Negro

Gino had Microman up for a gorilla press slam but was accidentally speared by his own tag team partner Taurus. Microman landed on top of Gino and scored the pinfall victory. This means Gino is gone from Major League Wrestling.

It was announced that EJ Nduka is demanding more money in order to compete against Alex Hammerstone for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship due to how dangerous a Last Man Standing match can be. Because of this demand, the match has been postponed until Major League Wrestling management decides if they want to give into Nduka’s demands or not.

A short pre-recorded segment is shown with The Samoan SWAT Team to hype up tonight’s main event between Jacob Fatu and Willie Mack.

Another hype package airs for the soon-to-be returning Davey Boy Smith Jr. to Major League Wrestling.

They show Alex Kane on a couch backstage, hugging the Opera Cup. He’s told that The Great Khali is offering him money to host The Opera Cup tournament in India. When Kane asked how much money it was, he was told it was about $88 Canadian. An offer he hilariously declines.

It’s announced that Davey Boy Smith Jr. will return to Major League Wrestling next week in six-man tag team action as The British Bulldogs take on the Bomaye Fight Club. They also announce that Shun Skywalker will defend the MLW World Middleweight Championship next week against Lince Dorado.

Jacob Fatu defeated Willie Mack

Jacob Fatu hits a top rope moonsault on Willie Mack to secure the victory.

The commentary team teased that this could be a prelude to Fatu’s eventual cash-in of his Battle Riot contract to challenge for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship as MLW Fusion goes off the air.


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