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MLW Underground Results (03/21/2023)

MLW UNDERGROUND WRESTLING tonight at 10pm et / 7pt only on REELZ | How to get REELZ.

The superfight goes down for free on REELZ as Hammerstone and Jacob Fatu wage war for the World Heavyweight Championship in the biggest rematch in MLW history.

In the 534 days since Hammer dethroned Fatu to realize his dream of becoming World Heavyweight Champion, both men have continued to dominate the squared circle.

Hammerstone has sent thunderbolts through top ranked challengers from around the globe, cementing himself as arguably the greatest MLW Champion in MLW. Now that argument finally will be decided as he battles his predecessor, a man who wore the belt for 819 days in Jacob Fatu.

Fatu has steamrolled through the competition, culminating in winning last year’s Battle RIOT IV and clinching a shot at redemption against his great rival, Hammerstone.

Now, destiny unfolds as two of MLW’s greatest collide to define their own legacy and claim his right as the definitive World Heavyweight Champion.

In the second-half of the double championship featured card, 18 year old high school senior Billie Starkz looks to celebrate her spring break by taking the World Featherweight Championship back home to MLW. In order to do so, she’ll have to contend with Taya Valkyrie. Can Billie end Taya’s near year long reign and become the youngest world champion in MLW history?

Mance Warner brings some back-up for fights and drinking light beers as The Second Gear roll up into MLW.

Sick and tired of Real1’s incessant trash talk and bullying, Microman has finally had enough and lays down a challenge to “The Certified G”?

Alex Hammerstone defeated Jacob Fatu to retain the MLW World Heavyweight Championship

Alex Hammerstone hit the Nightmare Pendulum on Jacob Fatu to remain champion.

Hammerstone and Fatu show mutual respect after the match and shake hands as the champion is left alone in the ring to celebrate his victory. The lights go out, and Hammerstone is attacked by Raven’s faction. The champion tries to fight back but is overwhelmed by the numbers game.

After a commercial break, Mance Warner is interviewed on the entrance stage. He introduced the Second Gear Crew, which consists of Matthew Justice and 1 Called Manders. Warner said they were there to kick ass and drink beer. The Hive logo flashes on the screen behind them, but nothing happens. The three men head backstage.

MSL is interviewed and issues a challenge on behalf of Microman towards Real1. The crowd eats it up. It’s quickly announced that the match will happen next week.

Backstage, Taya Valkyrie and John Hennigan are seen arguing with MLW management over the whereabouts of Cesar Duran, who was kidnapped on last week’s show. Valkyrie is told she needs to get to the ring for her match, or she’d be held in breach of contract.

Taya Valkyrie defeated Billie Starkz to retain the MLW World Women’s Featherweight Championship

Taya Valkyrie hit the Road to Valhalla on Billie Starkz to remain champion.

John Hennigan presented flowers to Taya Valkyrie following her win as the two celebrate in the ring. The duo makes their way to the stage, and they are asked if they know where Cesar Duran is. Valkyrie takes the opportunity to dedicate her win to Duran and asked anyone who knows of his whereabouts to contact a 1-900 number as MLW Underground goes off the air.


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