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MLW Fusion Results (09/14/2023)

Ichiban defeated TJ Crawford

Ichiban hits the Ichiban Kai on TJ Crawford to score the pinfall victory.

A masked man in a hood approaches TJ Crawford on the stage following the match. He whispers something in Crawford’s ear, and the two men head backstage together.

Microman is backstage with the Second Gear Crew. Mance Warner hypes Microman up for his match later on tonight against Sam Adonis. Warner gifts Microman a tiny weapon that he can use to stab Adonis in the forehead.

A video package plays hyping up New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s Minoru Suzuki, who is appearing at MLW Slaughterhouse next month.

Sam Adonis is backstage. Adonis says he’s excited for the match against Microman later tonight. Adonis says Microman is one of Mexico’s favorite sons, but everyone in Mexico looks up to him. Sam will teach Microman a lesson in humility because he likes him. Adonis says Microman deserves to have more respect for himself than to hang out with the Second Gear Crew.

Love, Doug comes out to do commentary for the next match.

B3CCA defeated Tiara James

B3CCA hits a 450 Splash on Tiara James to score the pinfall victory.

Love, Doug gets blown off by B3CCA following the match.

It’s announced that Don King will be on MLW Fusion next week.

Salina De La Renta is backstage. Salina implies that she’s the one who took out Cesar Duran and said if you come for the Queen, you should aim for the head. De La Renta says she will drop a bombshell on MLW Fusion next week.

Jacob Fatu vs. Minoru Suzuki is official for MLW Slaughterhouse

Jacob Fatu is backstage. Fatu hypes up his match with Minoru Suzuki at MLW Slaughterhouse next month. He’s interrupted by Salina, who says she hasn’t forgotten what he did to her at SuperFight 2019; she says there are receipts coming.

Microman defeated Sam Adonis

Snisky comes out and pulls the referee out of the ring as Microman is making a pinfall. The referee disqualifies Adonis for Snisky’s interference.

The Second Gear Crews come out to save Microman and prevent him from being punted like a football into the crowd by Snisky. Microman and The Second Gear Crew celebrate with beers in the ring.

Alex Kane hosts a press conference. Kane asks who’s next because everyone is backing out. MSL appears and says Davey Boy Smith Jr. deserves a title shot. Kane scares him off and says he’s not afraid of Smith.

The Second Gear Crew and The Calling brawl backstage as MLW Fusion goes off the air.


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