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MLW Fusion Results (01/19/2023)

MLW Fusion kicked off with the commentary team promising that we’ll get an update on the future Last Man Standing match for the MLW World Heavyweight Title between Alex Hammerstone and EJ Nduka.

Trish Adora defeated Gia Scott

Trish Adora hit Lariat Tubman on Gia Scott to score the pinfall victory in her Major League Wrestling debut.

They air a video package to announce that Sam Adonis is coming to Major League Wrestling soon.

Alec Price defeated TJ Crawford

Alec Price hit a jumping surprise kick to the back of the head to pick up the win via pinfall.

Alicia Atout announces on MLW Insider that the roadblocks preventing the match between Alex Hammerstone and EJ Nduka have been taken care of and that the announcement of when this match will take place will occur in the next 24 hours.

MLW World Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone joined the commentary team before the main event.

Jacob Fatu defeated Ben-K

Jacob Fatu executes a double springboard moonsault on Ben-K to score the pinfall victory.

After the match, Jacob Fatu gets a microphone and puts over Ben-K as one of the toughest cats he’s ever stepped in the ring with. Ben-K returns to the ring and thanks Fatu for what he said before departing again. The crowd showers him with loud Ben-K chants. Fatu thanks the crowd for coming before announcing that he’s cashing in his title match against Alex Hammerstone when the company returns to Philly next month as MLW Fusion goes off the air.


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