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NWA 74 Results (Night Two) 08/28/2022

On August 28, the National Wrestling Alliance will hold the second night of its NWA 74 event from The Chase in St. Louis, Missouri.


Submission Match: Doug Williams vs. Rhett Titus

Williams and Titus feel each other out. Williams takes control and targets Titus’ arm. Titus fires back with a backbreaker and continues to favor his arm. He suplexes Williams and goes for a pin, momentarily forgetting the rules of the match. He locks in a Boston Crab, but Williams escapes. Titus launches Williams into the corner with a slingshot. They trade counters, and Williams dodges Titus to send him shoulder-first into the ring post. Williams traps Titus in a hammerlock, but the time limit expires, so the match ends in a draw.

Result: Time-Limit Draw

Backstage, Austin Idol says there’s two Caesars in wrestling now. He notes that he vowed to make Cyon the next National Heavyweight Champion, and that’s just what he did. He reads a fortune cookie, which says that Cyon would have won the gold. Idol says it’s great to be him, and he’s flying high.

Taryn Terrell vs. Angelina Love

Love goes for two pin attempts early. She slams Terrell to the mat. The veteran dropkicks Terrell out of the ring. She maintains the advantage, and Terrell crawls under the ring. She comes back out, and Love slams her onto the apron. She exits the ring, rings the bell, and announces herself as the winner. Love slams her into the broadcast table and gets her back into the ring. Terrell dropkicks her. Love plants her with a flatliner and locks in a Koji Clutch. Terrell catches Love with a stunner, but the latter scores the win with the Botox Injection.

Winner: Angelina Love

Backstage, Mercurio addresses his match tonight, saying he’s a big sensation, and the only magical thing about his match with Magic Jake Dumas will be the way he makes his girl disappear. The OGK shows up, and they share their excitement ahead of the battle royal for the NWA USA Tag Team Championship.

Kerry Morton vs. Gustavo

Morton and Gustavo feel each other out. They’re evenly matched early on. Morton takes control and grounds Gustavo. Morton blasts Gustavo with a knee to the face and pins him for the win.

Winner: Kerry Morton

In an interview, BLK Jeez says tonight’s world title match is important for the entire wrestling industry. He says it’s personal to him, and he ensures that The Church’s Money is going to make tonight success for Tyrus and the entire family. He says he’s on the same page with Austin Idol, and they collectively want Idolmania Sports Management to take over the NWA.

Queen Bee Match (winners face off in a Triple Threat Match): KiLynn King, Jennacide and Taya Valkyrie vs. Madi, Missa Kate, and Natalya Markova

King and Valkyrie take control early on, and Jennacide helps them maintain the upper hand. Jennacide overpowers Madi. Madi slams Valkyrie to the mat, and her team isolates “La Wera Loca.” Markova gets a two count with a cutter. Jennacide slams Madi to the mat. The match breaks down into chaos as the women brawl. Madi hits the Reality Check, and Markova pins Jennacide for the win.

The bout turns into a Triple Threat bout between Madi, Missa Kate, and Natalya Markova

Missa Kate eliminates Madi with a spin kick. She trades blows with Markova. Kate gets a two count with a kick to the face. Markova hits the Beautiful Destruction and pins her with a double underhook DDT.

Winner: Natalya Markova

Main Show

2 out of 3 Falls Match: Colby Corino vs. Caprice Coleman

Corino and Coleman feel each other out, and the latter goes for two early pin attempts. Corino drops Coleman with a shoulder block, and Coleman fires back with a few of his own. He dropkicks Corino. He wrenches Corino’s arm and quickly makes him tap out, so Coleman scores the first fall. Corino pulls a weapon out of his trunks and hits Coleman with it before he pins him to win the second fall. The blow clearly rocks Coleman, who struggles to get back to his feet. Corino takes the fight to the veteran and hits a cannonball in the corner. Corino dives onto Coleman outside of the ring. Coleman rallies and takes control. He drops Corino with a springboard kick. Another kick earns Coleman a two count. Corino goes for his weapon, but Coleman hits his trinity of suplexes. He picks up Corino’s weapon and gives it to the referee. Corino hits the Styles Clash for a two count.

Coleman shoves Corino by the face into the mat. He goes for the Leap of Faith, but Corino holds onto the ropes. Corino hits a diving knee to the face and slams Coleman for the win.

Winner: Colby Corino

Battle Royal for the NWA USA Tag Team Championship

Before the match, JJ Dillon accompanied The OGK to the ring, and La Rebelion was revealed as the mystery twelfth team.

The order of elimination is as follows:

Gold Rushhh (Jordan Clearwater and Marshe’ Rockett)

Miserably Faithful (Sal The Pal and Gaagz The Gymp)

The Ill Begotten (Alex Taylor & Rush Freeman)

The Spectaculars (Rush Freeman and Brady Pierce)

Rough and Ready (Deonte and De’Vin Graves)

The Country Gentlemen (AJ Cazana and Anthony Andrews)

The Now (Hale Collins and Vik Dalishus)

Hawx Aerie (Luke Hawx & PJ Hawx)

La Rebelion


Team Ambition (Mike Outlaw & Camaro Jackson)

Winners and new NWA USA Tag Team Champions: The Fixers (Wrecking Ball Legursky and Jay Bradley)

In an interview, Matt Cardona notes that he wasn’t 100% last night. He says he broke everyone’s hearts when he lost last night. He says he let everyone down. He vows to end Freeman before he turns his focus back to the world title.

Magic Jake Dumas (with CJ) vs. Mercurio

Mercurio crushes up a card when Dumas tries to do some magic. He shows his book to Dumas, who sends it flying with a throw. The two men go for low blows, but they block each other. The pace picks up, and Mercurio chops Dumas in the corner. Dumas gets a two count with a suplex. They punch each other in the face. Mercurio drills Dumas with a superkick. He hits a moonsault for a two count. CJ gives something to Magic Jakea and distracts Mercurio at ringside. Dumas takes a razorblade out of his mouth and goes to use it on Mercurio, but the referee stops him. Still, he slams Mercurio with an Abra Cadabra for the win.

Winner: Magic Jake Dumas

MLW National Openweight Championship: Davey Richards (c) vs. Thrillbilly Silas (with Pollo Del Mar)

Richards and Silas feel each other out. Silas sends Richards to the outside as he overpowers the champion early on. He whips Richards into the guardrail. The challenger dumps Richards on his head with a suplex. Richards rallies and targets Silas’ leg. He hits a dragon screw in the ropes and howls as a tribute to the American Wolves. He wrenches Silas’ legs and locks in a knee-bar, but Silas reaches the ropes. The challenger spins Richards around and slams him to the mat. Richards takes Silas down and traps him in an ankle lock. He blasts him in the face with a kick. Richards hits several more kicks and nails a diving stomp for a two count. Pollo gets on the apron, and Richards refuses to hit her. Silas almost collides into them and accidentally takes their wig off. Richards capitalizes by rolling Silas up and making him tap out to an ankle lock.

Winner and still MLW National Openweight Champion: Davey Richards

Joe Galli gets in the ring and talks about how much he loves wrestling. He wants to share an important moment with the fans and thanks Billy Corgan for allowing him to do. Galli asks the love of his life, Shelby, to come into the ring. He says he’s in love with her, and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Galli asks her to marry him, and she says yes.

JJ Dillon and Barry Windham come to the ring and discuss the NWA’s history.

Backstsage, Kamille and Thom Latimer are standing by for an interview with May Valentine. Latimer welcomes EC3 to the NWA and says their match boils down to the two of them. It comes down to the best man winning, and he says that’ll be him. Kamille addresses her match with Max The Impaler tonight and notes that she’s beat up after her match last night. She says Max has the devil in them, and she’s going to “beat the s—-” out of that devil tonight.

NWA National Heavyweight Championship: Cyon (c) (with Austin Idol) vs. Anthony Mayweather

Jax Dane comes to the stage and pulls up a chair to watch the match. Mayweather takes the fight to Cyon and suplexes him. Cyon fires back with some strikes, but Mayweather suplexes him. Cyon suplexes the challenger and whips him hard into the corner. Cyon grounds Mayweather and clubs him with some elbows. Mayweather rallies with a stiff clotheline. Mayweather takes charge and sends Cyon to the outside with another clothesline. He drops the champion with a spinebuster. Mayweather gets a two count with a diving elbow drop. Cyon hits two Death Valley Drivers for the win.

Winner and still NWA National Heavyweight Champion: Cyon

Street Fight for the NWA Women’s Tag Team Championships: Pretty Empowered (Ella Envy & Kenzie Paige) (c) vs. The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle)

The Hex come to the ring carrying some weapons. They throw a trashcan at the champions before they even enter the ring to kickstart the match. Kay rings the bell on top of Envy’s head. She slams her into some chairs at ringside. Back in the ring, Kay hits both of the champions with a kendo stick. Belle gets a chair and sets it up in the corner, as does Kay. The champions dropkick The Hex into the chairs. Paige kicks the chair onto Belle. Kay’s arm gets tied to the tag rope, so Pretty Empowered gang up on Belle. Kay escapes, but she gets blasted with a kendo stick to the back. Kay spits in Envy’s face. The two teams are battling back and forth. The champions get a table and set it up. Paige kicks a steel sheet into Kay’s face. Kay slams Paige onto some Legos. Envy throws a trash can at Kay, sending her crashing off the top rope and through the table at ringside.

Paige repeatedly hits Belle with a kendo stick. The champions kick her while a trash can is on top of her head for the win.

Winner and still NWA Women’s Tag Team Champions: Pretty Empowered (Ella Envy & Kenzie Paige)

Pretty Empowered attack Belle after the bout.

NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship: Homicide (c) vs. Ricky Morton

Homicide and Morton square off. He drives the challenger back into the corner. Morton punches him and fires away with more punches in the corner. Homicide gets the ring bell but decides against using it. Morton punches him again. Homicide drives the challenger throat-first into ropes. He fish-hooks Morton’s mouth and rakes his back. Morton suplexes the champion and drops him with a DDT. Morton evades the Code Red and hits a DDT for a two count. Homicide gouges Morton’s eyes, hits him in the back of the head and pins him for the win.

Winner and still NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion: Homicide

Kerry Morton runs to the ring to check on his dad.

Nick Aldis vs. Flip Gordon

Gordon charges Aldis with a dropkick and gets an early two count with a roll-up. Aldis sends him flying with a back drop. He drops Flip with a clothesline and plants him with a brainbuster. Aldis hits an avalanche fallaway slam. Gordon rallies with a dropkick and a European uppercut. He hits a diving slingblade. Gordon blasts Aldis with a superkick. Gordon hits a sunset flip powerbomb off the second rope. Aldis drills him with a clothesline. Gordon rallies again and slams Aldis with a torture rack drop. He nails a moonsault and locks in the Submit to Flip. Aldis catches an attempted tiger feint kick and locks in the Cloverleaf. Gordon taps out.

Winner: Nick Aldis

The two men shake hands after the match. After Aldis leaves, Odinson sneaks in and levels Gordon from behind. Aldis comes back to the ring, and Odinson attacks him too.

Missouri Tornado Tag Match: Aron Stevens & Rodney Mack vs. JR Kratos & Pope

The action gets underway quickly. Pope hits a stalling vertical suplex on Mack. Stevens, who ran to the back to avoid Kratos, comes back to the ring with his former partner following him. Pope pokes Stevens in the eye, and Kratos takes the fight to him. Mack drags Pope out of the ring and slams him into the apron. Kratos squares off with Mack and slams him. Stevens punches Kratos, who drills him with a clothesline, an elbow, and a shoulder block. He clotheslines Steven in the corner and sends him to the outside with another one. Pope dives onto Mack and Stevens at ringside. Mack gets a chair and blasts Kratos with it. Stevens grabs a microphone and says, “This is why I hate wrestling.” He calls the fans “bloodthirsty savages” and says he’s above them. Kratos slams Stevens to the mat with a spinebuster. Mack dishes one out to Kratos.

Lee wants to go foward and get the finish against Ok in anticipated title rematch

Pope takes Mack down with a dropkick. Stevens and Kratos fight up the ramp after Pope and Mack do the same. They’re battling behind the video screen. Kratos and Pope take turns punching Stevens. Kratos locks in the claw and drills Stevens with a shot to the face. Mack locks Pope in a choke, but Kratos trips him up, so Pope falls on top of him and pins him for the win.

Winners: JR Kratos & Pope

EC3 vs. Thom Latimer

EC3 gains the upper hand early on and overpowers Latimer. He grounds his opponent and slams him head-first into the mat. Latimer rallies and slams EC3 to the mat. EC3 spits in his face, and Latimer gets fired up, as he punches EC3 in the ropes. Several members of Control Your Narrative charge the ring, and the referee rules the match a no contest.

Result: No Context

The CYN members hold Latimer while EC3 grabs a chair. He goes to swing it and stops, telling Latimer that he has been warned.

Backstage, Father James Mitchell guarantees success for Max The Impaler in their match against Kamille.

NWA World Women’s Championship: Kamille (c) vs. Max The Impaler (with Father James Mitchell)

Bully Ray joins the broadcast team for this match. Max overpowers Kamille early on, but the champion fights back. Max slams Kamille head-first by grabbing her hair. The challenger drops Kamille with two short-arm clotheslines. Max trucks over Kamille and continues to control the action. They drill Kamille with more clotheslines in the corner. Max stomps Kamille’s head into the turnbuckle. Kamille rallies and hits a diving crossbody. Kamille gets a one count with a missile dropkick. The champion gets a two count with a torture rack slam. Kamille dodges a Spear attempt and hits one of her own. Mitchell puts Max’s foot on the ropes to break up the pin.

The Miserably Faithful come to the ring, but Kamille fights them off. Kamille drops Sal the Pal with a Spear. Max capitalizes and hits Welcome to the Wasteland for a near fall. Max goes for it again, but Kamille counters. Both competitors are down after a double clothesline. Kamille rolls Max up for the win.

Winner and still NWA World Women’s Champion: Kamille

William Patrick Corgan comes to the ring. He looks back on the NWA’s history and says the company keeps making history thanks to the fans. He announces that NWA will be back “here” next year for NWA 75. He asks for a moment of silence for those who have passed away in the past year; Daffney, Reggie Parks, Estrella Blanca, Jimmy Rave, Blackjack Lanza, Mickie Henson, Scott Hall, Dave Hebner, Tim White, Gene LeBell, and Howard Brody are honored.


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