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NWA Powerrr Champions Series Results (12/23/2022) - S11E6

Team Tyrus’ Trevor Murdoch vs Team Rebelión’s Jax Dane – DRAW

The beginning of the match sees Trevor Murdoch and Jax Dane have an exchange of powerful tie ups with one another. Jax Dane brings Trevor Murdoch down with a hard shoulder, seeming only to frustrate Murdoch as he puts Dane on the defensive. Dane’s manager Silvio interferes, grabbing a microphone and verbally taunting Murdoch. Jax Dane takes the upper hand following the distraction. Trevor Murdoch finds himself in a headlock that has him nearly counted out by the referee. Jax Dane lands a hard clothesline but fails to go for a pinfall. Murdoch sends Dane into the ring post and sets up for the Bulldog from the top rope. Jax Dane runs from the finisher but is thrown back into the ring by the wrestlers on the outside. Trevor Murdoch makes a comeback but the bell sounds. The match reaches a time limit draw. Both teams are awarded 2 points.

Team Great member Bully Ray insults Team Rock N’ Roll’s request for a six man tag team match.

Team Great’s Bully Ray, Thom Latimer, and Judais defeated Team Rock n’ Roll’s Chris Adonis, Dak Draper and Mims

Thom Latimer and Chris Adonis start the bout, exchanging headlocks. Adonis is knocked down by a strong shoulder block. A further exchange of power takes place between the two. Thom Latimer tags in Judais. Judais calls for Adonis to tag in Dak Draper. Judais lands a hard kick to the face of Draper. Mims is then tagged in and takes to taunting Bully Ray on the ring apron, prompting Judais to tag him in. Bully Ray is on the defensive end of a wristlock as well as some hard forearm strikes. Dak Draper and Chris Adonis double team him. Bully Ray makes the tag to Thom Latimer and he clears the ring with numerous punches. Latimer lands a powerbomb on Draper but only gets a two count. Draper is the recipient of a 3D from all three members of Team Great. Thom Latimer scores the pinfall. Team Great receives 5 points.

May Valentine interviews Silvio ESQ backstage. He laughs at the prospect of Murdoch being able to defeat Jax Dane.

The females of the NWA roster discuss the coming match of Kilynn King and Allysin Kay.

Team Rebelión’s Kilynn King defeated Team Tyrus’ Allysin Kay

The match begins with a tight collar and elbow tie up with neither wrestler giving way, even spilling into the outside area of the ring. The hold is finally broken and they both make their way back into the ring. Allysin Kay overpowers Kilynn King in various holds. A quick reversal puts Kay on the defensive and King follows up with a hard judo kick to the face. Kilynn King attempts another kick with Allysin Kay on the ring apron but it is reversed. Kay attempts an STF but King gets to the bottom rope. King builds a comeback with chops and punches but fails in an attempt at a sunset flip. Kay lands a slam on King but it is only good for a two count. Allysin Kay gets King into the STF but she is able to power out of it. Kilynn King gets the cross face on and Allysin Kay taps out. Team Rebelión is awarded 6 points.

May Valentine interviews the Sinister Minister. He preaches about the dominance of his client Judais.

Team Great’s Alex Taylor vs Team Rock N’ Roll’s PJ Hawx

PJ Hawx and Alex Taylor exchange holds with Hawx besting Taylor and bringing him to the mat. Alex Taylor becomes frustrated with the amateur wrestling approach and brings Hawx down with a hard clothesline. Taylor beats on Hawx and puts him into a camel clutch but PJ is able to roll out of it. A tilt awhirl back breaker keeps Hawx grounded as Taylor continues to utilize hard punches in the corner of the ring. Hawx whips Taylor into the corner and lands a back body drop. Alex Taylor is covered by Hawx for a close two count. PJ Hawx attempts the Hawx clutch submission hold by Taylor kicks him in the face and rolls him into a schoolboy roll up. Taylor scores the pinfall. Team Great is awarded 5 points.

Be sure to tune in to NWA USA this Saturday on Fite Tv or YouTube for their Holiday Special and the continuation of the Champions Series!


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