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MLW Fusion Results (12/01/2022)

MLW Fusion kicked off with highlights from last week’s show, where EJ Nduka turned on Alex Hammerstone after he agreed to give him a shot at the MLW World Heavyweight Championship.

MLW World Women’s Featherweight Champion Taya Valkyrie joins the commentary team for the opening contest, which will crown a new number-one contender for her title.

Lady Flammer defeated La Hiedra, Reina Dorada, and Lady Shani in a Luchadoras Eliminator match

Lady Flammer hit a top rope splash onto Reina Dorada to secure the pinfall victory.

Lady Flammer confronted Taya Valkyrie at the commentary table following the matchup. Valkyrie pats Flammer on the head and then is jumped from behind when she has her back turned. They are pulled apart by referees and security.

They cut to a segment with the Samoan SWAT Team poolside at a hotel. Jacob Fatu is asked when he’s going to cash in on his Battle Riot win. He jokes that it’s none of their business, but timing is everything. Fatu turned it back on them and asked when they were going to go for the MLW World Tag Team Titles. They responded by saying whenever MLW gives them a title shot, they’ll handle their business.

EJ Nduka is interviewed outside in the parking lot and is asked why he attacked Alex Hammerstone last week. Nduka said that was a silly question. He explains that he needed to attack Hammerstone from behind to finally get his attention. His reasoning makes little sense, as Hammerstone already agreed to give him a title shot before the attack. Nduka said Hammerstone is going out on a stretcher when he’s done with him.

They go to Mance Warner, who’s talking on a cell phone by a dumpster. He claimed he had a scoop and went on to reveal that Mads Krügger is actually Doc Gallows in a mask. We’ll go out on a limb here and say this scoop isn’t accurate.

It was announced that Myron Reed would defend the MLW World Middleweight Championship against Shun Skywalker next week.

They announce that Killer Kross was attacked backstage and speculate that it was by the same person who has been attacking random people backstage over the past few weeks. It appears that Kross’ match tonight will no longer take place.

Instead of a match, they go back to the parking lot to interview Alex Kane. He reveals that he is the man who has stolen the Opera Cup. So that mystery has been solved.

A video package plays to announce that Davey Boy Smith Jr. will be returning to Major League Wrestling soon.

Alex Hammerstone defeated Bandido to retain the MLW World Heavyweight Championship

Alex Hammerstone hits The Nightmare Pendulum on Bandido to secure the pinfall victory.

Bandido asks for a microphone and thanks Hammerstone for an amazing match. Bandido leads the venue in a song and shares an embrace with the champion before leaving Hammerstone to celebrate his victory as they hype next week’s show.

Alex Hammerstone is being interviewed about the match, and EJ Nduka tries to attack him from behind again with a chair, but Hammerstone was ready this time, and the two men brawl as referees and security try to separate them.

They go backstage to Cesar Duran and two of his masked goons. As they enter a stairwell and see multiple wrestlers laid out with cards on them. Duran freaks out, and they run away as MLW Fusion goes off the air.


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