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  • Carlos Astorga

MLW Fusion Results (12/08/2022)

MLW Fusion kicked off with highlights from last week’s show before Willie Mack joined the commentary team for the opening contest.

Samoan SWAT Team defeated La Anexion (Mark Davidson and Angel Fashion)

Lance Anoa’i hit the Polynesian Plunge onto Mark Davidson to secure the pinfall victory.

Jacob Fatu is interviewed following the matchup. He said he still has unfinished business with Real1. Before he can continue, Willie Mack sitting at the commentary table catches Fatu’s eye, and he welcomes him to Major League Wrestling. Mack approaches and challenges Fatu to a match in MLW. Fatu speaks about the respect the two men have for each other and accepts his challenge.

Alex Kane cut a promo and said the Bomaye Fight Club is going international. He runs down current MLW National Openweight Champion Davey Richards. He proceeds to hype Myron Reed’s title defense against Shun Skywalker in tonight’s main event.

Davey Richards responded to Alex Kane and said he’s been training with someone overseas that Kane will find out about soon enough. Richards says as good as it was to win the National Openweight Championship, he’ll feel even better about winning back the Opera Cup.

A video package airs announcing the return of Lio Rush to Major League Wrestling.

MLW CEO Court Bauer and Cesar Duran yell at each other in Bauer’s office behind closed doors. Nothing can really be made out of what the two men are saying before Duran storms out of his office, leaving Bauer standing there by himself, looking furious.

They recap the promo between Jacob Fatu and Willie Mack from earlier in the show and confirm the match has been signed as the first match for Major League Wrestling in 2023.

EJ Nduka defeated Sultán del Aire

EJ Nduka hits the Nduka bomb to score the pinfall victory.

After his match, EJ Nduka cuts a promo and starts running down the crowd. Before he can say anything of substance, Alex Hammerstone runs out and attacks him, and the two men brawl around the ringside area. The fight leads to the entrance stage, and Hammerstone puts Nduka through part of the stage with a spinebuster. They tease Jacob Fatu cashing in his Battle Riot contract on Alex Hammerstone, but he changed his mind.

Another video package airs for the return of Davey Boy Smith Jr. to Major League Wrestling.

Major League Wrestling announce that Cesar Duran is out as the matchmaker for the company. Court Bauer will resume matchmaking responsibilities going forward.

Shun Skywalker defeated Myron Reed to become the new MLW World Middleweight Champion

On back-and-forth pinfall attempts, Shun Skywalker got a flash inverted roll-up pin to win the World Middleweight Championship in shocking fashion.

Davey Richards congratulated Shun Skywalker and placed the title around his waist as the Bomaye Fight Club looked on at ringside in shock and anger. Skywalker celebrates in the ring as MLW Fusion goes off the air.

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