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NWA Grants Their TV Champion Zicky Dice His Release

These days when you see news that someone has been released from a company, it can be for many reasons. We’ve seen people lose their jobs over sexual abuse claims, bad behaviour, or just being an undercard wrestler in WWE during a pandemic. However, the current NWA TV Champion Zicky Dice is not in any of those situations, but his release shows a dire situation in the National Wrestling Alliance.

Zicky Dice Is Leaving The NWA

After taking the title from Ricky Starks earlier this year, Zicky Dice would have an uneventful run as champion. This was his first taste of gold since making his debut in 2015, and he is still the reigning champion. With the NWA being on rocky footing after co-owner Dave Lagana would be implicated in the #SpeakingOut movement, and COVID-19 cutting deep into the profits, it might be a dead brand soon. Should Dice remain champion, we could see him take the belt to other promotions and promote the brand, as we could see him taken back by NWA if they get back on their feet. Dice was set to stay with NWA for the rest of the year.

NWA Are Granting Releases To Anyone Wanting Out

With no plans to run anymore shows or produce any content for the foreseeable future, NWA is granting the release to anyone who ‘didn’t believe in the vision moving forward’ as per an email that was sent out to talent. We’ve already seen Ricky Starks take them up on this, and after a match with Cody over the TNT Championship in AEW, he’d find himself with a contract. Dice could very well follow his friend to AEW, or find a home in Impact Wrestler where he could play a character to fill the role of the disgraced Joey Ryan, just without being an actual predator.

Things will be truly dire for the National Wrestling Alliance if someone like the NWA Champion Nick Aldis looks for his out from the company. They were doing some great stuff with NWA Powerrr, but not getting a TV deal and having to shut down all their shows was a major hit for them. Their fate will be something to watch closely.

Do you think Zicky Dice will find his way to AEW, IMPACT, WWE, or any other major promotion?


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