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MLW Fusion Results (09/07/2023)

We are at World Titan Federation Headquarters in MSL’s office and he is showing off his foot. He asks if you have any idea what he has been through. He says he is a man of wealth and taste, but he was sent to a veterinarian for a tetanus shot. He says he is the World’s Greatest Promoter and he says that he has been disgraced. He tells Mance Warner that he broke the deal. He says it was kiss my foot, not mutilate my foot. When Matt Cardona gets his hands on the Second Gear Crew, you are going to pay for this. MSL says they won the match fair and square. He says that Cardona is coming for the Second Gear Crew.

Mister Saint Laurent is in the ring and he says he is disgusted to be back in Philadelphia. He says the World Titan Federation has been granted a promoter’s license and he has resigned from his position in MLW. He presents a giant among giants and the newest member of the World Titan Federation, Snisky.

Match Number One: Snisky versus Yosifer El

Snisky with a clothesline as he enters the ring. Snisky with a slam and a running boot to the chest. Snisky with a choke slam for the three count.

Winner: Snisky

After the match, El is stretchered to the back.

MSL whispers something in Snisky’s ear and he goes after El.

We take a look at Salina de la Renta with a video package.

Calvin Tankman says MLW and WXW have entered into a partnership and they are looking for a big title match. He says he is one of the biggest, baddest, and heaviest hitters in MLW. One thing that has eluded him in MLW is a singles title. He says he wants Irie’s title. When you come to MLW, I will knock you out and take your title.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a video package for Minoru Suzuki, who will be at Slaughterhouse on October 14th.

Matt Striker is in the ring.

He says he is happy to be back in MLW for one reason and one reason only.

The FBI and JesusHe says they have the same colors and they are both Latinos. He says they are family. Their roots go way back. He says his father used to work in Philadelphia. He says they had problems with the police and so did the FBI. He says he wanted to help his family. He says there is an issue with this little thing that you have the audacity to cheer for, MicroMan. What they are going to do is put him in cement shoes and he is going to swim with the fishes.

Match Number Two: Midas Black, Jay Lyon, and MicroMan versus Jesus Rodriguez, Little Guido, and Ray Jaz

Guido and Micro start things off. Guido sticks his rear end in Micro’s face and Micro bites it. Jesus tags in and he hits a super kick and then he its Midas and Lyon on the apron. Jesus with a back breaker and he pulls Micro up on the cover. Jesus with a kick to the back and more kicks. Guido tags in and he hits an elbow drop. Guido and Rey choke Micro.

Ray tags in and they miss a double clothesline and Micro with a double thumb to the eyes. Jesus knocks Midas and Lyon off the apron to prevent the tag. Jesus with a kick to Micro and then Guido with kicks. Guido hugs Micro and then passes him off to Ray and Ray holds Micro up. Micro spits on Guido’s face and then Ray tosses Micro to Jesus and Micro with a head scissors that sends Jesus into Ray for a spear.

Midas tags in and hits a missile drop kick on Guido followed by drop kicks to Ray and Jesus. Midas with a spinning heel kick to Ray. Lyon tags in and Midas with a Tiger Feint Kick to Ray followed by a quebrada from Lyon onto Ray. Midas with a frog splash for a near fall.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Midas with punches to Guido. Guido drops down and Midas goes over the top rope to the floor. Lyon roars at Guido but Jesus hits Lyon. Lyon sends Jesus into Guido and Lyon with a rolling eblow to Jesus. Jesus kicks Lyon . Midas with a super kick to Jesus to knock him to the floor. Ray with a back elbow to Lyon but Lyo and Midas hit a pop up gourdbuster. Micro with a Vader Bomb through the hoop for the three count.

Winners: Jay Lyon, Midas Black, and MicroMan

After the match, Sam Adonis comes out with a chair. He says he hates to be the bearer of bad news. You do not know who you aligned yourself with. MicroMan is one of the most hated men in Mexico. They worked for the same promotion in Mexico, but he was so hated that they ran him off. MicroMan has a wife and a newborn baby. MicroMan was jealous of the attention his child got. MicroMan is a jealous, miserable man.

Snisky comes out and he makes his way to the ring. Snisky with a double choke slam to Midas and Lyon.

MSL calls MicroMan a micro fool. He says they could have made so much money together but you had to spend time with the Second Gear Crew. MSL says that Snisky is a former football player and he was a punter. He wants Snisky to get in some practice kicks before he punts MicroMan. Snisky puts a few dolls. Adonis holds MicroMan for Snisky but the Second Gear Crew comes out to make the save.

We go to commercial.

Sam Leterna is with Sam Adonis and she asks him why he did what he did. Adonis says tonight is the start of the end of MicroMania. He says he will show that MicroMan is nothing more than a fraud. He says he will do the job that everyone wants and he will make sure that MicroMan is no longer in MLW.

They will meet next week.

We take a look at Alex Kane with a video package.

We see Alex arriving at the building. He says his family is not perfect. They have had some struggles. His parent’s struggles move onto the kids. He was bullied as a child. The home and school stuff got to a point where he did not want to be there anymore. A thought popped into his mind that he cannot do this to himself. You cannot kill yourself when you are ten or eleven. Things are going to get better. Alex says pro wrestling did save his life.

He says when he knew BOMAYE was for the people, it was the No Ropes Match against Davey Boy Smith. The crowd was chanting BOMAYE before his music played. That was when he knew they had something.

He says he has been searching and scouting for new members. J Bouji was repping BOMAYE before the match. He will try to make him the best person to be in BOMAYE.

We see Alex before his Never Say Never Match against Alex Hammerstone.

He says he continues to grow and get better. He says he continues to rise. That is why he is where he is right now. You will look into his eyes and know that this is no game.

We see footage from the match between Kane and Hammerstone.

Match Number Three: Shigehiro Irie versus Calvin Tankman for the WXW Unified World Title

Tankman has some words for Irie and he pushes Irie before they lock up. Irie with a side head lock. Irie with a shoulder tackle and Calvin does not move. Irie tries again with the same result. Tankman with a shoulder tackle and he pie faces Irie before Irie gets back to his feet. Irie with forearms and Tankman with a forearm of is own. Calvin with a chop and forearm. Calvin sends Irie to the floor. Calvin sends Irie into the guardrails and chops him. Irie and Calvin exchange forearms on the floor. Calvin with a chop and he returns to the ring to break the referee’s count. Calvin sends Irie back first into the guardrails few times. Calvin misses a back elbow and hits the guardrails. Irie with a senton splash onto Calvin in a chair.

They return to the ring and Irie with forearms to the back. Calvin hands in the ropes and hits a power slam on the apron for a near fall. Calvin with a kick to the back and a chop. Calvin with another kick to the back nd Calvin with forearms. Irie with a forearm and then they go back and forth. Irie goes for a slam but Calvin blocks him. Calvin with a slam and splash for a near fall.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Calvin with chops and forearms against the ropes. Irie with a boot and Calvin with punches and forearms. Calvin runs into a boot and Calvin with forearms. Irie with strikes and a diving forearm to Calvin. Calvin goes to the apron and Irie with a forearm and he sends Calvin into the turnbuckles. Irie with back elbows and a running back elbow to Tankman and they go to the floor.

They return to the ring and Irie goes for a Saito suplex but Calvin blocks it and connects with an elbow. Calvin with a back fist and Made in Japan for a near fall. Calvin misses a back first to the back of the head and Irie with a sleeper. Calvin backs Irie into the corner and he snap mares Irie to the mat. Calvin with a power bomb for a near fall. Calvin with a back first and he sets for the Tankman Driver but Irie blocks it. Calvin with a forearm and Irie avoids a splash into the corner. Irie with a forearm to the back of the head followed by a splash into the ropes and a back senton. Irie with a series of clotheslines for the three count.

Winner: Shigehiro Irie (retains championship)

After the match, they shake hands.

We will have a press conference from Alex Kane.

Jacob Fatu is in the parking lot.

He says you have seen him hyped and upset. He says he has to give to MLW and Court to make it happen. Suzuki, you are an icon and legend. The Samoans are icons and legends. Fatu says that Suzuki has never run into an Uce before.


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