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NJPW Wants To Leave For IMPACT Wrestling

Davey Boy Smith Jr has been with NJPW since 2012, but it looks like those days have come to an end for the son of the British Bulldog.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radiothat Davey Boy Smith Jr will not be continuing his work with New Japan Pro Wrestling. This is because he wanted to work with Impact Wrestling and they wouldn’t allow it. So instead of keeping things the way they are, he will now be leaving NJPW.

“Yeah, he wasn’t happy. It’s not like one thing, there’s been a bunch of stuff. He wanted to go to Impact and they said no. There’s a miscommunication over that.”

Now Davey Boy Smith Jr is a free agent once again. Someone like him could really land in all sorts of places. WWE might even want to see if they would want to sign him up just to make sure the second generation Superstar doesn’t go anywhere else. We will have to wait and see, but Savey Boy Smith Jr is no longer with NJPW.

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