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MLW Fusion Results (07/20/2023)

This week’s new episode of MLW Fusion features the first match in the Opera Cup between Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Calvin Tankman. Plus the International Pop Star B3cca performs, a new Open Draft pick is revealed and more!

Billie Starkz defeated B3cca

B3cca opens the show by performing her new single. Billie got the win after she reversed a superplex and hit a Swanton Bomb.

One of The Calling’s masked men hands Billie a white box at ringside. She opens it and screams before throwing it on the ground. The inside of the box reveals a Rorschach test and pieces of brain.

MLW reveals Love, Doug as the latest draft pick in the 2023 Open Draft

Sam Leterna speaks with Doug after the announcement. Doug says he stormed the stage during B3cca’s Never Say Never performance because of … LOVE. Doug gushes over B3cca and says if Cupid’s arrow finds her heart one day, they will fall in love.

Leterna then speaks with MSL to get some answers for turning against Microman. MSL says he sleeps great at night. Tonight, Davey Boy Smith Jr. will be victorious in the Opera Cup. The Opera Cup belongs to the Hart Family and DBS will take it back where it belongs. As for Microman, MSL hopes he never sees him again.

Microman dives onto MSL and tries to attack him, but MSL holds him back and threatens to hit him with something. Mance Warner comes in and stops MSL from striking Microman and punches him. Mance says Microman is with SGC and that means they are family. Ol’ Mancer warns MSL not to mess with their family ever again.

The Opera Cup Begins

Calvin Tankman cuts a promo about waiting a whole year for a chance at the Opera Cup. Last year, he got screwed over. This year, there aren’t any distractions. Tankman says he knows DBS’s pedigree but he has that dawg in him. Does DBS have it in him?

New MLW Champion Alex Kane talks about Willie Mack becoming the number one contender for his title. He says Willie doesn’t take this sport seriously. Kane wonders what his fight champ will look like. Mr. Thomas goes over Willie’s hypothetical fast food order and Kane is grossed out. Kane says Mack is not worthy and he’s not for the people.

2023 MLW Opera Cup: Stage One – Davey Boy Smith Jr. defeated Calvin Tankman

DBS reversed a Tankman Driver and transitioned into a Crossface to get the submission win.

Smith poses on the stage in front of the Opera Cup to end the stage … or so it seems. The Calling interrupts the broadcast with a promo. Ricky Shane Page says Jacob Fatu has no idea what this means to him. He says Fatu is alone.

“Jimmy’s not coming, Jey’s not coming. John’s not going to be there and Dewey [The Rock] doesn’t even know you.” RSP says this all ends soon and the journey will all be worth it.

Now that does it for this week’s episode of MLW Fusion!


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